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Parental Care Course Testimonial

URC institute has arranged for a guest lecturing. Dr.Pradheep Challiyil [Senior scientist, Biotech company, Iowa, USA, Founder of Sakthi foundation and uni5 teacher] addressed about parental care, uni5 system of education to first batch of students in Montessori – uni5 training course. Students have given their testimonials as follows.  
urc-1Day: November 28th, 2013, Time: 10 – 12. 30 A.M  
Venue: URC hospitals, Erode.

Ms.Sivakami, ''Dr.Pradheep's talk about Uni5 concepts was very clear. I am able to grasp easily about the concept of zero through his germination experiment. I could not believe the effects of pregnancy and child development. But he made me to realize by recollecting my mind status in my own pregnancy and the behavior of my children.
 I am happy to hear more about finger learning of uni5 concepts and also about pattern based education. I am able to realize the child within my has to be developed along with the external child. I expect a long session with him next time''.


urc-2Ms.S.Maheswari, '' I liked your class. You made me understand the uni5 concepts with day to day life experiences. I am happy that Mathematics can be taught in more interesting way through Uni5 system. I am also thinking more about parenting after listening to your class''  

Ms.R.Divya Priya, ''I am able to understand the basic pattern of uni5 education which is going to be part of my teacher training through Dr.Pardheep Challiyil''  

Ms.S.Ratha, ''Uni5 system of conceptual learning is very easy. The way we make connection through 5 fingers is very easy. I have understood the panchabhoothas, drista and adrista through this. His lecture was very clear. I am also much aware about the cause and effect theory. We expect more timing with him next time.''  

urc-3Ms. S.Sabana Afrin, ''His talk is very important in our training session. He made us to understand the need for pattern based education in early childhood life. I am also very clear about the zero concepts. Fingering system of uni5 learning is different. I also understand the importance of relating the concepts to the self. I also accept all his concepts about pregnancy and child care. I am trying to identify the child within me after his talk''  

Ms.R.Vennila, ''Dr.Pradheep is very clear with Uni5 concept.''  

Ms.L.Revathy, ''I am trying to explore for patterns in all objects around me after listening to Dr.Pradheep's lecture. Learning with 5 fingers is different for me and it is interesting also. His experiment with germination to teach the zero concept is excellent and more visual. I accept that education must be with connection of day to day life and experiences. I am also clear about the cause and effect theory of all actions''.

 Ms.S.Shanthi, ''I am able to feel that the whole cosmos is having a pattern after listening to Dr.Pradheep's uni5 system of education lecture. I feel proud that my nation has contributed for zero concept. I am happy that I am an Indian. The whole liurc-4fe is within the seed called 5.I need to test myself from this day. I prefer to make my child to think in uni5 system. The good and bad of life is made by us. I am clear about this. He has made me accept the internal parenting which is very important for all of us. We thank the URC center for bringing him to Erode on this day!''  

Ms.S.Sudha,   ''We thank URC center for bringing Dr.Pradheep to our center. I am able to understand the universal pattern in all objects through his lecture. I am also clear with the zero concept. Internal parenting is more sensible to me''


urc-5Miss.Shobana, ''Dr.Pradheep's class was good''urc-6

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