Without a teacher it is difficult to get knowledge in the right way. There are five types of teachers we may or may not meet in life, based on what we seek.

Most of the time parents or guardian play the role of teacher at five different levels. The five teacher groups are classified based on the five needs we have in life. Most of the people end up with one or two and rarely five types of teachers in our life.

When we confuse with the objective of what we seek from each type of teacher, we end up in problems. We give this view to clearly Self-refer you own need in life.

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How to find a good teacher?

These days we find abuse of teachers in all five levels.  Most frequently asked question is, whom to trust as a good teacher.  The answer lies in clealry our objective of seeking a teacher. We will get to the right teacher based on our objective. Higher the objective lesser the chance of getting involved with a selfish teacher.

Here are the five objectives we usually seek especially a spiritual master.

reasons guru


There a few single masters could cater to all the five levels, but we get dis satisfied with when we put our objective to the lower levels.


Reference Source:

1.Journey to the Source - Published 2004

2.Universal Self Pattern - to be published in Dec 2012.



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