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 Observing Rituals of Space Fasting

Space for the mind.
        While doing fasting keep observing the mind and how thoughts arise and what sort of the thoughts play havoc in the mind. This observing attitude is a good exercise to bring back the wandering mind.

       While doing Pranayama the focus of the mind is on the breath and so the wandering of the mind is significantly reduced. Similar focus happens in fasting because the mind tends to focus on food. When the mind is focused on a particular object, it is very easy to observe the mind. This is the secret of fasting which helps to heal the mind apart from imparting cleansing benefits to the body.

      Similarly like food fasting one can do abstinence from other aspects that we have mentioned earlier. Please be again clear that abstinence is not a punishment or torture to the mind or body. Through abstinence we are exercising control over the mind.

Observing rituals  is only for observing the mind

       Though observing rituals are helps to watch our own weakness of the mind, it does benefit the body also. It gives the opportunity to repair the body tissues and keep the vital substances of the body (hormones, enzymes etc) in proper balance.

      We have discussed about space food fasting which is abstinence of food for a small period of time. In Vedic traditions in the name of festivals which falls in different times of the calendar year, these rituals are observed.  It has helped people to stay physically and mentally healthy. If some one misses to observe one of these mind and body cleansing in one season , they will catch up that in the festival of other season.

     The greatness of Vedic tradition is that it is very flexible. People who cannot abstain from food also can obtain similar benefits by the choice of the rituals. Please Click here  to read an interesting mind body cleansing that is observed for centuries  especially in kerala, the southern state of India.

      One of the powerful ritual fasting is to observe by abstinence of salt. 

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