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 Health Testimonials

 We will update new health testimonials here and after six months they will be categorized in the respective sections. (Last updated  Jan 2021).  Names and place that appear in the testimonials are not real to respect the confidentiality of the individual's identity from being public. However, only under written permission real names are being disclosed.

"Please mail us testimonials to share and inspire others to follow simple methods for complex health issues and get benefited like you".





Frequently getting colds

Hi All,            I want to share my experience with jeera biodrink from YSA market.  I started taking jeera biodrink few months back to treat my stubborn cold. It was remarkably effective, and my cold got cured completely in short period.  Once the cold got cured, I stopped using it. Few weeks back again I got cold and this time I had allopathy medicines suggested and there was no betterment. Then I remembered about jeera biodrink and started taking again which helped me to get rid of my chest phlegm. YSA market biodrink really helps to clear our excess phlegm in the body. Thanks to Uni5 and YSA market.

Ramya, madurai, Feb 2021

 Tooth ache cured

           I had severe right-side upper teeth ache for months due to tooth decay (two teeth were affected) for which I thought of consulting a dentist. But I came to know about activated neem charcoal tooth powder by Gomathi madam and started using the same. It’s been a month since i started and I am already seeing the results. There is no pain now and my decayed teeth are getting better. Thanks to Uni5.

Sudha (Real Name), Perur February 2021


Gut Health Improved

  Dear All,

              I tried Panchagavya from YSA market and the results were amazing. I could see my gut health improvement. Initially I was afraid to take panchagavya because of it’s taste and smell. But to my surprise, YSA market panchagavya tasted divine and it was almost like drinking buttermilk only. Thanks to uni5 and YSA market.

Lakshmi, Chennai February 2021

DHairfall, Allergies, poor Digestion Cured

 I had several health issues like body tiredness, poor digestion, allergy and severe hair fall. Then I started taking YSA market panchagavya, I could see my health issues are getting better, hair fall got reduced too. Now I understand the importance keeping our gut cells healthy. Many Thanks.

Arthi, Salem, February 2021

Blood Transfusion Allergy cured

Dear All,

             Few months back I developed black color round like thick patches all over the body. It was diagnosed as post blood transfusion allergy (due to my poor blood volume, I had blood transfusion from a donor). The patches got thicker day by day. Then I was suggested to do castor oil cleansing, water therapy and to use YSA skin care in and out medicine. After two months of continuous usage my skin patches got cured completely. 

    When my son got a cut in his finger, I applied YSA skin care cream externally and the cut got cured within no time. Thanks to Uni5 and YSA.

Rathna Devi (Real name), Tirupur, February 2021.


Hi all,

  I had dandruff problem and contacted uni5 and they gave me solutions for it. But I preferred to use some prepared products. I started using Kapila nalam dandruff oil from YSA market which gives best results. My dandruff problem is now reduced to great extent and hair fall is also getting much better. Thanks.

Saranya (Real name), Bangalore, February, 2021

Lotus Birth Experience Sharing Testimony

Hi All,

           I came to know about Uni5 (Maruti) lotus birth. So, I decided to join uni5 health telegram groups to learn about lotus birth in detail. From Uni5 I learnt that we need to prepare our body and mind before conceiving to have a healthy pregnancy. As suggested, me and my husband started doing all the five elements of uni5. We did water therapy, exercises, breathing exercises, charity. I got pregnant with my second baby in February 2019.

            After getting pregnant, I followed uni5 pregnancy guidelines. During pregnancy, I did water therapy, uni5 diet recommendations, walking and all household chores. I was a bit nauseous in the first trimester and could not take green vegetables much due to that. Everything went smoothly, till the sixth month. In the sixth month of our pregnancy, as our midwife advised I took a haemoglobin test, and it was only 6.5. So, our midwife suggested to in take iron supplements and I had the supplements willingly. Uni5 suggested to have iron rich foods, ragi, beetroot juice, beetroot malt, dried black grapes (with seeds), fig, green vegetables and importantly drumstick leaves. After intaking these my haemoglobin increased to 11.1 within a month. Hence, I stopped taking supplements within a month. 

              As uni5 suggests, it is better to check our haemoglobin before pregnancy itself. Our body nutrients deficiencies should be treated before getting pregnant. So that we can avoid taking supplements. Pre pregnancy castor oil cleansing is especially important to reduce nausea. Couples, please follow all the five aspects of uni5 before getting pregnant itself. 

            I did not know about uni5 in my first pregnancy. I had severe back pain during my first pregnancy, so the doctor advised me to take progesterone hormone pills. I could not do any household work throughout my first pregnancy. But I was able to avoid all these in my second pregnancy by following uni5. I did all my household chores throughout my entire pregnancy. I strongly believe following uni5 aspects helped me with this.

         I had my labor pain in January 2020 and our midwife also came to our home after informing. I had pain with ten minutes time interval. Initially the pain was there for just 30 seconds later it lasted for almost a minute. Our midwife was continuously monitoring the heartbeat of the child and she advised us to do hot fomentation to ease the pain. I was chanting and doing breathing exercise. Breathing exercise really helped me to deal with my labor pain. Around three o’ clock in the morning with God’s grace I delivered a healthy child. For the first two days we did not give bath to our child. So, the placenta got dried early and it fell off on its own on the fourth day. There was little bleeding in the belly button once it fell off which is quite normal and after following uni5 recommendations it got cured. We need to give bath to the baby from the first day itself so the placenta will not get dried early. Others, please correct these mistakes.

         We sincerely thank Uni5 Sakthi foundation for all the support given. 

Manjula Shree Govindarajan (Real name), Atlanta, Georgia, February 2021

Dry Cough Cured

 I would like to share with you all the journey of my wheezing and stubborn dry cough cure with uni5. I got a fever around mid-January 2020. Along with the fever I also had a severe dry cough, so I consulted a general physician and took medicines for more than a week. After taking medicines my fever got cured but the dry cough was still there. After a month I developed wheezing also. So, I consulted a pulmonologist in February mid. He told me that my lungs got infected and to treat my infection he gave medicines for 15 days and asked to visit him after finishing the first dose of medicines. After taking the prescribed medicines, I developed symptoms like body weakness and diarrhea. So, I stopped taking the medicines. Wheezing and dry cough also worsened and I could not sleep at night. Ear and throat pain became severe and breathing also became exceedingly difficult. So i consulted ENT specialist. He told that my nose internal bone is little bended that's why i have all these symptoms. My face and hands started swelling after taking ENT specialist prescribed medicines, so i stopped the medicines. Then i tried homeopathy treatment also, it helped me to control my cough but not completely cured it. I was really depressed and did not know what to do further. Then my brother introduced me to uni5, and I joined in uni5 telegram health groups at the end of march,2020. 

