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 Health Testimonials

 We will update new health testimonials here and after six months they will be categorized in the respective sections. (Last updated June 2023).  Names and place that appear in the testimonials are not real to respect the confidentiality of the individual's identity from being public. However, only under written permission real names are eing disclosed.

"Please mail us testimonials to share and inspire others to follow simple methods for complex healh issues and get benefited like you".


Testimonial on successful pregnancy and childbirth


We were introduced to uni5 6 years ago. From then on we were continuously following whatever was suggested in all the five levels.You can refer other testimonial for the five levels (Food,Water, Exercise, Pranayama, Charity/Rituals)  of what needs to be done. But here what I want to mention about three important points which are the real game changer.

For many people immediately this Panchabootha therapy will work, but there are exceptions like me will take quite a few years, till then please be patient :-)

It's been more than a decade that were trying for successful pregnancy. I had number of miscarriages with no known reason told by the doctors, all were telling that, "could be this or could be that". So there was no clue on how to proceed. In between we were visiting number of temples and visiting number of doctors ( Here I'm mentioning it in 2 lines but actual story if I start writing I can make one small booklet :-) ) suggested by relatives and friends which was cumbersome. 

But after got to know about UNI5 we started to follow all 5 levels of Panchabootha technique sincerely. Have got reference like vaidyar/medicine outside of uni5 as well, tried everything without even missing a single step, sometimes felt it a  tiresome process whenever there was a downtime but still continued by GOD's grace. Learnt from UNI5 about the rituals which we were doing as much as possible to gain energy and visited the temples as well.

1) For my case, i followed pathiya samayal before pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy helped me a lot. (You may wonder how come one eat like this in lifetime without chillies,tamarind and quite other important items, but when you want to reach the goal you should be ready to sacrifice which was the mantra i followed)  Avoided eating outside food. Good quality food intake played a major role; not only for pregnancy but also for maintenance of good health through out the life.

2) Have asked many times to Uni5 whenever there was no success why should I follow uni5 ?  there comes SAL Energy (Self Awareness Life force Energy - BhagyaShakthi) was explained to us which again and again motivated us to try for the successful pregnancy. Mainly afford to do charity which did a miracle in our successful journey. ( If you are hesitant about spending for society then this process won't work out as you expect )

3) Also we understood the another concept explained by Uni5 was "Acceptance".  Whenever we faced critical timing there was a helping hand from Uni5 to bring us back by cleansing our mind and make us to accept the reality and go ahead, that timely support to take decision was really the turning point in our successful pregnancy.

In short,

Be Patient - Wait till the good time comes ( make use of the time to learn many things which you are not aware of ) with confidence.

Be Strong - Others/ sometimes you might think why to follow uni5; NO; Don't get confused. This will teach you the way of life.

Be Sincere  - Try to follow as mentioned by Uni5 ( All 5 levels) will help you to reach the goal soon. Mainly charity to the society. 

Be Flexible  - To make changes in life style without second thought. Be ready to change your age old mind set and accept the reality.

Be Happy :-) - Change the mindset to be happy that you can succeed definitely when the day comes for you. If you do so automatically all the hormones will start working as it is supposed to be. (Mind and body are well connected)

Ignore about all the negative/discouraging comments from everyone around you and mainly by yourself.  

Last but not least , Have a trust on the almighty will lead you on the right path at the right time with the right person.Success will be yours when you surrender. 

Thanks a ton to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for their fabolous selfless service which helped not only for me but also for many people who are in need by creating  awareness in their life and made us to lead a step ahead of the normal life.Also the support from Uni5 family friends during our journey was memorable.

Many thanks to Kapilanalam , Kapilashri and Mr.Jayadeep for their high quality polyphenol content products.

Note: Now Ammagenomics has come to diagnose easily and help to sort out the issues in depth which wasn't there during my journey; so it's an added topping to those who are planning for the baby.


Bhagyalakshmi from Bharatha Desam, June 2023


Irregular menstruation cure  following uni5 - A testimony


My daughter had her first period at the age of 15. After that I had irregular periods for about a year. We thought it was very common. But after that menses became only every five or six months. Only once a month. Totally panicked, we saw a gynecologist for the first time. They did a scan and said that the uterus was fine. It was the first stage of PCOD. A tablet called Metformin was given for that. Many people said that English medicines will not work properly for irregular periods, so we showed an Ayurvedic doctor. They gave all the necessary potions and condiments. I took it continuously for three months and still did not get periods. Finally the Ayurvedic doctor himself told me to take the English medicine and let the periods come anyway. We were all worried but as per the doctor's advice we were given metformin as there was no other option. After taking it for 5 days she got her periods but I found it difficult to get my periods every month by taking English medicine so I saw a homeo doctor in Bahrain. They prescribed medicine. I took it for a month and got periods. Then I was told to take medicine continuously. Took three months. My daughter got her period. But after taking medicine for six months, periods did not come. In these years only once or twice only she got periods.  The gynecologist said with foods only amenorrhea can be corrected and not possible with foods.  So when I saw some stuff posted on the Uni5 group about irregular periods and talked to him, he didn't prescribe medication at first. That said, we need to find out what is the reason why periods are not coming. So as per the suggestion, we did polyphenol test, gut dysbiosis test and vaginal dysbiosis test at AMMAGENOMICS lab. From this it was found that the polyphenol level is very low and the body has very high levels of bad bacteria and very low levels of good bacteria. Decided to follow the Uni5 method.  She started consuming foods with high polyphenol level that is  OORJV certified.

