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  Space, the element of Awareness

      The ultimate stage of purification of the body and mind leads to Awareness. This awareness is the source of healing and all other creativity. It is the source of all potentiality (read more detail in awareness section).

        As we discussed earlier, Healing force is operating always within the realm of body and mind.  When we lack the space element or the awareness aspect, then diseases sets in. What we call as impurities are agents or factors that pull the mind away from the source of awareness or the source of healing. Purification of the body and mind is to remove these impurities and set the mind towards the field of awareness.

     At this juncture it is worth to discuss about the nature of the mind. The mind always wanders towards the external stimuli, through the five sense organs of action and five sense of perception (eyes, nose, mouth, hands and ears). Whereas the intellect always goes inwards to the state of awareness.

    Why does the mind go outwards and the intellect inward?

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