          Uni5 suggested doing all five aspects. As advised, I first did castor oil cleansing. Then started water therapy, breathing exercise, whole unrefined/unpolished food intake, walking and simple exercises. For my ear pain uni5 suggested to oil my ears with ginger/dry ginger infused wood pressed sesame oil and for throat infection i did garlic, turmeric infused castor oil hot fomentation. To treat my lung inflammation and wheezing, uni5 prescribed me to take five ingredient medicines (uni5 clinic – allergy link) for 48 days continuously. After doing all these my wheezing, ear and throat pain got much better and dry cough also very much reduced. Then I had ARK and Amla bio-drink as uni5 advised from YSA market. After three months my chest phlegm, throat pain and dry cough got cured completely. Then for 48 days I tried nasya from YSA market for my lung inflammation then stopped it. I did not get wheezing after that till now. I still follow all the five aspects of uni5. Two months once castor oil cleansing, water therapy daily (I skip water therapy only if I am in travel), diet and exercises. It has been almost a year since I started uni5, Till now I did not get cold, wheezing, cough or any breathing trouble. I sincerely thank uni5 for all the support given throughout the journey. Uni5 helped me to treat my illness without any side effects

I also understood when system gets corrected by doing all the five many symptoms of a disease get corrected too. Thanks a lot, uni5 sakthi foundation once again.

Deepa (Real name), Coimbatore, February 2021

Electric shock and rib bone broken

On november 25th i got electric shock and my 2 ribs got broken. The pain was unbearable. We went to hospital and they gave painkillers and advised to take complete bedrest for 6 weeks.I started taking painkiller as i cant tolerate the pain . But i knew about Uni5 sakthi foundation and i tried to contact. They suggested to prepare an oil. Uni5 advised just to apply this oil mix on fractured rib area twice daily but no massaging etc.

Slowly the intensity of pain got reduced  by almost 3 days and i completely avoided painkillers. Step by step,  i slowly started to move in the house, later to outside etc. Almost after 1 month,  i started  going to work. There is no pain by that time:pray:. 

I am hereby expressing my sincere gratitude to uni5 sakthi foundation for suggesting that wonderful oil mix which really helped me to reduce the pain. 

The mix is :  Take garlic, turmeric, mukkutti(biophytum sensitivum) and aleovera and grind it and boil in castoroil. Apply this in the affected area. 

Also i have done small breathing excercises(tried to be breathe concious)

Also some amount given for charity  

Once again, thanks to Uni5 sakthi foundation

Sandeep(Real name), Palakkad, Kerala. 

Cure for Incurable Type 1 Diabetes

Hi, I'm Tegest and I want to tell you my story.

It was April 29, 2019.

I was admitted to the emergency room. I felt really bad. I and my family didn't know exactly why.

Then came the doctor's diagnosis:

My blood sugar level was 500. The normal range is between 85 and 100.

If It had taken a little longer to take me to hospital, then, I might have fallen asleep and never woke up again.

My blood sugar level was 5 to 12. I barely escaped death.

After further examinations, I got the diagnosis and the doctor said:

“You have type 1 diabetes and you will never have a day without insulin injections in your life. This condition can NOT be cured!!

The pancreas had completely stopped producing insulin. It was practically dead.“

To this day, type 1 diabetes is considered INCURABLE. I had to let myself digest it first. Much worse:

I was totally horrified.

Why me? I had a healthy diet and wasn't overweight either.

I was also totally overstrained.

Where do I start? How do I do all of this? Will I ever be able to lead a normal life again?

The shock put me in a deep phase of sadness and uncertainty. I just didn't want to admit it.

Little by little I accepted what had happened to me and made my mind up:

I have to do something. I want to change something. I want to be healthy and normal again.

Then I was very lucky:

A family friend found out about my diagnosis and told me about Uni5, an organization that had helped many people fight diabetes.

I began to read into the subject.

Our friend gave me a plan and helped me to follow Uni5 way of life on a daily basis.

Inspired by the stories of people who had already made it and my first little visible improvements, I started believing in getting well again.

I've been sticking to this routine for around 1.5 years, and I am actually very much enjoying this Uni5 way of life because I notice how good it is for me.

A look into today and the results

• 1 year after the diagnosis and implementation of the UNI5 routine, I no longer had to inject and could switch to tablets.

• Half a year later, the breakthrough: I was completely able to STOP my medication because my pancreas had started producing insulin again.

• This process took place in close consultation with my doctor. We tried a lot, varied the dosages and adjusted them continuously. The most important thing was that I listened to my body very carefully.

• My laboratory values are proof that my pancreas has been brought BACK to life. Today it is busy producing insulin again.

• I firmly believe that this change and regeneration of my body has to do with my UNI5 routine.

I feel better these days than ever before. I will keep this routine.

Uni5 gave me a new life and made my life better.

I used only "shop awareness" Castor oil, turmeric and pepper powder for one year.

1  Water therapy (still doing)

2  Castor oil cleansing 2 times for the first 2 months and once a month ( still doing)

3  Shakthi Diabetic Mix 3 times after food for almost 3 months ( still taking once or twice a week after lunch) made with shopawareness  products. 

4  Each day different home cooked Wholegrain vegetarian meals with green salad and Yogurt. 

5 Yoga 3 times a week  and walking for one hour daily

My Liver and other internal organs perform at their best now according to the test report and the  doctors

Thanks to this method, the support of those around me and my faith, I am healthy again.

Thank you UNI5!


Tegest (Real Name) Germany. JAN 2021 , English translation by Ratheesh, Kannur

German - Heilung der unheilbaren Diabetes Typ-1 Erkrankung dank UNI5

Hi, ich bin Tegest und ich möchte Dir meine Geschichte erzählen.

Es war der 29. April 2019.

Ich wurde in die Notaufnahme eingeliefert. Mir ging es total schlecht und ich und meine Familie wussten nicht genau warum.

Dann Die Diagnose des Arztes:

Mein Blutzuckerspiegel betrug 500. Der Normalwert liegt zwischen 85 und 100.

Etwas länger und ich wäre vielleicht eingeschlafen und nie wieder aufgewacht.

Es war 5 vor 12. Nur knapp bin ich dem Tod entronnen.

Nach weiteren Untersuchungen bekam ich die Diagnose:

Sie haben Diabetes Typ 1 und werden nie wieder im Leben ohne Spritzen auskommen. Die Bauchspeicheldrüse hatte ihre Produktion von Insulin komplett eingestellt. Sie war praktisch tot.

Bis heute gilt Diabetes Typ 1 als unheilbar. Das musste ich erst mal sacken lassen. Viel schlimmer noch:

Ich war total entsetzt.

Warum ich? Ich hatte mich gesund ernährt und war auch nicht übergewichtig. 

Ich war auch total überfordert.

Wo fange ich an? Wie mach ich das bloß alles? Werde ich jemals wieder ein normales Leben führen können?

Der Schock versetzte mich in eine tiefe Phase der Trauer und Unsicherheit. Ich wollte es einfach nicht wahrhaben.

Nach und nach akzeptierte ich, was geschehen war und faste einen Entschluss:

Ich muss etwas tun. Ich möchte etwas verändern. Ich möchte wieder gesund werden.