Avoided all refined foods, refined oils, refined flours, and packet foods. Did cleansing, exercises including breathing exercises as per all five Uni5 elements.  For about 20 days this kind of diet and medicine continued. My daughter got menstruation after 20 days of diet and medicines.We are asked to continue this type of diet and medicine for three months.

   Without hormone therapy or other drugs, we decided that if this problem was resolved, we would donate the cost of the treatment to charity, which we would certainly do.

I cannot thank Uni5 Sathifoundation enough for getting us out of this difficult situation. Also thanks to Kapilanalam and pure-foods-project excellent ghee  who kindly prepared all the herbs, ghee and medicines.lovingly

Subhi, June 2023, Bahrain.


High creatinine and Uric acid  cure following Uni5 - A testimony 

My husband was suffering from high  creatinine and uric acid. It came down in one month following Uni5. 

We followed the below uni5 suggestions,

Started with castor oil cleansing, water therapy, ginger compression and avoided sugar and had less salt.

All food from outside also avoided. Had Chukku Malli tea at night. We followed the Uni5 diet recommendations.

Creatinine lowered from 2.3 to 0.8  and uric acid also lowered with in a month.

Thanks Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Anju ( Real name ), Chennai, May 2023


Viral infection cure following uni5 - A testimony 

My six year old daughter suddenly developed throat infection on 29.4.2023  Next day mild fever also started, with the regular follow up advice from uni5 I started give her trikadugam kasayam,honey and shallot mixture and hot fomentation..

Usually this combination works well but this time the infection was intense. Next day fever increased and cough also intolerable..

I contacted uni5, they suggested to give her trikadugam Kasayam with tender coconut water and hot fomentation with ginger,garlic ,turmeric ,shallot infused castor oil on throat and chest..

It worked well, fever got reduced and intense cough also got improved..

Continued the treatment for few more days.. thick phlegm started coming out from her nose..she started taking normal diet ..

Without taking antibiotics and steroids,we managed the infection with the help of uni5..

Thanks to the selfless service uni5 team.

Diana selvakumar ( real name ), Chennai, May 2023


Chronic IBS intensity got down following Uni5 - A testimony 

Uni 5 has helped me to bring down the intensity of chronic IBS with which I have been suffering over the last 4 years. I am sure of fully recovering from IbS by continuing to follow uni5 step  by step guidance.

What I did

Took fermented Polyphenol rich rice everyday and drank half litre butter.milk everyday.

Ate only when hungry and shipped food and drinks when not hungry

Avoided food triggers of IBS

These measures have helped me bring IBS intensity down

Uni 5 thrikadugam choornam 

I developed sore throat 3 days back. Took thrikadugam kashayam. 

Since I have partially reset my gut with uni5, I am able to see that my immunity has improved. Generally till some months back when  I was not following uni5, my sore throat used to result in fever and cough and cold for about 10 days. By partially resetting my gut and taking thrukadugam kashayam, my sore throat went away 2 days. No fever no cough no cold. Thanks to uni5 for making me realize that I can heal myself now irrespective of how many ever years I have had an unhealthy . Thanks Uni5.

Devi, Chennai, April 2023


Uni5 Pregnancy Course – A Testimony 

I am 35+ years old. I heard about uni5 from a friend of mine and was following uni5 principles on and off for a few months. I reached out to uni5 for pain during periods for which Uni5 quickly responded and suggested to follow all five principles of uni5 diligently along with taking Hibiscus water every morning. I followed the suggestions for couple of months which showed improvements in my health after which I got pregnant. I wanted to follow uni5 methods during pregnancy and found out about the pregnancy course that was conducted. I joined the classes with folks across time zones – Uni5 did a great job in scheduling classes fitting everyone’s availability. The classes were super helpful with Uni5 always available to answer queries within a few mins - on a telegram chat room with participants, one-on-one discussions after each class, or even separate one-on-one chats as well. Uni5 educated in depth on the uni5 principles, dos and don'ts, and scientific evidence on the harmful effects of blindly following modern medicinal practices without considering pancha bootha principles and nature. The course took a 360-degree view of everything related to pregnancy and delivery - She educated me on steps to take for a healthy pregnancy and normal delivery, steps to take during pregnancy to keep mom/baby happy and increase baby’s intellect, caring for a newborn, increasing milk supply after delivery and so on.

Uni5 was always there whenever I needed help. I was anemic for a long time, and she provided recommendations to help improve my iron levels. I had high sugar levels from the Glucose tolerance test which helped me to bring it back to normal within a week. I had various issues towards the end of my pregnancy and Uni5 was there educating, helping, and assuring me on each thing; she helped me make informed decisions. More than my mom, I completely relied on Uni5 to help with my doubts and issues all the way from the beginning of pregnancy to my delivery and post-partum.

I would suggest everyone to follow the uni5 way of living all through life; these are dedicated individuals trying to make the world a better place one human at a time. The uni5 team also has telegram channels where people get free advice on their health issues and queries. A very nominal fee is charged for the pregnancy courses. Thank You Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Kalpana (Real name), USA, April 2023


Testimony for ulcers on tongue 

Hi, I got few really painful ulcers on tongue and felt terrible pain while swallowing anything (even water) and reported the same on April 15th. As per Uni5 'a guidance, did the following:

1. Had a spoon full of fresh aloevera half an hour after water therapy in the morning.

2. Keep munching raw coconut slowly often throughout the day.

3. Had tender coconut.

4. Applied coconut oil on the affected part of the tongue.

Miraculously, the pain reduced very well the next day and almost came down to nil by April 17th. Periodic munching of coconut helped a lot to soothen the ulcers and felt very beneficial. In fact, it satisfied my hunger very well and i hardly had any food on the first couple days. As per her suggestion, have started to include fermented rice to enhance the gut bacteria to treat the source of these ulcers. I have had guidance for many such problems from uni5 on and off and have recovered quiet well and quick almost everytime, following Uni5 suggestions. I thank Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for their selfless service and for creating an awareness towards holistic approaches to body ailments. Thank you Uni5.

