Seva or Selfless Service

       We have understood that Worship Rituals leads us to the Awareness state, the core of our being.  The action of doing rituals, helps to transcend into this Awareness state. Without rituals, we are in Ego state of body and mind. This is the very purpose of rituals. Without knowing , rituals becomes meaningless action wasting time and energy.

      There are many rituals and one among the most powerful is the Seva or Self-less service. In most spiritual traditions including the Vedic culture, the ritualistic worship has to mature into Selfless service or Seva. Without this growth in worship an individual does not progress in the Spiritual evolution.

       Doing Selfless Seva is the most powerful way to transcend to the Awareness state. But Seva ritual also has been misunderstood and the whole purpose of doing is lost. In the next few pages we are discussing details of Seva, the different types of Seva and how it helps us to evolve spiritually.

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