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 Indian Flag and independence

 We all want to be lucky and prosperous in life. The Green color in the Indian flag represents the Energy in the natural resources that we convert into life's prosperity. In the competitive world, luck is an Energy that  an individual specially possess that others don't have for success in life. This luck energy is generated by an higher-attitude called passion or love represented by the white color of the flag. Along with passion one also needs to do Self-sacrificial act more than hard work to generate luck energy which is shown by the saffron color.

Any successful person whether a businessman, movie star, politician, teacher, scientist, parent or a saint needs both passion and self-sacrificing attitude to bring  success in their endeavor. However like any energy form, luck-Energy decreases when it is used for the conversion of natural resources into material forms or even fulfilling life's desires and dreams.  So everyone are caught up in a cyclical process of spending and generating this luck energy life after life.  This turning up and down nature is the blue wheel shown in the center of the flag.

The Indian flag represents Freedom from the cyclical nature of life, both internally and externally. External country's freedom is the independence from an autocratic rule, rejoiced by the national flag hoisting. Internal independence is freedom from the autocratic rule of the Ego to  an independent state of existence called liberation, also rejoiced as flag hoisting festival rituals.

The independence freedom fighters who died doing a Self-sacrifice (Thyaga)  for the country without hearing any praise of countryman is not a loser in life. That individual however has generated Luck energy with which  is reborn  as a successful , wealthy politician or a movie actor or a businessman  who will be adorned as stars by the citizens of the country. Such an individual also has the free will to use the luck energy to elevate as a man of wisdom (Gnana) for  internal freedom breaking the cyclical wheel of birth and death, the highest dharma of life.  This Eternal Truth holds good for any citizen of the world. Let us work for the betterment of community by doing selfless sacrifical work and make everyone's life prosperous. 

  Self sacrifice to one's family members or to one's profession or to one's country is very high. But the highest is to give one self to the upliftment of mankind from the cycles of birth and death.   More details in the next part of the video.

Six actions that decrease SAL Energy significantly

   Living life itself use up SAL Energy to maintain the body. However that expense of maintenance is unavoidable. This is like using electric Energy at home. Switching on bulb in our room is a basic need. But using too many fancy bulbs in a small room is a waste of energy and it drains our bank balance. Similarly, every basic need of life uses up SAL Energy.

1. Desires of wants (Kama) - Desires for any luxurious (more than needed) possessions is kama. Desiring for materialism is not bad, but it decreases the Sal Energy.This is a big mis understanding. No Energy is free. If we look for luxury we are converting renewable-natural resources Energy into non-renewable Energy. Now every body is going  for a luxurious life which is seen by the decrease in natural wealth. Nobody could afford for any type of desire fulfillment without spending their energy. For luxury life we spend both our SAL energy to convert Natural wealth to material wealth.

Is it right to fulfill desires of wants or wrong depends on our choice whether we want to spend our SAl Energy or not. If we spend it then we later in  life  have to do positive thoughts and actions to transform this material energy back to SAL Energy. In this view, luxury should be kept to a minimum percentage of the total income Click here for details).

2. Anger (Krodha) - Anger of not getting what we desire is an Energy drainer. It drains more Energy than the desire to get what we want. This is why we are asked to avoid anger.

3. Over-expectation (Moha) - Over expectation of people to behave in a certain way is Moha and that comes from Moha. Moha means delusion of our Self as our Body, Mind, Intelligence and Awareness. From there starts the mis-interpretion of others too according to our own fantasical imagination and expecting more from them.The more we accept others as they are, saves our Energy.

Words and actions that provoke sensuality is also Moha. It drains more energy than anger.     Example, if our dressing style ignites sensuality in others, it is Moha. Anything that is done to create more expectations is Moha, an Energy drainer.

4. Stingy (Lobha) - Not doing actions at the needed time for needy people , is being stingy or lobha. Always looking for "Free things", which is actually somebody's work Energy (their Life Force), is also Lobha. If we only think of consuming other’s Energy or materials without contributing back is Lobha. This is more Energy draining than Moha. This is why in Indian spiritual science we are asked to do lot of charity as means of avoiding Lobha nature.

5. Pride (Madha) - Being proud of one's possession and boasting about it that others don't have is Madha. This drains more energy than the previous negative attitude. Do not be pride of your possessions because it is only your own SAL Energy that you have wasted as material energy. It is wise to spend Sal Energy to fulfill desires for your happiness but not for show off.

6. Jealousy (Matsarya) - Being jealous of others who have possessions that we dont possess is Matsarya. Understand that others possess material or health or knowledge due to their SAL Energy balance. If we want the same, then we should start transforming Sal Energy. Being jealous never fulfills our dreams but it drains our own Sal Energy. This attitude drains the maximum SAL Energy.