Kavitha, April 2023,Coimbatore


ADHD cure following Uni5 - A testimony


The above results are the stool PCR gut dysbiosis test of a hyperactive child who could not focus on any activity. The child had violent behavior, screaming on top of the voice, hitting others and self-talking, repeating words often which had no relevance. All treatments including from neurologists, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy failed and it was worsening to the extent, the child become intolerable to be handled.  The frustrated parents approached Uni5 Sakthifoundation. They came all the way down from USA to Tamil Nadu. Before treatment polyphenols, Antioxidants and MDA levels and  Gut bacteria dysbiosis were tested at AMMAGENOMICS lab. 

The parents fully cooperated with the treatment sending every week stool samples for checking for Gut bacteria dysbiosis to see if the bacteria was changing with the food therapy and few herbs and medicated oils for massage. This Gut bacteria prognosis tests correlated well with the changes in the child with better sleep and step by step reduction in violent behavior, focus on activities etc. The child eating abnormalities also stopped.   

The happy parent says "It’s a very painful journey. Every day was like a jail for us, we cannot go out. The moment we come out, the child  would say, I’m hungry.. always. Poor kid, I used to ask - Do you have a grinder in your tummy or what?!.  When we started from there , my husband’s both hands are full of big big black patches- results from our child's constantly violent biting behavior.  Every night after everyone in family sleeps, I used to sit infront of laptop till 2 AM, 3 AM reading about how to fix my child's problem. When he was just 5 years I read about gut issue and it clearly matched with what I did to his gut with wrong food. But I couldn’t find the right doctor for him. Went to some neurologists, naturopaths and the child was given many sleep medications, psychiatric drugs, food supplements, vitamin supplements, cod liver oils, probiotics, gave some instant benefits, but in the long run it worsened the condition. 

 As per your research all the herbal medicines also had overdose of preservatives and poor quality polyphenol levels. Now everything makes sense after diagnosis and the Uni5 treatment. The combined action of food , herbs, oil massages, hand activities and other rituals made an unbelievable change.  Today my child remembered that song and sang. Sang it after 5+ years. It’s a big surprise for me . It is only one month and so much progress than ever before. I am sure I will update in the next month further improvements. 

 Sir, seriously every single day I was looking for a solution for my child's problem but didn’t see UNI5, may be we need to add more tags in the website so that many people can be healed. This is what I would like to tell any parent suffering like me.  My 7 years of constant search for a solution for my child’s problem lead me to UNI5. Better late than never we came here. If we had found UNI5 at an early stage, my child would have got cured and enjoyed his childhood.  We have zero friends, my child looks perfectly normal from outside, but he would throw tantrums seeing any junk food wanting to eat it. But my other child could understand it is junk and would politely say “No Thank you”.  I cannot give those food to my child because it would cause more damage in the form of eczema and hyper behavior. Because of all these, people tried to avoid us and we have zero friends. Now, after we joined UNI5, our child’s constant eating habits magically vanished in just couple of weeks with just right way of eating, and right food. Now my child is happy and content with his food and no more searching for snacks or constant eating. That was the first success step which gave me more confidence  in this UNI5 approach. And they handheld us in each step, I’m amazed by the spontaneous response form them to any issue I face with my child, if option A didn’t work, they would suggest option B which is all natural holistic approach. Together, they guide me with rituals which gives me immense peace and hope in what we are doing. I wholeheartedly wish many more parents would make use of this approach and get their child healed. 

This approach with traditional and modern scientific knowledge is the real holistic approach I ever come across. I wish this approach would be a big solace to all. Thank you so much to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation".  

Nalini, Texas USA March 2023.


Throat infection cure - A testimony 

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to share an experience. I’m a bit late to share this but I hope it helps.

A few months back, I had throat infection that wouldn’t go away even after three courses of antibiotics.  Got Pradheep Sir’s contact and got in touch with him. I followed his instructions regarding use of bogar thailam, tooth powder etc. Got rid of the infection in just few days. 

Also, had been doing water therapy just to get healthier. Within a few days after starting, I noticed better energy levels, no tendency to drink tea in the morning and better bowel movement. Highly recommended this to all. 

Huge thanks to Pradheep Sir and the team.

Devi, madurai,March 2023


For madras eye infection (Adeno viral infection.) Cure 

I Had severe eye infection for 3 days.. swelling, Watery eyes, Pain and Consulted eye doctor and doctor said it is Adeno viral infection ( madras eye) it will be there for a week and prescribed 3 different drops and pain killer tablets. 

Reached uni5 for remedies and was advised for nasya drops. 

Ordered it in Kapilanalam but i got it after days 3 days. I asked Pradheep sir until I get nasya drops any other remedies . 

Sir advised as below.

1. Breast milk is the best. 

2. If you have good quality Triphala, boil and make extract and filter water and wash with it. 

3. Even best is....... Apply little coconut oil on eye lash    take Small onion, slice and immediately place it over the  eye lash. Allow the onion to cause irritation in eys and allow teas to flow... the polyphenols in onion will kill the virus.

As sir said I followed only the step 3 and madras eye infection got cured.

Used small onion pieces placing it over the eye lash .. with in few hours watery eyes and pain was stopped.. I still continued the same procedure 3 times the next day and also applied coconut oil on the eye lash only one time.. the redness was reduced on the 2nd day.. I was really surprised to see very simple remedy which cured my eye infection.

Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi foundation.

Bharati, Chennai,February 2023



Uni5 Pregnancy Course  - A Testimony 

Hello All,

I was physically and emotionally weak 3 months back. I had severe bloating, UTI, and sleeplessness issues. Around 2 months before I joined the uni5 pregnancy Course Just for better health of self and family and to conceive naturally. Then I followed the below uni5 suggestions. I started following water therapy daily. I started taking ghee/sesame oil empty stomach in the morning, every day. I also did castor oil cleaning, vaginal tampooning, and deworming once.  I had carrot/beetroot/amla/cranberry/coconut juice in the morning every day. Then I took fermented black rice once a week. I was also having pure A2 buttermilk every day to reset my gut. 

Now my weakness and bloating have significantly reduced, and I also got pregnant 1 month back. I heartily thank to uni5 Sakthi Foundation team for curing health issues naturally. I strongly recommend this course for couples trying to make a family.


Nisha (Real name), Bihar,January 2023.


Diabetes cure - A testimony 

Wishing with respect

 My name is Laxman, working in Gulf.  I came to know about Pradeep sir's Uni5 from WhatsApp group.  Then I read all of Sir's messages and try to incorporate them in my life.

 In the meantime, I came to know about Fenugreek balls introduced by sir.  I gave this medicine to my mother whose sugar level is more than 200, she used to take 3 tablets twice a day. Now English medicine has been stopped. Sugar level has reached 110-140 level. She is still using the medicine.

 At the same time, a friend from Andrapradesh, who was working with me, told me about his relative who was suffering from diabetes.  His sugar level was + - 400.  Insulin is used.  He used this pill three times for two months and from last week he stopped insulin and his sugar level came close to 200. The doctor told him to take the pill and stopped insulin.  (The allopathic doctor is not yet told to take fenugreek balls. He thinks that their treatment cures the disease).

 I cannot thank Pradeep sir enough for introducing me to this product.

 Lakshman, Dec 26 2022


Amniotic fluid level cure following Uni5 – A testimony 


My name is Subha Kanagaraj, I am in my ninth month of pregnancy. When I went to the doctor 4 days ago for a growth scan, unexpectedly, the amniotic fluid was very low and was only at 5.8. It is advised to take drips as amniotic fluid was very low. But doctor said that no matter we take drips the improvement will be only 10 to 20 at most. They said that if there is improvement to that extent, they can wait, otherwise they will have to operate and take the baby out.

We were not afraid but decided to contact Uni5 Sakthi Foundation. We contacted Uni5 and explained about our medical condition.

Uni5 suggested the below, 

1. To intake tender coconut water 4 to 5 nos in a day

2. Musk melon juice three times a day 

3. Orange juice twice a day 

4. Intake of more liquid foods and reducing solids

5. Water therapy 

6. We did charity connected with kula deivam and prayed to Garbharakshambigai amman for normal delivery.

After following the above, amazingly within three days the amniotic fluid level got improved from 5.8 to 10. 6. Even doctors couldn’t believe it. 

We sincerely thank uni5 Sakthi foundation for the timely help. 


Subha Kanagaraj (Real name), Salem,December 2022


Successful Pregnancy via wholistic approach of Uni5 – A Testimony 

My name is Arun. I live in Thrissur district. My marriage was on April 20, 2022. As everyone's life our's life also started very happily and progressed well, So, we began to wish to start a family. Each month we were on anticipation and expectation, but no success and our hopes started fading. I started feeling a little fear in my mind and that fear finally brought us to a hospital. I took all the tests as told by the doctor. Finally, the result came, and I left the hospital very worried. 

Because that doctor's words meant that I am not lucky enough to be a father. After that they advised me to have a surgery. I was not interested in the surgery. My heart started to hurt. I trembled for a moment as I wondered how I would convey this to my wife. It is sure that hearing this will cause a lot of trouble in the heart of any girl. So, when I was sitting in a lot of pain, a friend of mine called me. I shared my health issues with my friend. He then told me that I will give you the number of a doctor. He said that the doctor's name is Pradeep. 

If you have good faith then call the doctor, if you listen to the medicines he says, you will think, is this medicine? but if you do it correctly with faith, you will get results very quickly. I was told that I can do the operation if I wish but before that I can do whatever Pradeep kumar sir says. Those words gave hope to me who was so worried and hopeless. So, on 26th September I sent a voice message to Pradeep sir. I wasn't even sure if such a busy doctor would look at my message. But I felt very happy when I got his quick reply. His words gave me good hope when I had no hope. He advised to change our diet and lifestyle and I ordered all the natural Lehiyam and powder that he suggested to me. It was suggested not to eat any kind of non-veg and not to eat anything from outside. We both did the same. Believing God and Doctor Pradheep kumar a lot, we started taking those medicines. On November 17th we went to Chennai to take some tests from ammagenomics recommended by doctor pradheep. Our hopes were high. After seeing the doctor, I asked how much the consulting fee was, and the answer we got was like this: Believe in God, you will donate the money which you would have spent in the hospital. A doctor like this is not seen nowadays. On November 19, we started water therapy as per the doctor's advice. In the meantime, many people already started talking about us directly and indirectly regarding why we were not getting a baby even so long after marriage. Still, we decided to wait and see. On December 4th, when my wife didn’t get her menstruation, I felt a great hope in my heart. We bought a pregnancy kit on the 6th and took a test it was positive. we were very happy. I texted the doctor before announcing this at home. He felt very happy. According to Pradeep sir we went to a nearby hospital and did another test. Happiness knew no bounds. Another fact is that doctor asked me to check sperm count again now to my surprise it changed from 2M to 8M. I firmly believe that our experience can be an inspiration to many people who are worried like us and that if you follow the Pradheep doctor's words without fail, you too will get good results soon.