Dann hatte ich großes Glück:

Ein Freund der Familie, erfuhr von meiner Diagnose und erzählte mir von UNI5, einer Organisation, die bereits vielen Menschen im Kampf gegen Diabetes geholfen hatte.

Ich begann mich in die Thematik einzulesen.

Unser Freund gab mir einen Plan und unterstütze mich bei dessen Durchführung.

Inspiriert von den Geschichten der Menschen, die es bereits geschafft hatten und meinen ersten kleinen Verbesserungen, fing ich wieder an daran zu glauben, gesund zu werden.

Seit rund 1,5 Jahren halte ich mich strickt an diese Routine, ja ich habe sogar riesigen Spaß daran, da ich merke, wie gut es mir tut.

Ein Blick ins Heute und auf die Ergebnisse

1 Jahr nach der Diagnose und Durchführung der UNI5 Routine, musste ich nicht mehr Spritzen und konnte auf Tabletten umsteigen.

Ein halbes Jahr darauf, der Durchbruch: Ich konnte meine Medikamente komplett absetzen, da meine Bauchspeicheldrüse wieder mit der Insulin-Produktion gestartet hatte. 

Dieser Prozess geschah in enger Abstimmung mit meiner Ärztin. Wir haben viel ausprobiert, die Dosierungen variiert und kontinuierlich angepasst. Wichtig war dabei vor allem Dingen, dass ich selbst sehr genau in meinen Körper hineinhörte.

Meine Labor-Werte sind der Beweis dafür, dass meine Bauchspeicheldrüse wieder zum Leben erweckt wurde. Heute produziert sie wieder fleißig Insulin.

Ich glaube fest daran, dass diese Veränderung und Regeneration meines Körpers mit meiner UNI5 Routine zu tun hat.

Heute geht es mir besser als jemals zuvor. Ich werde diese Routine beibehalten.

Sie hat mir ein neues Leben geschenkt und mein Leben verbessert.

Dank dieser Methode, der Unterstützung meines Umfelds und meinem Glauben bin ich wieder gesund. 

Danke UNI5!

Tegest (Real Name) Germany. JAN 2021


Loose Motion Cured

Hi All,
My three year old daughter had loose motion for three days (she pooped three to four times a day). As uni5 suggested i gave overnight soaked fenugreek water three times a day (each time two spoons) and good quality buttermilk once. Within a day her loose motion stopped and her stool became normal. Thanks Uni5 for suggesting this simple yet effective remedy.

Thilagavathy ( Real name), USA January 2021.

Fever Cured

My 10months old daughter suddenly got fever 102F at night.I gave paracetamol 3ml.After 1 hour fever reduced a little but stayed above 100 throughout the night.Morning at 6am,when I checked temp, it was 101.5F. Again I gave paracetamol.

Then at 7am onwards i started giving fever remedies by uni5 . I made a decoction of ginger,turmeric powder,coriander powder,cinnamon, pepper and panikoorkka. This fluid i gave every 2 hrs gap 1-2 spoon.Also I gave panikoorkka leaf extract every 2 hrs . Then I applied shallots and garlic infused castor oil every 2-3 hrs on chest, back side of chest and underside of foot. These all  I continued 1 whole day.The fever stayed between 99 and 101.5 throughout the day.Next day mrng when I checked, temp was completely came down to normal.This is actually 24 hrs from onset of this remedies.

Thank you Uni5 

Soumya Sudeesh ( Real name). January 2021

Sperm Count Increased

My sperm count increased from 40 million to 80 million sperm count and successfully my wife became pregnant because of ysa product and doctors got surprised

Thanks to (Shopawareness)  products that are pure and having high medicinal value. 

Anil Antony (Real name) Karukachal kottayam, India Date Jan 2021

 Bruise through hurt

My husband had dropped barbell weight of close to 10lbs on his big toe. It had swollen with blood cot and the pain was unbearable and he couldn’t move his foot because of the pain. We were really scared as we dint know it was fracture or just sprain. We immediately applied aloe Vera with turmeric powder. The pain reduced a little. And then applied castor oil mixture boiled with garlic + turmeric and did heat fomenting. Like a miracle the pain reduced instantly and he slept. But again after a few hours it started with sharp pain. We kept following the external remedy and then took turmeric + pepper internally as well after food.  Also pineapple with turmeric, no red or green chilies in food. In 24 hours, the pain had reduced to a greater extent and the swelling had reduced a lot in 4 days. We realize how blessed we are, only when such incidents happen and how grateful we should be for everything we have which we always take for granted. Thanks a lot Sakthi foundation for the timely help and remedy that can be followed easily at home. We had also pledged to do charity for the wellness. 

P.S- turmeric powder and castoroil are from Shopawareness 

Lakshmi, California, Dec 2020

Milk duct and lactation mastitis cure testimony

          Hello All, 

                           One week after childbirth (c- section), I got severe pain in both the breasts due to milk duct. The pain was very sharp and couldn’t feed the baby. I consulted uni5 to treat this problem. As they advised, I boiled castor oil with some organic garlic and turmeric. Once the castor oil mix cooled down,I stored it in the glass container and applied this castor oil mix on both the breasts (by warming it a bit each time before applying ) and gave hot fomentation. Repeated this four to five times a day. Within two days milk duct got dissolved and there was no pain at all.

             After a month, both my breasts were infected by lactation mastitis. Due to infection, breasts became swollen and there was very heavy burning pain in both the breasts. The pain got worsens after feeding. To treat this inflammation, uni5 suggested to apply grinded (stone grinding is better) turmeric, aloe vera, neem leaves mix on both the breasts five to six times a day (except nipples) . I followed it and within three days, lactation mastitis got cured completely. 

 I thank uni5 sakthi foundation for suggesting these simple remedies which work effectively.

Kamalraj Indhujah (real name), Srilanka. 16th dec 2020


Irregular Menstruation cure

 My kind greetings,

   I am Subarna, age 19. I had my irregular periods for more than 6 months. To treat this problem, I consulted with uni5 and followed the below measures suggested . 

   1. Started the therapy with castor oil cleansing so far done once

2. Water therapy daily.

3. Whole organic, fiber rich foods.

4. Had one spoon of aloevera after water therapy washing the outside latex thoroughly.

5. Intake of organic black sesame seeds balls regularly, calcium rich foods suchsprouted grains, ragi.

6. Fresh juices mentioned in the irregular menstruation link i.e, pomegranate, pineapple, papaya etc..

7. Avoided using sanitary napkins and started using cloth for menstruation. Didn't take hair bath during menstruation and had complete rest as advised.

After following the above for three months, my menstruation got very much regular now and water therapy helped to regularize my bowel movement also. 

Many thanks to uni5  sakthi foundation.


