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Thillaiaadi Valli Ammai Montessori integrated Uni5 center - R.B School, Rajiv Gandhi nagar, Poraiyar, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India

Last Update - March 2019

Poraiyar - R.B school - UNI5 center - March 2019 - parents feedback

1. Our children relate the concepts with life.
2. Many good human values are cultivated.
3. They are wholistic is talking about an object in all angles.
4. They are aware about many occupations in nation and respect.
5. They are independent and do their work on their own.
6. We appreciate the role play concept which makes lot of changes in their behavior.
7. They reason out and show research (Curiosity).
8. They talk about nation, freedom fighters which are very important.
9. They relate Thirukural with life.
10. They are interested in nation's history based stories.
11. They conserve energy.
12. They grasp and understand easily.

1. My child respects elders.
2. My child is able to accept the mistakes and correct.
3. My child enjoys nature.
4. My child never waste food and water.
5. My child is aware about bad food habits.
6. My child love all living beings.
7. My child can ask various reasoning out of learning.
8. My child helps a lot to us and others.
9. My child has special compassion for sibling.
10. My child can talk health value of fruits and vegetables.
11. My child is keen in praying to God.
12. My child's spoken skills have nourished.
13. My child is very happy in coming to UNI5 school.
14. My child's self discipline has to be appreciated. My child's toilet habits have changed. My child is aware about self care and protection. My child wants to do homage to warriors.

Poraiyar - R.B elementary school - UNI5 educational fair - 2019 [first fair in the history of 65 years] parents feedback.

1. We as parents welcome UNI5 system and more such educational fairs.
2. We see the self confidence and stage skills of our children.
3. Each object has its own value which is well understood and revealed out by our children.
4. Education is not just text books and exams and these activities are very important.
5. Our child are bold to deliver their talks and what they have learned.
6. Health competition can be observed among children.
7. UNI5 system makes the learning interesting.
8. The topics are related to day to day life.
9. We appreciate how teacher have made them understand.
10. For me every day wage is important but today I have sacrificed for my child's education fair.
11. They are not worried about prize but happy.
12. The show is simple but meaningful.

March 2019 - Parents feedback


Mr.A.Venkatesan [correspondent]

''In this year we have 25 children from the locality. Parents have basically understood the need for the early education. One more teacher has been provided through Sakthi foundation.Two of our teachers have brought several transformations within the environment. Our center looks good and neat.Materials are being handled with more care. Our teachers are also introducing the Uni5 concepts slowly.More perfection has been brought out in lessons plans, individual plans and Uni5 education system plans.We are expecting one more environment in the town school in 2014-15 academic year.''


''I am able to implement more neat work and pattern based exercises. After working for a while in Sendurai I am able to understand the philosophy more in detail. Children have also become more smart in physical and emotional level. They have developed natural love for work and learning. They have improved their writing skills. Language teaching through sand paper letters have made the children to learn and write easier in grade 1.I am conceived now. I am undergoing my whole pregnancy with real awareness in this system and environment.I wish to bring my child as early as possible.''

''I am much aware about this education after going to Sendurai.I am very much interested in Uni5 concepts. My child has started developing good language skills.I prefer to work further in town setup in future and I wish to do the course also. I will make our center as a good learning center for Uni5 education''
''Poraiyar center looks neat and tidy. I am able to observe more Uni5 system of learning patterns. Teachers have changed their method after observing Sendurai center. They need a gook looking center with more furniture. This has to be planned by us. More materials for sound patterns, working rexin mats, EPL tools, essential books and animal models were purchased. Thier salary will be increased from June. Town school elder children must be given the awareness about very small children getting into their building. They must be also given the awareness about materials. New center will be opened in October 2nd, 2014.Ms.Balambika is good in performing her spoken English classes. From June Uni5 session through skype can be given to these middle school children.More details about observation, concepts were given to the staff.''





Testimonial from Parents, teachers and principal of the school.