The secret to my awesome recovery is a doctor who is simply extraordinary.

Thank you so much.

Arun (Real Name),Thrissur,Kerala, 20 Dec 2022.


Testimony for red rashes 

Hi All, 

MY son developed red rashes in the body and initially we thought it is happening due to heat but it stayed 2 to 3 weeks.  After some days my kid 2.10 years went to play school and after 2 days he had very mild fever for one night only and after that he started developing red rashes all over the body .. in some places of the body it looked like chicken pox then we went to hospital doctor said it is due to hand mouth infection caused by virus because kid playing in sand..when we contacted uni5 they prescribe to give turmeric and pepper with honey 3 times a day for  few days.. we followed and all the rashes and bubbles disappeared very fast .. I did not give any medication that doctor prescribed .. (soap, antibiotic, Paracetamol)

Kalpana, Chennai,December 2022 


IBS cure following Uni5 - A testimony 

My kid two years and 10 months old had bloating problem indigestion and acid reflux and also passing motion  4 to 5 times a day. 

We contacted Uni5 and as per Uni5 we followed 

1. fermented rice water with butter milk

2. fenugreek soak water before food 

3. Gave banana stem juice

4. Aloe vera juice in empty stomach

5. steamed food 

Kid was improving a lot after a week my kid had cold then uni5 advised to stop all the above and asked to take Fenugreek rice kanji with thirikadugam  acid reflux stoped immediately and then we also gave Oman water (Omam and Seeragam  boiled with water)  rest  of the symptoms also stopped. Thanks to uni5

Manjula ( Real name), USA,December 2022


Urethral Stricture and nasal polyps cure following Uni5 – A Testimony

Hi All,

I was having a poor stream of urine flow. The urologist diagnosed urethral stricture which means there is a narrowing of the passage in the urethra (Urine pipe). To relieve this, I underwent a surgery called “Optical Urethrotomy” in the month of Dec 2021. This surgery is a procedure for opening the narrowed stricture by removing the scar tissue using a laser. As a follow-up doctor advised me to undertake weekly dilatation with a catheter (inserting a plastic pipe into the urethra manually) which is cumbersome. 

Unfortunately, after some time, I felt that a poor stream of urine is persisting. Added to this, I got nasal polyps (for which doctors advised me to do surgery for nasal polyps) resulting in nasal blocks frequently causing trouble in breathing. 

At this time, my sister introduced me to the Uni5 community. I was suggested with a diet plan, yoga, cleansing, and lifestyle changes by Uni5.

I followed the water therapy (Daily having 1.5 ltr of warm water on an empty stomach in the early morning. Little ginger/coriander/Cumin seeds were soaked in the water overnight)

I started taking red rice or millet porridge in the morning and in other meals rice is replaced with millet. Fresh pineapple or pineapple juice or pumpkin juice or bottle gourd juice intake daily. Every day night, I took five ingredients medicine for 41 days without any breaks. Before sleep, I used Nasya drops in the nostrils. I also practiced yoga regularly for one hour daily (yoga asanas suggested by Uni5). 

I was also suggested to do Pitru puja. By doing Pitru Puja, I am getting inner peace with the pleasure of invoking my elders, inviting them, and receiving their blessings. 

I followed what Uni5 advised almost religiously, and I can see the improvement in urine flow and I am not doing urethral dilatation manually with a catheter after started following Uni5. I got relieved of nasal congestion and not getting any breathing trouble anymore.

I wish to follow the diets suggested further and look forward to leading a better & hassle-free life. I thank the Uni5 community in general for all the good work they are doing. I also thank the Uni5 Sakthi foundation for the continuous guidance and support.

Praveen, Andhra,December 2022

Chronic constipation cure following Uni5 - A testimony 

Hi All, 

My 8 month old was very constipated since birth. It was very hard to see baby cry while poop( she poops only once in 3 days or 5days ). When i started to realize that the constant crying for pooping and sleepless nights with my newborn  was not normal i talked to our pediatrician who started treating her for constipation given Rx lac and  tried EVERYTHING like gripe water, hing massage , stalk of betel leaves (along with castor oil) inserted into the rectum with no relief . Then I contacted uni5 and uni5 explained about gut cells and over all health. It has been almost a month tried UNI5 suggested methodologies for my baby  like thirukadugam, intake of castor oil , A2 ghee, fermented rice water ( probiotic )and we already have an entirely different baby.. Baby is much more regular now I seriously can't believe how much this helped .I wish I had known about this sooner. Thanks Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Shyamala ( Real name), USA,November 2022


Diarrhea cure following Uni5 - A testimony 

Hi all, 

I would like to share my Uni5 experience with you all..

On 31st October 2022, My 15 months old daughter suffered from Diarrhea..I contacted Uni5 and was suggested to try below Home remedies  : 

1. Providing 2 teaspoons of Banana stem juice for 2 hrs once.

2. Providing 1 teaspoon of soaked fenugreek water till 6 p.m.

3. Providing warm water mixed with Naattu sakkarai ( country sugar) and rock salt

4. Providing Charcoal powder mixed with warm water. 

As I don't have Charcoal powder, so I started to follow the other three remedies..By evening 6 p.m., her Diarrhea was stopped. So I too stopped following the remedies and gave her half idli . She ate it and slept nicely. During the nights, she took mother's milk..The next day(Tuesday) early morning by 3.30 a.m., she started to pass loose stools again.. I repeat the Uni5 remedies which I  followed the previous day..My daughter seemed to be very tired but I continued following the uni5 remedies 

On Wednesday,  her frequency of loose stools got reduced and my daughter seemed to be active..I received the Charcoal powder from kapila nalam in the afternoon and gave it ..She started to act well and slept well..