Subarna, Ooty, Tamilnadu.December, 2020

Severe Acid Reflux and IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Cure

Hi all, 

 I was suffering from severe acid reflux and IBS problem for more than 9 months and I tried many medicines but nothing worked to me. I couldn't eat anything because of severe chest burn  because of that my weight was reduced nearly 10kgs within 4 months and I felt very tired all the time. I became very depressed. Luckily one of my friend introduced Uni5 sakthi foundation and their service. From the day one uni5 guided me which gave me a hope to overcome this issue. Uni5 suggested me to do follow the below,

 1. Water therapy with liquorice ( athimathuram)

 2. Alovera  one table spoon after water therapy (wash the outside latex and have)

 3. Fermented red rice/good quality buttermilk ( which is a must hence probiotics helped to change my gut)

 4. Fresh juices and chutney recipes suggested (Uni5  clinic - acid reflux ( refer this link))

 5. Whole organic unrefined/unpolished food intake. For cooking used only wood pressed sesame, coconut oil and ghee, organic jaggery and honey for sweetener instead of white sugar.

       Uni5 suggested me to take black pepper ( kuru milagu), ginger and thippili instead of red and gree chillies and to avoid souring foods like tamarind which helped me a lot.

6. Good quality triphala with few drops of ghee ( before going to bed)

 7. Castor oil cleansing

 8. Simple exercises with pranayama

 9. Charity and rituals - which is an important aspect. Doing riuals and charity brought positive changes and gave me hope

 I can feel the drastic improvement within 2 weeks by following the instructions suggested by Uni5. I was so happy and relaxed. After doing the above suggestions for three months, now am completely cured and no chest burn or relux problem now. I have to thank Uni5 Shakthi Foundation for doing this wonderful service. They treated all our issues without medicine. Uni5 is not only cure our health issues they change our life style and food habit, which is helpful and good to our physical and mental health. My hearty greetings and all kind wishes to uni5 sakthi foundation team.

 Amirthavalli ( Real name) California, USA Dec 2020

 Fever Cured:

Testimonial for fever 104. My son 6 years old suddenly got fever 104 in the night and the next day morning he was having high fever at 104 and throughout the day 

it stayed between 101 and 104. We did the fever remedies mentioned in Uni 5 website . we made a decoction of ginger cinnamon tumeric, 

panikoorka leaves,pepper. Gave it throughout the day.  Applied shallot and garlic infused castor oil on the chest, on the back and on the feet. 

We made him take steam. Within 30 hours from onset, his fever became low grade to almost no fever. 

We made a donation and dis neelanjanam in addition to the regular everyday rituals. 

Nithya USA Sep 2020


Skin Allergy Cured

 I had skin allergy with itching and rashes all over the body. Followed the below uni5 suggestions,

 1. Stopped using soap and started using organic fenugreek seed paste 

2. Regularly started applying warm coconut oil to hair and all over the body before bath

3. Took 5 ingredient medicine as mentioned in the uni5 allergy link

4. Stopped dairy completely 

5. Regularly took pineapple, aloe Vera, tomato juices as mentioned in the allergy link

6. Included fermented & fiber food like red rice, millets, vegetables

 Unfortunately milk was the root cause... as part of allergy treatment I stopped milk. While I was recovering, whole people in family got allergy. Since I stopped miilk and it’s curing we switched milk vendor to pure organic milk and now all are good. 

 Thanks uni5 for helping my recovery in a natural way . So thankful to uni5 sakthi foundation.

 Manikandan (Real name), Chennai, October 2020

 Belly button infection and constipation testimony

Hi Uni5 team,

 This testimony is the second one for my son after my mom. I'm very happy to write it.

 Uni5 has become go to doctor kind of a spot for me and my family, after successfully curing my mom's varicose ulcer.

 Belly Button Infection cured

 My son who is a year old had belly button infection when he was new born. Puss was coming out on the 8th day and to cure this Uni5 suggested the below simple remedy. 

 Crush few neem leaves, nalam castor oil, alovera and nalam turmeric and boil it for sometime once it gets cooled down store it in a glass container. Apply this mixture on the belly button two to three times day. Every time before applying warming the oil mixture a bit is good ( just warm it a bit no need to boil)

 After doing the above, within 5 days belly button infection got cured.

 Constipation Cured

 Then recently he had severe constipation and he struggled a lot. Uni5 suggested to give overnight soaked fenugreek water two spoons two to three times a day.  Few small is sauted and then grinded and the juice is mixed with castor oil and given to the child. After doing the above his constipation got cured. 

We just gave it twice and it worked.

 We thank uni5 sakthi foundation for suggesting these simple remedies which work very effectively.

Dinesh ( Real name) Coimbatore, October 2020

Heavy bleeding cured ( non stop bleeding after delivery) testimony 

 Hi all,

   My baby was born in c-section and after two weeks of delivery doctors told that bleeding will stop. But even after two months also bleeding didn't stop and the flow was very heavy. So I contacted uni5 to cure this problem. I followed the below suggestions by uni5 and the bleeding got stopped.

       1. Steam banana flower in the steamer ( as like we steam the idly) and sqeeze the juice out of the steamed banana flower petals. I used handful of banana flower to steam, out of which one small glass of juice was made. I drank this juice twice a day, around 11 am in the morning after breakfast and in the evening. Remove the thick stigma from the petals and then steam , after steaming just squeeze it to make the juice.

      2. Totally avoided non vegetarian food and followed simple home made food.

 After following the above suggestions within three days 75 %  of the flow got controlled and within 8 days flow got stopped completely.

 Thanks a lot uni5 sakthi foundation for suggesting this simple remedy which works very effectively.

 Bhanu, Dubai, October 2020.


Back pain cured-Testimonial  

 This is a testimonial for a back pain/tail bone pain. I am a female ,34 years old. I got a debilitating tailbone pain and I thought it would go away in 2 days but it did not. I researched on the Uni 5 for the back pain remedy and I did exactly what was told and I gave it two to three days time. I was continuously doing the remedy for 2 to 3 days and the back pain was reduced and finally it went away . I was so happy that some things that you feel would never go away goes away when you strictly and religiously follow the uni 5 remedies and I'm grateful to God and I'm grateful to uni 5 thank you so much:pray:

I made a medicated oil with moringa leaves coconut scrapings and mustard seeds and I applied it on the pain area  I put heat packs on that area with the oil and I did that continuously for 2 days and that's when the pain went away completely. I also prayed to god to help me overcome this and made a donation:pray:

 Nithya(Real name), kerala, september 2020.


  My pregnancy and Lotus Birth delivery experience.

