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   The Miracle of Healing

      The ancient masters of India have understood the path of healing very clearly and gave the laws for living a healthy life. These laws which are based on the mind functioning is called Manu which is derived from the word "Manas" in Tamil and Sanskrit languages.

     A life style that will always lead the mind of man towards the field of awareness has been integrated in Indian culture. Unfortunately over years, this beautiful knowledge had been diluted and destroyed. The worst scenario is that this beautiful knowledge has been completely been mis-interpreted and mis-guided. The age of such re-awakening is happening now amidst of darkness. 

    As we had been reiterating that Mind is the cause of all sorrows and happiness. The mind when wanders outside leads to agitation and stress. The mind when turns inward leads to peace. The outward action of mind is called Tamas or ignorance. The process of turning inward through the power of intellect is called Rajas or activity and the resulting  knowledge of the awareness is called Satva.

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