These six Energy draining thoughts and actions are collectively called as Ego (I-ness or Mine-ness).

How can I symbolically understand all this in a simple way?

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How to conserve SAL Energy and increase luck?

     Sal Energy is the real richness one should possess, so that it can be converted to any type of wealth one desire. At the same time one should be aware that every time we desire, the SAL Energy decreases, like our spending reduce our bank account savings. We know that it is hard to reduce our desires, but at-least we could avoid unwanted expenses, to save enough SAL Energy to lead a peaceful life.

Simple Life: Ancient Selftual-Science suggest to lead a undemanding simple or  less desiring life. Simple life means "Living with fewer desires." Living with fewer desires increases our Karmic savings for this life time and for future lives.

Purpose of Spirituality: Selftuality is about balancing the income and expense of SAL Energy in a logical way. Being religious, is a cozy way to blame it on some unknown force sitting and controlling every one. In religious thinking, one waits for a God or messenger/prophet/Avatar to bring out a miraculous change. 

It is wise and practical logic to take self-responsibility for our thoughts and actions and enquire the cause of problems.

SAL Energy follows Laws of Physics: SAL Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. Through our thoughts and actions we transform SAL Energy into Material Energy needed in life. However this is a loss from SAL Energy point of view and hence called negative Energy.

Converting material energy to Sal Energy is an income and is known as Positive Energy.


Karma: Karma means action. All our Karmic actions fall into two categories.

  1. Actions of desires: All desires propel actions, that convert SAL Energy to material energy. This is expense.
  2. Selfless actions: Selfless actions transform material energy (our body energy and our time energy) into SAL Energy. This is income. The income and expense of SAL Energy in the Karmic bank is very much like our financial bank statement.

Needless to say, every karmic action produces a karmic effects and no one is immune to that effect. Some effects are immediate and others take time and so we fail to connect the cause and effect relationship due to this time lag. Example, touching fire our hands get burned and we immediately connect to the cause and effect relationship. Imagine, if the effect of this action comes after one month, we would be wondering, what caused the burning of our fingers, because the time delay prevents us from connecting to the cause of action of putting fingers in fire.

Critical information: Those who have high standard of living now, have to understand that it will last till they exhaust their Karmic savings (SAL Energy). It is wise to keep transforming the SAL Energy to continue a high quality of life for current and future lives. It is frustrating to live a life of Karmic bankruptcy. We suggest different ways to transform this SAL Energy, but also the ways to reduce unnecessary expenses that drain our karmic Savings.

Positive and negative thoughts & actions: Negative energy is depicted in black color like “Black-money”. Black money is the unaccounted money that was meant for the common good of the public, at the same time creates problems to the individual who possess it. Similarly, negative thoughts are wasteful thoughts that gives no benefit to the individual or to the society.

   Positive thoughts like motivation, love and care of others, helping others bring credit (deposit) to our Karma bank. Thoughts more about our Body (Ego Self) and emotional mind (strong likes and dislikes) are draining expenses. Enquiring thoughts offer solutions to problems and hence are positive thoughts.

Even if we cannot think positive thoughts, atleast avoid negative thoughts.

What actions decrease SAL Energy? 

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What is Random?

What is NOT Random?

Pay Check


Why all companies say all employers are treated equal, but "Paycheck" is not the same?. All work same eight hours, but why the paycheck is different?. Why there is inequality. Who made the rules why the paycheck are different on what basis?

If the above is understood, then the below is easily understood.

Why some people who do not do any good karma, enjoys good life , while some one who does good karma suffers?

There are several views and the most logical and Energy based pattern.  Some one who has "high Energy" has good life and while with low energy has a poor life.

We can understand this easily with our own paycheck for the salary we receive for our work or Karma.

Even if we dont work in the current month, the paycheck of the previous month supports us. The deficiency of money of not working this month is only felt in the next month.

Let us take the example of two guys A and B. Guy A stopped working January 31st in a company. And guy B was without a job and finally joined in place of guy A on January 31st in the same company.

In the month of Feb, Guy A has the paycheck from January and so he is fine paying for his food and other expenses. While Guy B is feeling miserable in February.

But the situation changes in the month of March, when Guy A is without money and feels miserable, while Guy B gets the paycheck of working in feb month.

This is the pattern we see with the life pattern of people. Our life depends on the good and bad actions in the form of Luck energy in this life.

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Festivals are not for fun, but to prepare the mind to enjoy the fun of life.

Festivals are not for fun, but to prepare the mind to enjoy the fun of life.

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