Prayer Community

Prayer is also sharing our own "thoughts" Energy. It is asking  to any unknown God or entity. It is connecting and sharing to our own Self-Energy Source. With sharing we lose a small portion of it, but in return we transform the Universal Energy into our Self-Awareness Energy. This Self-Awareness Energy we can spend it as prosperity in life.

Sharing of our Self-Energy in the form of Prayer is a sacrifice. If we are closed in heart without having done prayer for others, then not always it works for us, when we are in need.

Prayer is a loaning of Energy. No Energy is free. You praying for others, is an investment of Self-Energy. When you need you will get back with a higher amount- the interest.

As a community action, we request you to join, this list and everyday spend 5 to 10 seconds at a specific time (Set alarm) for a specific purpose and do a prayer, a wish, focusing on your Self-Energy or the God form you believe.

Please signup the news letter and be connected with a particular time you choose and particular wish.

To begin with we will do a prayer for Sakthi Foundation's funding for its charitable acitivies.

How to do: Please email us  info (att)  uni5 (dot) co and let us know what time (your country also) you are going to do the prayer everyday for Sakthi Foundation's funding success.

How to request prayer for your Benefit: Please email us info (att)  uni5 (dot) co  and let us know for what problem you want this Prayer Uni5 Community to do the prayer. Please indicate how much of your personal information be shared in the web page for the prayer group to know.

Please sign up, if you want to be the of member of the community group.