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      The Placebo Effect in healing

     The trust on an object or a person that leads to the transcendence is the reason behind placebo effect, the mystery of modern medical science. This is also the mystery behind all miracle healing by people who themselves become object of trust or the material they give.

      This phenomenon explains why people get miraculous healing when they meet  "special" people who may give just some plain water and through that the individual would heal a disease.  This depends purely on the individual at may or may not work for all individuals and even for the same individual will not work at  all instances if he or she does not transcend.      

You would have read about miracles in healing. The miracle is to get to the field of healing which is in the realm of awareness. To get to this state of awareness is a process and all techniques in healing traditions are oriented to this process. All healing methods whether conventional or alternative act through this process. modern science is yet to understand this process. The placebo effects are nothing but the effects observed when the individual is able to transcend to the state of awareness.

We Understanding this above process every individual has the potential to heal any disease and bring forth miracles. Read more about the miracle of healing in next page.

2014 Pharmaceutical drugs and Placebo effect.

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