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  Healing Power of Sun -2

          Having understood that Sun is the source of all cosmic phenomenon as well as our body, Sun is worshipped everyday in India.  It is a wrong belief that Indians worship sun or natural forces  because of the fear of it. The  tradition of Vedic worship is not based on fear but on expressing gratitude. Vedic masters have understood that Sun light like Consciousness is behind all actions on Earth. So Sun is always worshiped as the source of intellect.

         Sun worship is a recognition that we manifest Sun's energy in our body as actions. The energy for all actions is driven by Sun's energy. Since our body cannot directly use Sun's energy we get that through Food. Food is nothing but Sun's energy.

          Sun's energy is now understood by modern scientists that it has effect on even on hormones. They now understand that it has healing properties and can prevent diseases. Here will give give just a few such modern information which will tell us how ancient Rishi's understood this truth and passed on to us in the form of rituals to be done everyday for a healthy life.

Sun-light therapy

      Modern research is only recent years find out that sunlight is good for health. Till then they advocated that sunlight is dangerous and it causes cancer. Now the research results  reverse is true and they validate the ancient wisdom of Sun worship.  applying sesame oil on the body and standing is sun is good for kids to grow strong bones and so does for adults. All these osteoporosis and bone problems come by less exposure to sun light. women have more bone problems than men because they have cosmetic fear of getting dark complexion. 5 to 10minutes a day in sunlight is not only good for bones but health as in general.

Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer 

Scientists are excited about a vitamin again. This news will challenge one of medicine's most fundamental beliefs that people need to coat themselves with sunscreen whenever they're in the sun. Sunscreens actually contribute to far more cancer deaths than it prevents, some researchers think. In the last three months alone, four separate studies found it helped protect against lymphoma and cancers of the prostate, lung and, ironically, the skin. The strongest evidence is for colon cancer.

      Many people aren't getting enough vitamin D. It's hard to do from food and fortified milk alone, and supplements are problematic. But many scientists believe that "safe sun" — 15 minutes or so a few times a week without sunscreen — is not only possible but helpful to health. Supplements contain the nutrient, but most use an old form — D-2 — that is far less potent than the more desirable D-3.



Sunlight exposure is associated with a number of health benefits including protecting us from autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Animal studies have confirmed that ultraviolet (UV)-B radiation, independently of vitamin D, can limit diet-induced obesity, metabolic syndrome and atherosclerosis.

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