Chocolat - A review

Chocolat is a a simple interesting movie which talks about freedom using metaphors and symbolism. Juliette Binoche arrives one day in a small town in France with her young daughter in tow. Much to the villagers' initial resistance, she opens up a chocolate shop. The mayor (Alfred Molina) of this church-going community feels he cannot keep the community under control because of the chocolat shop. The villagers also  gossip about Binoche behind her back, making her totally isolated.  

             Binoche's chocolate shop is a metaphor for the inner freedom  we all strive to achieve in life. This freedom is sweet and tempting but controlling forces like of the religion does not want the community to taste freedom and lose its control over them. This spiritual freedom is opposed to institutionalized  religions which  does not want to lose its member's by tasting freedom. The real motive of all spiritual traditions is to free man from his or her limitations, but when it becomes an organization then  the whole focus is to convert people to their organization.

          This denial of freedom is revolted by some rare individuals who are unfortunately  unwelcome in any society. The religious  fanatics look them as threat to their organization and so brain wash the public portraying these "free spirits" as evil and the sweetness  (taste of freedom) as destructive.

         But these free open minded spirit symbolized by Binoche, spread their message of freedom and move to the next place like the free wind with no walls. In the end of the movie she allows the chocolat powder to be carried away by the wind,  symbolizing that her message of freedom has been delivered.

        The  spirit of freedom comes from all ancient cultures  and so does Binoche's chocolat  recipe. Religions do not allow free thinking and taste freedom and that is the message of chocolat, while giving us the various colors of life.

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