One day I got to see uni5 's video sharing experience of lotus birth. At that moment I made a sankalpa that I will also have a lotus birth delivery for my second child. After I thoroughly searched and learnt about healthy pregnancy and reading the information given in the Uni5 site and Uni5 videos , I spoke to my husband about my wish and he also agreed. This was about 4 to 5 years ago , we were already doing water therapy, eating organic food, doing dhana dharma, a little bit spiritual agnihotra and daily walking. But the only thing we missed was pre pregnancy cleansing.। did cleansing 3 months before but my husband was not able to do it because of his army duties. So we postponed our pregnancy plan for an year when we both will be able to do cleansing and follow most of the Uni5 suggestions. But unexpectedly I became pregnant in  jan 2020. It was a real shock to us , then we accepted and started taking care of my pregnancy doing water therapy, agnihotra, organic foods, daily walking, household works and breathing exercises. After 4 months due to corona situation , some organic foods  and milk were not available .Till seventh month everything was good but later felt little back pain for 2 days and had some boils on tongue. Again after the availability of organic foods and milk  everything became normal within 2 days. Then till the 9th month everything was fine but one Strange thing happened as my 9 th month started. One day me and my husband  were sitting and suddenly I saw number 3 printed on my leg. I don't know how but it was clearly number 3. Then I told my husband that I feel that this is a sign that I will deliver by 3rd sep so you take leave on First september. He smiled and agreed. At that time we didn't think much but on morning sep 3, I woke up and my water broke but I didn't feel any pain. I told my husband and he got little panic then we contacted the natural birth centre (sanctum hyderabad) where we were consulting. Doctor spoke to me and asked about the water break. I

remembered Uni5 suggestions about breathing with awareness, praying and kept doing them. My husband was with me encouraging which really helped me emotionally and my Doctor and nurses were also very supportive. It was so tiring but chanting mantras and breathing with awareness(pranayama) really helped me to keep up my energy. At 1.59 PM my baby boy was born . At the moment I forgot my pain my sleep and my tiredness. That moment is the precious moment of my life. My First C section was totally opposite of this. I was kept in an ICU and my baby was somewhere else and my husband was also far away and didn't come to see me. In ICU I was just Looking at the door and thinking my husband will come or my mother will come and my baby will be with me but baby was taken by some nurse and they fed her. I was so sad and crying inside the ICU. I couldn’t even have a look at my baby and hug my baby. It was so painful and sad experience for me and due to C section my first baby was not feeding well. She just kept crying for one week and we suffered a lot. But this time I am so happy to experience a normal delivery .Thanks a lot Uni5 Sakthi foundation for all the support, advice and experiences shared. Thanks a lot once again.

 Sandhya (Real Name), Kerela September 2020

Dysentery cured Testimony

 Hi all,

  My 80 days old daughter had dysentery ( loose motion) for more than 15 days and often she passed green colour stool. So we consulted a child physician and gave the medicine prescribed. But there was no improvement. Then we approached Uni5 and follwed the below suggestions recommended.

 1. Uni5 suggested not to take non vegetarian food for minimum of first three months after delivery.

 2. Mother had keezhanelli ( phyllanthus niruri) kashayam ( boil the leaves with water after washing ) in empty stomach for five days.

 3. Pledge to do charity connected with kula deivam.

 After doing the above green colour stool got stopped first and slowly loose motion got stopped too. Now her bowel movement is very much regular and her stool is in normal colour.

 We thank Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for suggesting these simple remedies which works effectively.

 Karthick, Chennai, September 2020

Arthiritis Cured


 I was affected by arthiritis in both my legs 6 months before. I couldn't walk and sit for a long time, It was very painful in the mornings. Pain was felt in both legs at same place. It started in the knees and spread to achilles, then to heel and to toes, mostly around joints. I went to the local doctor and took all the blood tests. Blood test result neither showed any Rhematoid factor nor Uric acid. But the sympotoms were like auto immune (rhematoid arthiritis). They prescribed diclofenac sodium which reduced the pain. But the problem was, need to take it daily. If I stop taking the medicine then the pain will be back next day. So I talked to uni5 and started following uni5 treament for arthritis and stopped taking the pills.  Followed all 5 elements for 6 months. Starting with Ginger water, fermented brown rice, green chutneys, dates and nut juice, took tripahala daily, did castor oil cleansing every month. Prepared and applied Karpoorathi thailam daily. My legs are back to normal after 4 months. I can walk normally now. I also took drumstick leaves daily and chukku, milaku, thippili with honey daily. The most important one was Ginger compression which was recommended in uni5 website. It helped to reduce the pain drastically.  It took 6 months to completely cure in natural way. I started running and also playing tennis regularly now. I highly recommended following uni5 way of healing for arthiritis. Thanks to Uni5 for the natural way of curing arthiritis.


Raj Krishnan, Alabama USA September 2020


Vaginal Infection Cured Testimony 

Hi all, 

                My two year old daughter got rashes in her vagina and it was very itchy. She kept on scratching the rashes. For this health condition I contacted uni5 and as they suggested, 

 Applied aloevera on the rashes once a day 

Washed the area with warm water with little bit of salt

Avoided wearing any inner wear due to rashes

 After doing the above within two days her rashes and infection got cured and no itching also.

 Thanks Uni5 for suggesting this simple remedy.

 Thilaga S (Real Name), Chennai September 2020

  Fever and Throat Infection

My 10yr old son got fever last week. As usual I gave him the fever cure Kashayam (as mentioned in uni5 clinic ) 3 times a day. Insisted my son to do kaali exercise and kept the stone crushed mixture of garlic, pepper mixed with honey and turmeric powder in his sirunakku. Also applied bohar thailam around his neck as he got pain around his neck. After 4 days his throat infection got reduced and he got relived From his neck pain too. But his temperature hasn't come down.. It was around 100 degree. That worried me a bit.  As Uni5 suggested,  I did few spiritually connected things along with that. Lit sesame oil lemon lamp both morning and evening with 5 wicks and 2 wicks respectively. Chanted Kandha shasti kaavasam. And pledged to donate amount to kuladeivam temple. 

After doing all these, my son is completely fine. He's back to normal routine.  

 Thanking uni5 team for all the support and guidance.

 Nithya (Real Name), Namakkal, August,2020

Testimonial for Throat Infection

I used to get throat infection very frequently. It'll subside only after having antibiotics each time..  After following uni5, I used to do kaali exercise at the start of my infection, which will help me reduce my throat pain and prevent getting it worse.. Some times the infection will be  very severe, which won't subside For kaali exercise. At that time prepared a mixture of stone crushed few garlic , pepper mixed with turmeric powder n honey. Kept this mixture in sirunakku few times.  Repeated this process for two days. And to my surprise I was completely relived From my severe pain  and infection.  This mixture acts as a natural antibiotics.  I used to do this For my 10yr old son too, whenever he has throat infection.  Thanks a lot to Uni5 team.

 Nithya, Chennai August, 2020                           

  Severe Throat Infection Cured

Hello All, 

 I am AmirthaValli living in US. I would like to share my wonderful experience with Uni5, I had throat infection for past 5 days, I came to know about Uni5 through my apartment friend then, I contacted Uni5 and discussed about my throat problem. Uni5 suggested four  instructions for this issue. After following the instructions, without any medicine my throat infection got cured in few days. I’m really happy to share the instructions which I followed

  1.Good quality wood pressed sesame oil pulling in  the morning and  in the night before go to bed 

 2.Crushed garlic pod and turmeric heated with little castor oil for external application on the throat and heat a dry pan and applied a dry heat on the throat with the help of cotton cloth. 

 3. Internal paste (garlic, turmeric, pepper and honey mix) apply on siru nakku ( inside throat )

  4. Kaali exercise

 I want to thank Uni5 team for  doing a great job.

