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  Awareness : Key to Success

Interestingly, awareness is the goal of all humankind. Whether you are a student, a house wife, a scientist, a computer professional, a painter, an architect a doctor or a spiritual seeker ...we all struggle to gain longer moments in the field of awareness. The irony is that with the exception of the deep spiritual seekers the rest of the people do not know that it is this  field of awareness that brings them their creative intelligence. When Archimedes, one of the greatest mathematicians,   immersed his body in the water tub one morning, he was actually sinking in the field of awareness, and cried "Eureka". All serendipitous discoveries in all branches of life, happen to men or women, who sink for brief moments in the field of awareness. These are the people who gain brief moments of awareness, but walk away with small accomplishments for material gains. It is out of ignorance that they sacrifice awareness for insignificant things.  Whereas spiritual people are those who go beyond and revel in awareness and find joy within themselves. 

Check yourself for your state of awareness

      Have you ever checked whether you could focus on anything in life for a brief moment? Just analyze for a second how many thoughts flash before your mind. How you are caught in a stream of thoughts! Why is it that you are always drifting in thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts? Your brain occupies less than 20% of your whole body space, yet consumes almost 40% of your total energy even at rest.

     If you are interested in diving into this field of awareness for whatever reasons, either mundane or spiritual, you have a simple choice. Water therapy is that simple method to begin with; it brings many health benefits to your physical body, while your spiritual being gets its first lesson in awareness. We are not claiming that water therapy can bring you awareness. What we are giving you is a means to achieve that state of mind that will help you to expand yourself in the field of awareness.

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