CCC Curriculum

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We will be having children in three groups.

Group -1 - less than age Four.

Group-2 - less than age 12

Group -3 - 13 and above

Each week, a theme is taken for the class. The theme can be continued next week also if cannot be completed in one class. The same theme is given in three levels depending on the age of the children.

Common themes.

1. Gods and Goddesses (Symbolic of Cosmic Laws).

2. Temples

3. Scriptures (Upanishads, Vedas, Upa-Vedas, Ithihasas, Puranas etc)

4. festivals.

5. Saints, Guru's , Acharyas.

6. Introduction to the Indian classical and folk dances
7. Introduction to the History of India
8. Introduction to the Geography of India - Geographical situation on the world map, brief introduction of each State - weather, crops, regional cultures and languages, foods etc.

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