Amirthavalli Dhandapani (Real Name), USA Aug 2020

Regulation of Menstrual Flow

I am a higher secondary school student and having menstrual issues for the past few years since puberty. I used to have very scanty menstruation and severe cramps and low hemoglobin levels. 3 weeks back I bought medicinal property rich black sesame seeds and jaggery from shopawareness ( and started using it. Last week I had an amazing experience. I had excellent menstrual flow without any cramps. I no more feel bulky but feel very light and energetic just taking for two weeks. 

 I thank the Uni5 Sakthi foundation for giving simple practical and safe tips to resolve long running issues. 

 Aug 2020, Sri Devi, Chennai. (Real Name)

Kidney stones removal through Uni5 method

My name is Sita. I am 70 years old. I have kidney stone problem for more than 5 years. For three years I didn't took any medicine. But last 2 years I was taking homeopathic medicines.There was no cure. Sometimes I used to have unbearable pain. It was very difficult for me to change the position while sleeping and also while standing I couldn't bend and lean forward. During that time I heard about Uni5 Sakthi foundation and I contacted them at the earliest.Below are the things which I have done according to their suggestions.

 1.Morning in empty stomach 1.5 litres water(mild amount of coriander seeds).

 2.Banana stem juice - morning after breakfast after 1 hour - For 7 days

 3.Horse gram soup- For 41 days continuously

 Also took lot of fruits and prayers too:

 The change was gradual.Slowly day by day pain reduces and after 41 days it's almost nil.

 I am very happy to let you know I don't experience any kind of pain I had before.I am completely fit and now doing all house chores.Many thanks to Uni5 sakthi foundation for letting me know this simple remedies and bringing back my health condition to normal in this age.

 Sita , Palakkad, 8 August 2020

 Importance of Desi cow’s milk

 My wife was very thin. She was almost 40 - 42 kg. She was very sad about this. It has been 12 years since our marriage. From that period onwards we were using packet milk or jersey cows milk. She used to drink 500ml milk daily. Also she ate eggs. No noticeable  change during this period. In between i got interested in desi cow and i bought and i was taking care of it. From there onwards she started drinking desi cows milk. Almost 400ml milk she used to drink per day. The change noticed after 6 to 7 months was unbelievable. Her 42 kg  weight got increased to almost 49kg. More than 10 years she drank jersey or packet milk but no noticeable change in weight, but such a miraculous change occurred by just drinking desi cows milk for just 7 months. 

I am writing this  to create awareness to public about the amazing quality of desi cows milk!!! I am sharing this testimonial here because we were following Uni5 principles without knowing it. 

Jayadeepkumar (Real Name), kannur, Kerala, August 2020   

Increasing the Amniotic Fluid (Oligohydramnios) Level for Pregnant Woman

(This particular info was not given by Uni5, but I am sharing so that it will help others).

  I would like to share one of my experience here during my wife's second delivery. Till 7 months there was no problem she had undergone all tests including scanning . But suddenly on 7th month ,one day when we checked, the Gynecologist doctor told amniotic fluid was very low it's little bit serious and he told she have to admit in the hospital but can do one thing before that.. He advised to  take a lot of tender coconut thinking it is more hygienic than tap water and  he told we can wait for few more days and will check. We have lot of coconut at home so that doctor told to  use as much as tender coconut as we can so that we tried 8 to 10 tender coconut per day. For two weeks she took that itself as food. After one week when we went and checked after scan doctor told it was just a miracle .All the doctors was amazed and they told to continue  the same. After two weeks the amniotic fluid have come to the original level. The doctor was amazed to see that the cure was dramatic and very much surprised to see the wonderful power of coconut water.

 She had  normal delivery without any complications.

 I recommend for Pregnant women with low amniotic fluid level can try this remedy which really works.

 PS:- Don't have tender coconut water when there is cold, fever and other health complications. After sunset don't have tender coconut water.

I am writing this  to create awareness to public and sharing this testimonial here because we were following Uni5 principles without knowing it. 

 Jayadeepkumar (Real Name), kannur, Kerala, August 2020   

 Sore Nipples

Hi everyone,

This is indhu from chennai who is a mother of one month old. Due to breastfeeding, milk duct formed in my left breast and the pain was unbearable. I suffered with this pain for four days. Then contacted uni5 and as they suggested massaged warm good quality castor oil on the breast and gave hot fomentation. Pain was relieved immediately and the milk duct is also cured..I recommend mothers to follow this very simple and effective home remedy which works ..

 Indhu Arunagiri( Real name) Chennai.2020


Sticky and hard stools

My 6 month old boy has problem in passing stools. He used to strain a lot  while passing.,and the stool was very sticky! He was passing once in 4- 5 days..

 As per the guidance from Uni5 Sakthi Foundation, we followed all the suggested five  levels of Uni5 :- castor oil, probiotics like fermented red rice water ( 1 spoon) , good quality butter milk, water frequently, dry grape juice for the baby..

 Vendaya kanji (Fenugreek Porridge/ வெந்தய கஞ்சி) for mother 

 And we started noticing good improvements. Baby’s bowel  pattern got reduced down to 3 days and then further down to 2 days and further to once a day gradually and the baby is not at all straining now a days and baby's bowel movement got regular..

 Thanks to Uni5 group  and  Sakthi foundation :pray:

Sree, Chennai (Not Real Name) 26 July2020

 Bugbite/poison plant skin allergy Cure

My son is 6 years old and we are a Uni5  following family so I always do regular castor cleansing for my son and he also eat a whole food diet where he eats a lot of vegetables fruits and whole grains and he does water therapy everyday and he also does breathing exercises and we go out in the Sun every day. 

 Since we were regularly following all 5 levels, For this specific allergy I made a paste of neem turmeric aloe vera coconut oil and salt and I applied this to his wounds everyday three times a day and also internally I made a mix of turmeric pepper and honey and he had this three times a day to fight inflammation and this really helped us to heal this faster. 

The bugbite/poison plant skin allergy was cleared up in 10 days. 

Thank you Sakthi Foundation for the guidance. 

Nithya, USA. 17July2020.

Hairy caterpillar Poison and skin itching

Hi, I had an infection due to the hairy caterpillar from drumstick tree, my fingers got swollen and too much of itching sensation. As guided by UNI5, I had applied castor oil along with garlic, turmeric, Aloe Vera pulp, pepper & Neem oil (all together in a bowl & heated) and applied the warm oil on my fingers. The next day, it was a magic of sorts where in no swelling on my fingers & 0% itching. Really thankful to UNI5 guidance which cured  the infection overnight without depending on allergic chemicals and no side-effects. Om Namasivaya :

 Thilaka, Chennai July2020.

Tooth problem Cured

Hi, due to severe tooth decay, I had severe tooth pain & continuous sensation. Based on UNI5 suggested medication, I had applied Neem oil & turmeric together for 10days. And also I prayed that I will do charity. It is a wonder that there is NO tooth pain or sensation. Pranams to UNI5 Selfless service to us, deeply indebted to UNI5, Aum Namashivayah :pray:

 Meena, Madurai 2020


Amazing cure of eczema with Periorbital Cellultis.

