Seva or Selfless Service

Selfless service is the inner expansion of the outer ritualistic worship

       Spiritual traditions emphasize on doing selfless service because it is the inner expansion of the outer ritualistic worship. In ritualistic worship an individual focuses or identifies the un-limited or unconditional Pure Consciousness in the limited conditioned form of an object, like an idol or a symbolic image. This is the basic logic of idol worship.

         Next stage of inner evolution occurs when the individual identifies the same un-limited or unconditional Pure Consciousness in all the  limited conditioned forms that appears as insentient objects,  microbes, plants, animals, birds and fellow human beings. In ritualistic worship an individual expresses "Love" towards one object, which expands to all other objects that he encounters. Without this expansion one's inner growth gets retarded.

         Without Seva or selfless service an individual remains  stuck with the outer ritualistic worship. For example, if some one gives fruits or milk that was meant for a ritualistic worship,  to a hungry person, is a sign of seeing pure Consciousness or God in another individual. Not seeing the same Consciousness in any thing other us is immaturity.

       Vedic culture especially is ingrained with the concept of respecting or identifying equally all sentient and insentient beings. When some one feet accidentally happens to step on or hit a living object or even any non-living being does the gesture of touching the object  and place the hand on head or chest. This act is a symbolic gesture of treating every thing as once own self.

        Core of Selfless service is the sharing attitude because one does not differentiate oneself from other. Seeing oneself in others is the sign of inner growth that is the basic principle of Selfless service. This expansion of seeing oneself with others occurs first at the body level, then at the mind level, the intellect level and finally at the awareness level. This give rises to different types or kinds of selfless service that we see around.

Unconditional Love is Eternal happiness, Ananda.

Happiness in most of our life is temporary because of the very conditional in nature.  Loving everyone without any selfish expectations brings Eternal happiness.

Living a life of unconditional love, helps us to realize our own true potential and experience it as Peace or Eternal Happiness. In Spiritual language this state is referred to as Self and religious language as "Divine God" and Science yet to connect it to Consciousness, the mystery still unsolved.  

We join hands with everyone to share this unconditional love, through community service or Selfless work. There are several ways to express this unconditional Love.  We welcome you all to work together for this mission, because We are all Cells in One Cosmic Body.

 Not doing selfess work is cancerous: The way we feel ourselves changes according to the Individual. If we pay attention for a few seconds and think who we are, we understand that we are just a group of 50 to 70 trillion cells, working in a coordinated manner, sharing all resources and work. Understand that when one cell feels that it does not want to share any resources with others and also work, then it becomes cancerous and destroys the whole body. 

We dislike one single cell of ours to behave as a cancer cell in our body, but we are beaving as cancer cell to this Cosmic body. This is why throughout mankind there was is emphasis on selfess work. For many years this was ignored as a philosophical thought, untill recently now scientific are thinking as a scientific reality (click the latest article).

We speak about Selfless work at all levels, because the advantage of it goes beyond the scientific intelligence to Awareness. Selfless attitude increases our own Self-Awareness energy, the energy fuel to make our life happy. Even doing selfless action with a selfish motive in the begining later blossoms into Un-conditional love to experience the unconditional nature of our own Self, the realm of no-suffering but only peace and unconditional happiness. This is not a state that is attained after death,  but begins right while we are living. 

There are five levels of doing charity or Selfless work.

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