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Testimonials Consciousness

Testimonials by members who have done voluntary work through Uni5 Sakthi Foundation and their transformation. (Last updated May 2014)

I was an atheist challenging all the religious beliefs of my Hindu religious parents. After understanding the Uni5 Selftual pattern and implementing in my daily life, my family is happy to see a radical  transformation in me. I see a transformation at my work place. I feel a tremendous Energy in myself. I want to share this powerful experience to all people around me. I have obtained clarity, purpose, mission and goal in my life. I now understand easily, aethism, relgiousness, science and spirituality, through my Selftual connectivity. - M. Ganeshkumar, May 2014.

After getting introduced to the Uni5 pattern based education, the experience of my life has changed. There is increase of inner strength and the sense of contentment. Guilt feeling has come down. It is easy to deal with different personalities. I see beauty in everything. The effect of a cause is getting lesser and lesser. Judgemental sense has come down and acceptance nature has increased. Able to connect all the external things to myself. The Uni5 pattern has shown the door for me to evolve towards the consciousness. Thanks to all the gurus who has contributed to this Uni5 system. Muthu Sundaram- 2013

The Uni5 concept has personally helped me to accept (embrace) everyone and everything at its own level, giving the unique experience of conenction to all beings, through the volunteering work at Sakthi Foundation. I have volunteered and still volunteering (Seva) in other organizations apart from Sakthi Foundation. Seva or voluntary work is the same as working at Sakthi Foundation, except for the clear understanding that the work is for the community Self and not to be in the good books of anyone.. This atttiude gives me complete happiness- Pradheep Feb 2013.

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