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 Water therapy for purification of mind

          One simple cleansing method for both body and mind

        What do we mean by purification? Any thing that is stated as "pure"  means that it consists only of a single entity. For example, "pure gold" means  that it contain only one entity, that is gold. Even if it contains a speck of copper, we still do not refer to it as pure gold. This is the definition of purity for anything in this world, including our own mind.

          So what does it mean to have pure thoughts? It means there is only one thought. This one thought state leads to awareness. This is what we are seeking. This is happiness. When we are at the peak of happiness we are in the present moment. It could be the day we graduated from school or the day of marriage or the day our first child was born or the day one becomes CEO of a company or the day the first BMW car was purchased.....these are all moments of present-awareness.

         True happiness comes when we are always in the present, the moment, the awareness. To achieve this state the mind has to be purified, or it has to be in a single thought state, for awareness to bloom. 

      So when you do water therapy every day feel the water. Be conscious of you drinking the water. Observe your thoughts, do not let your thoughts wander. Keep your focus on the present. In these moments you can observe the emotional mind conflicting with the guiding intellect.

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