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Pilgrimage Deepens Self Awareness Energy (SAL)

        We have discussed how our ancient masters have inculcated mind and body purification practices through enjoyable rituals. Here purification means removing mental blocks that short circuit our own SAl Energy.  These rituals are ingrained in the life style in the form of festivals and pilgrimages. Pilgrimage is a healing ritual which bring about purification of body and mind.  Pilgrimages are seen in all spiritual and religious traditions. We will just high light here the  yearly "Sabarimala" ritual that motivates a lot of people,  especially in South India.

        The five abstinences mentioned before are beautifully coordinated in one ritual observed in the winter months of India for 41 days of Ayyappa vritham (vratham) ritual to go on a pilgrimage to Sabarimala , a temple in the mountain ranges of Kerala.   Please click here  to read about the interesting  behind the "Sabarimala"  Pilgrimage rituals in detail.

     We mention about pilgrimages because of the importance of Abstinence which helps to transcend to Awareness state, the source of healing. Form ancient times these pilgrimages were done to keep the body and mind healthy and also progress in spiritual life.

      In the next page we will discuss the power of Abstinence, which should be clearly understood, otherwise it will remain as a meaningless torture to the body and mind.

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