On Thursday morning,  she passed loose stool only once and then I  gave her Banana stem juice and Charcoal powder..After that Diarrhea was completely stopped and she started to eat buttermilk rice, Kanji normally..

Our whole family was so happy that her Diarrhea got cured without taking any allopathic medicines..

I'm so thankful to Uni5 for the prompt response and prescribing suitable remedies for my 15 months old daughter.

We thank  Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for the support...

Bhuvana ( Real Name), Tambaram,November 2022


Cystitis and UTI cure following Uni5 - A testimony 

Hi All,

After facing cystisis and UTI for more than a month in irregular basis I consulted Uni5 and Uni5 suggested for water therapy, abc juice, ginger- coriander coffee and fermented rice and juice therapy. I am trying water therapy everyday, ginger-coriander coffee 3-4 times a week. I am also taking self made cranberry juice 3-4 times a week and fermented rice 2-3 times a week. Apart from this, I also started taking fresh A2 cow buttermilk everyday. My location has also changed since 15 days. I believe water quality of this place is also good and healing, which has been felt by many people. 

Now my stomach pain and backpain due to cystitis  has gone. My weakness has decreased by 40% as well. Thanks Uni5 .

Nisha ( Real Name), Bihar, November, 2022 


Anal Itching  cure following Uni5 - A testimony  

Hi All, 

I'm here to share my testimony.

My son is around 4 years old. He was suffering from Anal itching and I was able to see pin worms coming out. He had disturbed sleep due to this.

I reached Uni5 for help and I was instructed about deworming method. I was unable to follow everything however, followed partially. I gave him neem juice with turmeric in empty stomach every morning for 7 days.

Additionally I gave him Thirikadugam and Sweet lime juice. 

After a week's time, my son's anal itching stopped and he was able to  sleep peacefully.

I can see a lot of improvement in his health.

I thank Uni5 from my bottom of my heart for suggestions.

I will follow Uni5 completely in coming days.

Thank you so much Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

AUM Namah Shivaya!!!

Darshini ( Real Name), Chennai, October, 2022


Wrong food Combinations Testimony 

Hi All, 

My six year old son had eczema case history before when he was in USA then we shifted to India he was been tested for various allergies before they said he had some  pollen allergy. When we came to India his eczema has been treated by Ayurvedic medicine then he had shrimp and crab meat together his left eye got swollen. This incident has been happened twice. But,  after reading virudh aahaar book by Uni5, I understood about wrong food combinations  and  I gave shrimp meat in the afternoon and crab gravy in the night nothing happened on that day. Thanks Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Deepika ( Real Name), Chennai,September 2022


Ear infection cure testimony 

Hi friends, 

My 5 year old daughter had an ear infection two weeks before, she cried very badly at night. We contacted Uni5 and they suggested to three few drops of preheated wood pressed sesame oil with dry ginger. We put this oil few drops in the ear before going to bed for a week. It amazingly worked because for the first time she recovered from her viral infection without Antibiotics. She got cured. Uni5 also advised us to give her swasaamirtham daily for three months to improve her lungs. We also did the charity,sacrifice the treatment cost to kulatheivam and panchadeepam lighting Pooja.

Thanks, Uni5 Sakthi foundation for the selfless timely help.

Diana Selvakumar (Real name) ,Chennai, August 2022.

Successful Pregnancy following Uni5 – A Testimony 

Hi All,

I am 36 years old. We have been trying for pregnancy for about 2.5 years with no luck. We heard about uni5 through a friend of ours - they had C-section for their first baby but following uni5 methods, they delivered their second baby through vaginal delivery.  We were inspired and followed uni5 methods of castor oil cleansing, water therapy, and lighting and followed on and off initially. I had issues with my periods being lengthy and painful about 3 months back and I reached out to Uni5 and uni5 suggested following all the five diligently including cleansing, diet, lifestyle changes, and recommended herbs like aloe vera, black sesame seeds, and jaggery laddu and to do water therapy with hibiscus petal infused water. I followed it as suggested and my periods improved the next month itself to our surprise, we got pregnant within the next month. I am following the diet and other uni5 methods as suggested. I must admit that I don’t have usual pregnancy issues like morning sickness, thanks to all methods suggested by uni5.

Bhavani, USA, August 2022

Uni5 suggestions during pregnancy - A testimony 

In my 2nd month of pregnancy I contacted uni5 regarding pregnancy diet...right from water therapy all uni5 methods including charity and daily prayers are explained by family didn't support me for only following uni5 method during pregnancy so I'm taking allopathy medicines too...

In my first pregnancy only I got piles problem so I was worried but after practicing water therapy I'm totally relieved by constipation and pain.

I'm above 35 so little worried about my pregnancy  but after hearing mantras suggested by the uni5 I have become more confident and happy.

I got fever and cold inbetween the home remedies suggested by uni5 works wonders for a couple of days I'm totally recovered.

Im little far away from my home town so my husband only taking care of me.. constant touch with uni5 in my pregnancy time made me to feel the comfort of someone is there for supporting you.

Thanks and regards,

Jaya ds(Surat) ( Real Name),August, 2022


 Testimony on constipation and gut health

My daughter 3.10 yrs old had constipation problem for more than an year. She poops only once in 3 to 4 days with great difficulty. Sometimes she cries a lot and doesn’t like to poop.  

