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Testimonials - German School 12th Grade students Project February 2015
Hello to all the members and supporters of Sakthi Foundation Schools from Germany!

P1140205We - the Montessori Highschools - Munich and Wertingen thank you for your work, your support and your unbelievable huge hospitality that we could experienced in Coimbatore, Sendurai and Poraiyar. The welcoming at all the schools was so warmly, that we felt immediately safe and secure.
P1140351Everything was perfectly planned and organized, you offered us a lot ;-) of amazing tasty indian meals, we were allowed to eat them from the banana leaf. You organized wonderful excursions to the sea, to indian temples and other cultural places, things we never had expected.

All of our students has taken a big amount of unforgettable experiences to Germany, not only with view to the indian culture also in various kinds of educational questions. The main reason for this is, that all the schools are well developed and carried by a healthy enthusiasm of all members! Your schools are islands or oasis of kindness, of philosophical thoughts and ideas, of creativity and deep humanity in the educational field. No one can copy it, it is an individual work inspired by Maria Montessori's achievements. That was wonderful to see, to feel.

I will never forget the cooperation between our students and the indian children when they present their materials! What a wonderful experience.

P1140433It is a bit insufficient to say just "thank you", but my english or hopefully the english language doesn't offer a stronger expression for what I'm trying to say... It was a breathtaking experience you've enabled.

At least I hope that we can find a way to continue our cooperation maybe in February 2016!

Warmest and kindest regards from the Montessori Schools Wertingen and Munich

Bernhard Warsitz

2nd March 2015 Germany.


A feedback of the Uni5-System by Bernhard Warsitz

1. The status quo

One of the basic tasks of a teacher is to develop the educational environment in a scientific way: with professional observations and permanent improvement, implementing new ideas within using the feedback coming out of the critical thoughts of the educators. That is what has happened, still happens and that is what has leaded you to the well structured and elaborated Uni5 Concept!

2. The issues of Uni5

I'm not an expert of premilary education, what I and the students could see is, that especially the presentation of a concept is a high quality element which evolves the child's curiosity. Curiosity is the basic need of human being, and if a child learns to feel (!) his curiosity he will follow this need and he will use any possibility to learn. 

3.  The impact of the attitude and personality of the stuff
In my eyes effectful and humane education is mostly a question of a 'professional' attitude (authenticity, understanding and appreciation), in short of an empathetic personality. The second step are high quality methods of teaching like a well prepared learning environment. The students analysed immediately after they observed the team in Sendurai, that this team have a positive attitude towards the children and towards each other.

Best and warm regards from snowy and cold Germany...

Bernhard (25th Feb 2015)

Feeb Back from German Students:

Julia: Children in this center have many different materials than in Germany. I can feel the Uni5 connection through learning mainly with nature’’ .

Hocht Raphael: ‘’ the center is nice, children can do what they need, there is fun. In Germany normal school teachers plan and take the students in their direction. This is done even in Montessori schools. But here the system is more based around the child and the children correct themselves.[ Thanks Raphael for making the wind mill with banana leaves and twigs].

 Paul Junk ‘’I learned a lot, children are motivated in a different way and they also view the tools in different way. Security and parental care is more here. EPL materials are very important and they are very different and very nice based on the traditional kitchen. This is going to help them to assist the mothers and themselves later.’’

Anja ‘’It was nice to be with children who do so many work by themselves. They are also independent in handling the tools here.’’

Lina ‘’Very natural setup. In Germany the same age group has more games and fun. Here they have fun through working with tools. Working with tools is much related to day to day life. Role of the teacher is very interesting. I learn that I have to do my own work for which I have to be trained in much earlier age’’

 Sonja ‘’for me communication is not difficult because the child has understood what I want to convey. EPL tools are very nice and only play can be seen here in this center’’.

A parent, ‘’I understood that we must assist the child at right time with right help which is the main philosophy of the system’’


Montessori Schule Wertingen
    Zusmarshauser Str. 19, 86637 Wertingen, Germany
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