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 Water therapy for integrating body and mind

Isn't it wonderful to see how one simple method can help to integrate mind and body? We have to share here the experiences of our friends who have been able to give up habits of many years of tea drinking, alcohol, smoking etc.  With water therapy alone they were able to give up these addictions which they had tried to get rid of by other means.

           The way water therapy works to help you in giving up addictive habits is simple. After drinking 1.5 liters of water it is impossible to then drink a cup of tea or coffee. What happens is that an addictive habit of the mind is indirectly forced to be given up which otherwise would not have happened with such little resistance. The emotional mind is calmed and the intellect wins.

       But do not fall into the trap that everything will be fine with just water therapy alone. Use this opportunity to incorporate all other elements into your life which will help you to integrate the mind and body.

For beginners we suggest a minimum of 15 minutes of book reading after doing water therapy. Read any inspirational books which will deliver positive thoughts to your mind. Keep reflecting on those inspirational words for some time and get back to your "observing yourself"  mode while doing daily physical work.

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