Ms.Thanakodi [Grade 1 teacher]

''The children from this underprivileged back ground are interested in schooling after introducing Montessori. They come to us with more interest, they have cultivated a very good self-order. Their body level awareness is good. They respect all. Their language development is good. Their hand writing skills are good when compared to previous set children. They do self-learning and much interested in drawing. They use many colors. They are calm and harmonious. They have a deep idea about animals and birds. Their environment is ever clean. They are clean. They have cultivated good manners with respect and love for elders.''

Ms.R.Mahalaxmi [new Montessori assistant]

''I am surprised to see a very natural orderliness within these children. I am new to this style of education. They can choose their own exercise and in home also they are independent. They are respectful and helping all. They wind up the materials properly after all work. They implement what they have learned to their elder siblings. They have cultivated natural tendency for calm prayer in mornings. They respect every one of us. They love all objects and beings. The education is not just learning with books they work with hands. This is the secret behind their happiness.''

Miss. Anushya Mary [teacher training students observing in this school]

''Montessori - Uni5 children can take care of themself. They can choose their own work. Parents are stress less. Their writing skills are fast and their hand writing is very good in grade 1. The local public is much interested in sending their children daily to school. Tamil and English are given. This makes them to develop their bilingual skills. Learning is happening very naturally and with interest teachers are handling the classes. I will say that I need to get back to this age to do this education pattern. We are happy to see this school in our locality.''

Mr.Venkatesan [Correspondent]

''Grade 1 children are well disciplined those who came from Montessori. This is a very great change in this year. We feel as if they are not there and we see them working we. This is learning meditation. The environment is very neat, calm and children have natural love to learn. The drawing skills are very good. They do not fight with each other. Grade 1 teacher is stress free and she is able to concentrate in teaching. More children are coming and parents are little bit aware about their children. This is a very big change in our locality. 3 children who went to local English medium school has come back to rejoin here with Uni5 back ground.''


Ms.Sivagnanam [principal of Andavar Middle school, Poraiyar]

''Poraiyar R.B - Andavar schools are conducting the spoken English session through Sakthi trust for past 2 years. My children are very happily undergoing this session. My locality students are fearless about this English now. They are very interested. Basic grammar, reading skills, good syntax, and text book comprehension have developed much. Parents are aware about this project and they thank us. Ms.Balambika [project tutor] is much dedicated. Grade 5 students like her very much. Grade 8th children have totally free from the fear of English. Once when I was sick, they did self-learning''

Ms.M.Raje [teacher of Andavar middle school]

''We thank Sakthi trust for giving this good opportunity to learn spoken English to this small rural locality. Our children are interested in undergoing this session. Children came from many family backups are sacred about this English and even hate the language. Now they love. Recently they have gained good confidence about spoken English. Their creative writing skills are good. We admire that. In these 60 years this is the revolution. They can use dictionary, make good constructive sentences and they are trying to talk among them self. Parents are happy! We expect the same to be given in following years. Many God bless you all good health and spirit to serve.''

Mr.M.Senthilkumaravelu [teacher]

''The love and care given by Sakthi trust to this school is great. The spoken English session has made much positive evolution among our children. Children from very poor families are being benefitted. They are now free from fear of English. In past few 2 years they are able to trying their best to talk and write with natural love for language. They can spell correctly. They can read well and make simple good sentences. This is a great evolution for them. We thank you again for this. We thank and pray for your development! We wish to carry this project forever!''

Ms.Arulmozhi nangai [teacher]

''Spoken English has changed the fear among our students. They can use acceptable English now. They can do self-study and understand. They are also confident and different. This has improved their examination results also. Number of failures has reduced. They do their homework also well. Basic English grammar skills are good. Ms.Balambika is very kind and good in doing this session to us. We thank all!''

Mr.Venkatesan [correspondent]

''My school children are beginning this session from grade 5. After grade 8th children leave to other public schools. In this year 10 such students and their parents have approached us for the English training. This makes me very happy! They are from fishermen slums near sea. I am happy! My students are now able to able to read. The teacher is very perfect in planning the session and she first concentrates in reading. This makes all children to gain confidence. I admire the self-confidence gained by the students through this session. This is free to them they cannot offer to fees outside. The teacher is very good.''

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