Many pediatrician suggested stool loosening syrup and pediatric supplementary like dulcolex which we have to place in anal opening. After using this i see blood in the stool that causes stingent pain. It was like a torture for her and whole family was upset. My daughter was not interested in anything bcoz of her bad tummy health. After getting associated with uni5 i got to know about probiotics like fermented food. I gave her red rice fermented water first thing in the morning . The next day she herself said she wants to poop and she did with no difficulty. I continued to give fermented water from different millets daily. I also deworm her once in two weeks with juice from fresh neem leaves. Now her gut health has greatly improved. She doesnt have any difficulty to potty and became completely normal. I also observed that her mood swings has changed and she seems to be happy all the time. I understand that gut health also impacts the mental health.

Myself and my family would like to thank Uni5 Sakthi Foundation team for helping me to recover my child

Sathya ( Real Name), USA,July, 2022


Diabetes Cure Testimonial

My name is cineesh. I was undergoing serious problem last month. My daughter got severe Asthma on May 11, 2022. On 12th she got hospitalised immediately she got diagnosed and her oxygen level was 75%. They started treatment by giving steroids and slowly she was back. 

But at the same time I contacted Uni5 Sakthi foundation and asked them about this. At the hospital they confirmed my daughter's sugar level was very high as around 490. They started insulin. They made everything normal back and but they told there was a chance for Type 1 Diabetes. So when I contact uni5 Sakthi Foundation they told Not to worry much about this and advised I need to buy fenugreek mix from  . I ordered and started giving it to my daughter. In the hospital they conducted test for Type 1 Diabetes but it came out as negative. From the hospital they told while the insulin is giving the sugar level is coming to normal and they discharged from the hospital and advisedto consult an Endocrinologist. Even though I am giving insulin to her at the same time I am giving the fenugreek mix 3 times a day. we  consulted  an Endocrinologist and he told to do some test and one scanning and the test

Results was negative.  Slowly we tried to reduce the insulin level. So that day when we went for scanning we didn't give any food to my daughter also no insulin. We gave hair food and after scanning and check the sugar level its found that without insulin the sugar level was normal. We talked few other doctors which I know personally so everybody advice not to give insulin if the sugar level is normal observe her continuously and once the sugar level goes high you can give the insulin so we

 But at the same time we gave her continuously the fenugreek mix without stoping.we monitored  her continuously for 6 days without insulin and the sugar level was normal. After 6 days scanning result came and after doing scanning he confirmed that my daughter's all internal organs are perfect and we consulted the endocrinologist  and the doctor was shocked hearing this. He told in his medical experience,  once the insulin has started he never  immediately stoped  like this. But this is something magical... God is with you he told.. I was expressing gratitude to uni5 Shakti foundation in my mind for this wonderful fenugreek mix which they advised  to give to my daughter.

 Endocrinologist told maybe the use of Steroids during the hospitalisation make the sugar level high. Now I was continuously observing her now the numberof fenugreek balls got reduce and the uni5 sakti Foundation advised me that we can stop this too after few more days. I have also given this to my father in law who is diabetic and there is a tremendous change in the sugar level and my sincere gratitude to uni5 sakthi foundation. And I understood it's only because of uni5 sakthi Foundation I got my daughter's life back I can't imagine an school going kid taking insulin everyday.. life will be in some other way if that happened. Also I understood that if I do that and the after effects of the insulin will definitely come in her life. I can't tell in words a thanks to uni5 sakthi Foundation because what they have done is much above that which helped my daughter to lead a normal life 🙏🙏🙏. Also my son has asthma and uni5 advised to give the five ingredient allergy medicine to him which I will start soon for sure.I want this to be shared with all parents to understand panchabhoota siddhanth

Thank you

 Cineesh (Real Name), Bangalore, June 7 2022


Constipation and hyper acidity during pregnancy cure following Uni5 - A testimony

Hi All,

From the beginning of my pregnancy itself, I suffered with severe heart burn and couldn't sleep. I had digestive problem and constipation.  So, I contacted Uni5  and Uni5 suggested me to avoid chillies and tamarind in cooking and suggested to add pepper,  ginger, ginger.. Also Uni5 suggested to take poongar red rice( good for pregnant women),  and probiotic foods like fermented red rice ( as breakfast). And water therapy in the morning.  Also I changed my diet as advised by Uni5. I avoid all outside food now. I took pongar rice. And avoided spicy foods. Now am completely good, 1000 times better. Previously I couldn't sleep properly but now am able to have a deep sleep.  I see a lot of positive  change in my body. My digestion got better and constipation also got relieved after water therapy. Thanks, Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for suggesting these simple life style changes which works very effectively.

Edin ( Real Name), Qatar,June 7, 2022


Uni5 treatment helped with jaundice recovery - A testimony

Hi, my dad had an accident and was hit in the head and had a broken collar bone attached to his shoulder. He was also admitted to the hospital with a fractured RIB bone on the left side. His whole body began to turn yellow and then both arms and legs began to swell. Bilirubin level was 36.

After being discharged from the hospital, we tried Siddha medicines. Three herbal balls mixed with butter, are given once a week. Bilirubin levels began to decrease. The bilirubin level dropped to 15 in two weeks, after taking herbal medicine. Despite lowering the bilirubin level, he suffered from loss of appetite, fatigue, and excessive mucus disturbances, so we approached Uni5.

Uni5 suggested the below, 

1. Phyllanthus Niruri (in tamil ‘Keezhanelli’), paste (stone grounded, the entire part of the plant including roots) one gooseberry size, first thing in the morning. He had buttermilk after having this.

