Why Protect Heritage?

Our mission is to protect culture by preserving ancient cultural heritage. Why do we need culture?. Culture preserves the most valubale aspect of human, the mind. We document many ancient methods in health science, education, etc in this site. Why do we need old when we are evolving to modern ways?  What will happen if we dont preserve culture?

Here is a simple story to illustrate the point.

Once there was a prince who immediately after the throning ceremony ordered to kill all old people above because they are not good looking and cannot work energetically and a waste to feed them at home.  Everybody thought it made sense and killed their parents, except one young man in the village. He hid his parents in an attic. In spring when the people wanted to do farming, they did not know how to get the rice seeds because they have used up all of them in the winter. They felt bad that they had killed that information by killing all the old people who had that knowledge. Now they really repented for it but nobody had a solution.

The youngman told about his old parents in the attitic. The majestic king went in person to meet the old guys in attitic because they now suddently became so valuable. The old parents asked the king to look for the sporuting rice plants from the seeds that accidently fell down when they carried from farmland to market. He carefully replanted the rice plants in farmland. From then on started the practice of transplanting rice spalings from one field to another.

The king was overjoyed and congradulated the youngman for reviving farming and saving everyone from famine, by preserving his old parents. The king understood his mistake and ordered that everybody should take care of their old parents for their guiding wisdom.

This story is a symbolic of the work Uni5 Sakthi Foundation does by documenting all the ancient methods. One day when we dont understand the importance of wisdom, we will have this site to refer and revive humanity.We have five levels of information ...on health, relationships, education, selftual Awareness for being happy and Consciousness for eternity. Any time we want to most valuable information/knolwedge, this site will have it.

Please donate to the help these projects for everybody's future.


 We are planning to support Heritage in several countures.

1. Aranmula Heritage Project

2. Angor Vat heritage Project

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Other folk-lore tales.





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