Suffering - An awakening call

         All pain and suffering in life is to push us forward in evolution. Most often the suffering will awaken us. Are we destined to suffer and undergo evolution. Is there a way out, without undergoing pain and suffering?. Yes, there is a way and that is given by the Vedic tradition. Vedic tradition says man should go through the journey to the Source in a blissful way. Only the preparation for the Journey requires some efforts but later it is always enjoyable.

How to  reach the destination without suffering?

        Through Sakthi Foundation's inquiry approach we have given the foundation for healthy living. First take care of the health and if done with proper understanding one will not only enjoy good physical and mental health but would also go forward in the evolution by transcending to the awareness state.

       The five steps healing or Pancha Bhoota is the easiest means to tread this path while minimum suffering. Pancha Bhoota healing system  is an ancient wisdom which integrates the very core of life.

      Aim of Pancha Bhoota is not merely to live a disease free life but to go through the evolution process with minimal pains and agonies. You had start your reading from the first section health. You are next going to the last section called Symbolism, where our journey to the Source is symbolically represented through rituals and stories, which have  amazing deeper values. All that we talk is from Vedic literature.

       Vedic Literature gives all the lessons of life and its purpose through stories enacting the way our body, senses, mind, intellect and awareness, in the form of characters like Indra, Asuras, Brahma , Vishnu, Shiva etc. All these Gods Goddesses and demons, symbolically reflect the  different elements of our own mind. This Vedic literature is the guiding light for us to reach our destination. 

What is really Heaven and Hell?

   As we mentioned in the last page, when some students do not study well, we scare them. Similarly for such human minds, the Garuda purana gives horror scenes of an imaginary hell and heaven where the souls are tortured for their mistakes done in their life. Garuda Purana is one of the 18 puranas written to simplify the concepts of life for human understanding, which a common man or a learned person equally can comprehend. .

   The intended heaven and hell in these puranas are actually lived in our own life. When we progress to the next evolutionary stage it is heaven, while stagnating in the journey and undergoing shocks and knocks in life is hell.

    We would later see the  Vedic literature will guide us through the process of our evolution. Upon attaining human form our external evolution ends, but our internal evolution begins from this human form. Human form is a no turning back point and will be reborn again and again until we go through the process of evolution correctly.

Government puts a person in jail who does not pay tax. Isnt this an irony? The government has to spend money on this fellow for keep him in jail give him food pay the police etc, Why?. The person is made to undergo mental agony in the jail and has to repent and contemplate for the mistakes. This way the government feels that the person will evolve and be good in soceity. These rules were also formed in india. Swathi Thirunal was one of the kings  who relaxed such rules in Kerala. Here lies the answer for suffering in Karma also. When we dont pay the cosmic tax, then the comsic officers, Navagrahs make us undergo the mental agony and so we contemplate life and move on in our inner evolution.
This is why we are given life after life and the cosmic government spends PanchaBhootas Energy for us to repair ourselves. This is the Karmic secret. What we do when we are in this Jail?, Are we contemplating why we are suffering in life?. we destroy the jail (this planet) that is the planet resources, creating more  burden of karmic debts. No one wants to get of this jail?

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