 I would like to share my experience with Uni5, My 11 years old daughter have eczema since her birth. It was typically appears on the arms and behind the knees. We try to treat her eczema with homeopathic medicine. With homeopathy medication eczema was controlled, but never go away. She was itching like crazy. Can’t sleep at night. 

This spring she developed new symptoms, she got eczema all over her face, under her eye, lips. She was not able to put anything in her face, no cream, no water, no oil. Nothing gives her any comfort. Her face was so tight I can’t even put my hand on her face. She had problems open her mouth as well. 

We took her to dermatologist, allergy specialist, they all recommend steroid cream. We applied steroid only for 5 days to get the situation under control . In the meantime one of my friend told me about Uni5. We follow their recommendations- started with castor oil cleaning. I also applying Castor oil mixture made of neem aloevera turmeric garlic and castor oil as suggested to her 2 or 3 times a day for 7 days continually. Her condition changed rapidly, now her skin is very smooth, no itching, no pain. Thanks Uni5 for your suggestions:pray::pray:.. 

Riya, California.2020


Skin Boils

I am vijaya, 29 old house wife. I was working with a leading airlines they have very strict grooming standards.waxing to be done every fortnight.After 5 years my skin below knees became dull and boils started appearing.Tried all types of medicines. All those treatment gave only a temporary relief.Finally i consulted Uni5. Diagnosed exact reason of bacterial infection due to blood contamination. Took medicines for 2 weeks. Now boils disappeared completely.Now skin is regaining its natural colour.
Thank you Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Vijaya, kerala, May 2020.


Donation, charity and Health :

After learning the fifth level of Uni5, I understood that I need to do rituals as well as donation and charity. It was easy and ok to start and follow rituals. It wasn’t easy to do donation. In one of the talks from Sakthi Foundation, I learnt that pray to Vishnu to give the mind to donate. It helped me. I prayed sincerely to Vishnu to give the mind set. Initially whenever there was a health issue, I will provide the doctor fee as donation. Then slowly I sense a low in energy at home like relationships or stress etc I will do a donation immediately. Then 10 percent of my income or assets bought was also done.

Initially I started doing because I was told we have to do. But when days moved on, I don’t know how I got into the mode of donate when I feel like I have to give to needy.

It has become a habit now for me to donate immediately whenever l sense a low energy situation. Donate immediately when I see someone suffers or need money. It’s like live in dharma - I will think if I was in that position what I will do. Then do that to help them.

No more calculations. Everything is given by God to me. I have to return when God wants me to do through someone.

Thanks to Sakthi Foundation in helping me and my family to evolve and connect strongly to Spiritual life. :pray:🏽

Sunanda New Mexico USA May 2020

Finger cut cure 

My finger got deep cut from food processor and I had put turmeric immediately. Applying aloe Vera helped eased the pain and I felt like healing started immediately. I had put bandage on the wound to tie aloe Vera on top of turmeric . The turmeric got dried up and the bandage got stuck in the wound. It was very difficult to pick the threads that was stuck on turmeric and little bit of fluid started oozing out. Cleaned the finger by dipping in warm salt water and the turmeric and threads from bandage came out. Yet to clean the little more turmeric on the cut and apply aloe Vera paste. Thanks UNI5.

Kannathaal Connecticut, USA 11th May 2020

Bulged Nerve Pinch

Due to heavy weight lifting, our friend's thigh nerve got swollen and the nerve became visible and thick and the pain was unbearable. Things followed by her to cure the health condition

Heat half glass of water and once the water became hot, turn off the stove. Keep 5 cluster beans in the hot water for 30 seconds and grind it with half betel leaves and half tomato. This juice should be taken for three days continuously and after drinking this juice for two hours nothing should be taken. This remedy is suggested by healer akhila madam.

Ganesha yoga, breathing exercises.

Externally, apply veins oil from shop awareness three to four times a day and massage it for someime..

After following the above suggestions with in 3 days swollen nerve got cured and surprisingly there was no pain at all and bulged nerves became normal. Thanks for the suggestions and thanks to uni5 shakthi foundation and shop awareness..
Pongalur Gomathi, April 22 2020, India



Hi- My name is Lakshmi. I wanted to post a testimonial for pcos problem. Please post this in uni5 website too.

I have PCOS ever since my college days and have been taking medicines for several years but no effective result, so i stopped the treatment. I never get my menstural cycle untill it is induced by medication (progesterone). If I dont take medicine I have been without menses more than a year too. After my baby delivery started facing complications like chest pain, anxiety bcoz of irregular menses. I heard about Uni5 through my close friend. So I went through the website and treatments mentioned, it was promising and hopeful. For the very first time I tried castor oil cleansing. To be frank, I was totally collapsed after the intake of castor oil as per instructions. Had severe stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, couldn’t eat or smell the whole day and completely at bed. But shockingly I got my periods for the very first time in my life without any medication. Later I came to the conclusion that the pain I suffered on the day of cleansing was bcoz of clearing my aged eggs (neer katti in stomach bcoz of PCOS).

It really did wonder in my life and gave me hope I can come out of PCOS sooner or later. That severe pain occurred only on the first time of cleansing and after that I have done castor oil cleansing multiple times without any struggles and with positive result. Castor oil cleansing helped to loose weight and there was also significant improvement in my skin texture. I have recommended uni5 to my sisters and friends as well. My next goal is to attempt Panchaboota healing. Thank you Uni5 :pray:

Lakshmi (Real-Name) Chennai, April 2020 

Acid reflux and Acidity problems

Hello All,

This my humble gratitude note to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.
I was suffering from acid reflux and acidity problems for quite long time around a year and have tried many medicines but none of them gave me relief. With gods grace, I got to know about uni5 and started following suggestions shared by Uni5 team.
Below are lifestyle changes I did
1. Fresh juices in empty stomach as suggested in Uni5 website 2. Fermented red rice and Bajra for breakfast  
3. Pranayama
4. Yoga
5. Charity
6. Water therapy
I am feeling a huge difference in my acidity levels and day by day it is coming down. I was in a stage where I had heartburn almost throughout day and now after following uni5 recommendations I rarely have it and I could feel my body is getting healed. I now have 100% confidence that when I finish this course of treatment, I will be all fine. Special mention to Uni5 team for responding to all our queries and even my wife getting recovered from allergy problems. So thankful to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for their great service.
Manikandan, Tamil Nadu April 2020.

Skin Itching and Allergy

My friend developed allergy kind of small bumps all over her legs and thighs which was very itchy. Even blood came due to heavy itching and the summer heat worsened the condition. For this skin condition Uni5 Sakthi Foundation suggested to make a paste out of neem leaves, turmeric, aloevera and garlic and suggested to apply this paste on the skin three to four times a day. Patient made the paste everyday fresh and applied it on the skin four times a day. Surprisingly, after two days of applying this paste, there was no itching and with in a week, allergy on skin got cured completely. Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for the suggestions.