2. Uni5 also advised to change the diet. Black rice femented water, organic thirigadugam, rasam powder, sambar powder in cooking, etc…  After taking thirigadugam powder, excess mucus (kapha) got expelled.

3. Along with this, weekly once he had siddha medicine also.

4. His feet got swelled, bottle gourd juice, banana stem juice was advised to take, after taking these juices, it got cured.

5. Along with this, we did neelanjanam, pitru pooja, charity and chanted Aum Namah Shivaya.

After following the above, bilirubin got reduced from 25 to 0.70. It took four months to completely get cured from jaundice. Now, he got completely recovered and started his regular works. Thanks, Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for guiding us.

 Muralidharan (Real Name), Chennai,May 2022.


Depression and disc bulge nerve pain cure Following Uni5 – A testimony

Hi All, 

 I have been suffering from anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, poor digestion, and severe nerve around neck pain for the past 10 years. I have been taking allopathy medicines to treat these problems for 10 years. For, neck pain, I took MRI scan and it showed disc bulge. I also felt weak physically. I got tired even with small amount of work. So, I approached Uni5. Uni5 explained the causes of my health condition in all five levels. 

As, Uni5 Suggested, I started following the below things. 

Castor oil cleansing – monthly once, water therapy daily,

Instead of white rice, I started using red rice, used organic country sugar instead of white sugar and uni5 recommended life style changes.

Probiotics - Started taking probiotics like fermented red rice and buttermilk. (Uni5 explained the connection between gut health and depression). 

Brehmi ghritham – started taking brehmi ghrithram, nasya nasal drop 

Externally applied - dhanvanthri oil around neck area and did gentle massage daily - it reduced my pain, oil head bath, scalp massage  using and wood pressed oils, - it helped with good sleep

Exercises, involved me in more physical activities

Pitru pooja every month, and rituals recommended. 

After following the above uni5 suggestions continuously for a month, I noticed significant changes in my mental and physical health. My depression and neck pain got reduced. It increased my digestion & sleep. After three months of following Uni5 now, I stopped my medicines completely. Nearly, 80% of my symptoms are cured. I'm completely away from neck pain and stress. Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.


Praveen, Salem, April 2022.


Rectum prolapse cure following Uni5 - Testimony

Dear All, 

My sister had rectum prolapse with associated severe pelvic pain. Initially, we tried allopathy. No major changes were seen. Then I contacted Uni5.  Uni5 explained that chronic constipation is one of the main causes of rectum prolapse and detailed the importance of cleansing, gut health, intake of probiotics, fibre rich diet to treat this condition. 

As per the advice given by uni5, she followed the below steps. 

1) She did water therapy in the morning. 

2) Breakfast - Fermented red rice with a2 buttermilk. 

3) Fenugreek water soaked for more than 4 hours.

4) Castor oil cleansing 

5) Externally applied crushed & boiled small onion, garlic & turmeric in castor oil.

6) She also did the charity and pooja as mentioned in Uni5. 

Within a week, I saw a positive change in my sister. Now the pain has come down. She is much better now. She is following the uni5 diet and lifestyle recommendations and planning to continue the same. 

Thanks, Uni5 Sakthi foundation, for all the support and guidance.

Sujith Narayan (Real Name), Kerala, April 2022


Abdomen ache and loss of appetite cure testimony 

My 3.8-year-old daughter was suffering from tummy upset. She pooped with a foul smell. Did not like to intake any food except liquids. So, I contacted Uni5 and Uni5 explained about inflammation, gut health, and the importance doing cleansing, intake of probiotics, and de-worming.

As per the suggestions given by Uni5. I followed the below steps.

1) gave fenugreek water (soaked 4 hrs) to soothe the tummy

2) gave her carrot and coconut milk juice 

3) gave her only steamed food like idly, appam, rice kanji… avoided chillies and tamarind

4) two spoons of neem juice …in case if she had worms

All these for the first day.

The next day, I gave her fermented red rice water 

Added yogurt, bitter gourd, and turkey berry (in tamil sundaikkai) to her diet. Bitter gourd and turkey berries are good for de worming.

I also tried to give a bowl of papaya as it would help to clean the intestines, but she did not take it. But the end of second day I saw improvements. She was active, pooped normally and started feeling hungry and was ready to take solids and liquids. 

Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Sathya (Real Name), US, April 2022


Uni5 way of treating eczema – A Testimony 

Hi all, 

          My kid started developing eczema when he was six months old. The eczema started with his cheeks in coin size. I had a normal vaginal delivery. To treat his eczema, we tried some home remedies, but they didn’t help much, and eczema started spreading in his hands also. So, we tried allopathy and homeopathy treatment also which gave only temporary solutions.

 The eczema started spreading his whole body at 13 months and the itching was very severe. Then, I contacted Uni5 to treat my kid’s eczema. I followed the below Uni5 suggestions starting from 10/12/2021. 

1. Castor oil cleansing

2. Externally applied equal amount of coconut oil and neem oil

3. Internally – neem leaves, pepper, turmeric decoction

4. Fermented red rice water in the morning 

5. Oil bath, for bathing we used only green gram powder and fenugreek powder

6. We did uni5 lamp lighting daily and chanted kandha sashti kavasam and dhanvanthri mantra. After doing uni5 lamp lighting we felt better mentally

7. Doing charity which made a huge difference. 

8. Monthly pitru pooja in a uni5 way

After doing the above for two weeks, 75% of my kid’s eczema got cured. We followed all the uni5 suggestions religiously and my kid’s eczema got cured completely from 10/03/2022. 

It is more of a lifestyle change and we didn’t use any herbs also. We sincerely thank the Uni5 Sakthi foundation for all the guidance and support throughout the journey.