Pongalur Gomathi, April 22 2020, India

Lacunar Infarct with Gliosis

My name is Prasanth. My mom has been taking medicine for BP since 10 years. She used to take religiously the high bp medications. In-between twice stroke came and was devastating. Medicines have been taken according to doctors advice. Inspire of that Again stroke came last year. She suffered from severe memory loss  and unbearable severe headache came.That time my mom cried and made huge noises and used to  run outside the house. It was unbearable for the whole family to witness this. Later she lost her voice also. We went to medical college for treatment and they told brain shrinking occured. MRI scans revealed she has lacunar infarct with gliosis. They told there is no medicine in allopathy to bring her back to normal life. They also could not treat her headache. Even pain medication had no effect. She was given vitamin supplements and some medications. Nothing worked and sometimes her cry was unbearable for us .

Then we came to know about Uni5 sakthi foundation. I was told that these conditions occurs due to five factors and can be treated with five factors. I was suggested to apply Ayurvedic medicines like Rasanadhi podi and told to put in forehead. We noticed the change after that. Also tell  to drink  Triphala choornam in half glass hot water, boiling keezharnelli in organic cold pressed coconut oil and put in head, panchagavya, medicines to take Nasya twice in a day and water therapy .  Nasya is a medicated ghee made specially from native cows ghee. We got these medicines from local Vaidyar  that was recommended by Uni5 and Brahmi Lehiyam from . Also told to light lamp morning and evening to connect to God for increasing SAL energy which we have depleted in life.  We completely avoided non veg foods once we started medicines. 

The medicines they suggested started working when we took it for just 1 month. My mom got her voice back and tiredness gone and shes now back to normal life now. Thanks to uni5 sakthi foundation.... it is amazing my mom who is just Only 49 years old is doing well now. after following Uni5 health Tips

Prasanth, Kodungallur, Kerala, 20/04/2020


Hi- My name is Lakshmi. I wanted to post a testimonial for pcos problem. Please post this in uni5 website too. I have PCOS ever since my college days and have been taking medicines for several years but no effective result, so i stopped the treatment. I never get my menstural cycle untill it is induced by medication (progesterone). If I dont take medicine I have been without menses more than a year too. After my baby delivery started facing complications like chest pain, anxiety bcoz of irregular menses. I heard about Uni5 through my close friend GajaLakshmi. So I went through the website and treatments mentioned, it was promising and hopeful. For the very first time I tried castor oil cleansing. To be frank, I was totally collapsed after the intake of castor oil as per instructions. Had severe stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, couldn’t eat or smell the whole day and completely at bed. But shockingly I got my periods for the very first time in my life without any medication. Later I came to the conclusion that the pain I suffered on the day of cleansing was bcoz of clearing my aged eggs (neer katti in stomach bcoz of PCOS). It really did wonder in my life and gave me hope I can come out of PCOS sooner or later. That severe pain occurred only on the first time of cleansing and after that I have done castor oil cleansing multiple times without any struggles and with positive result. Castor oil cleansing helped to loose weight and there was also significant improvement in my skin texture. I have recommended uni5 to my sisters and friends as well. My next goal is to attempt Panchaboota healing. Thank you Uni5 :pray:

Lakshmi, Chennai, April 2020

Change of Confused Mind

Hello Sir. I wanted to inform you regarding my cousin sister if you remember who was in love with a boy who was not good and adamant to get out of that relationship. Everyone new he was bad in character.  But my sister did not listen. No amount of advice or counseling helped her . Last year in May we contacted Guruji and he had informed us to do energy rituals. Her Mom did all the rituals and this year February my sister got married  wholeheartedly with another boy whom the elders in family had proposed. No body forced her and she got married happily to him. We were so surprised to see that change in her. 

My Aunt did Ganapati Homa everyday at home , lamp lighting, Neelanjanam and Chanting Om namah shivaya. These 4 was done everyday till she got married. There were few other things which Guruji had told but she was able to do only these since she had limited resources.

Thank you very much for the guidence and to Guruji as well. UNI5 is a blessing for all of us:

Radha Ramani, Hyderabad, April 2020

Frequent Cold, Fever and Magic of Castor oil

I would like to share u all the magic of castor oil cleansing...which I think will be very beneficial to those parents who have small babies..I was continuously doing castor oil cleansing for my baby from his 6th month onwards(before that

I don't know about this)..I started coz he got some other disease...but from that day onwards he has no cold,no fever, no difficulties due to he is 1 month shy of 2 yr.... I continued to give him daily (6drops in 6th month,7 drops in that)...till he is 1 yr 3 months...after that I gave him like twice or thrice a week...

1 month before I have to stop temporarily due to some other reasons ( but will start asap) so that started experiencing cold and difficulties due to phlegm.. 
Just want to share this to all so that someone might be very useful...

Rekha Menon , Kerala, Feb 2020

Fermented Rice Shallots and Common Cold

My personal experience I took raw shallot with fermented rice it actually cures cold for me. If it is for kids I just blend raw shallot (just 1 to 2 pcs works like wonders) with fermented rice then I give them since they may not like that crunchy shallot.

Gajalakshmi- Jan 2020- Chennai- India.

Bleeding and Oozing Eczema Cured



Namaste all...I would like to share my experience with uni5?...My younger son was diagnosed with Eczema when he was 6 months. He is a c-section baby. We did not want to give allopathic medicines anyway and So went to India with the kid and started homeopathy. But from the 7th month I started to follow the uni5 method along with homeo. Daily castor oil cleansing ( as he is 7 months, started with 7 drops) ..after that fermented rice water a few drops...continuously done without any compromise..even not missing a 9 months started to give fermented rice also along with water...I was scared to give him milk, curd ,all dairy products...looking his legs it was terrible.. mostly it was on his calf muscles...most of the days blood come out...I started using coconut oil organic during bath from 10th month( before I didn't ...coz homeo doc suggested not to put any oil?)..after bath I put jojoba oil...and in between, if itching is worse I used aloe vera coconut milk mix. I applied in that area of my baby..which I think is very effective...Almost 6-8 months ( from his 6th month onwards) he didn't sleep in bed at night. halftime in my hands and later half in my husband's arms. coz itching is worse at night ..if I put him in bed..he will end up in crying...But I trusted uni5???...Done lamp lighting(5 wick s in the morning and 2 wicks evening),neelanjanam and also charity...???... I continued castor oil cleansing and fermented rice etc...but I stopped homeo when he is 1 year...slowly I started to give him my was ok for him...after sometime introduced curd..was also ok..his body can tolerate?...then gave him milk...Now he is 1 year 7 months. I was waiting to check how his body will b in winter for writing a second testimonial...I don't know how to thank uni5..really I mean it..almost 95% is cured now...I can clearly understand coz my neighbor kid having the same disease but not following uni5...has her skin totally itching and blisters in this winter. I believe he will be100% ok soon...Such a cure from uni5 ...clearly understood the importance of our gut...I don't know how to thank Uni5 for guiding me through my hard times...many others..???Will post pics of my baby before and after following uni5...thinking this will be helpful to many to trust uni5 Pancha Bhoota Method. 

Om namah shivaya?

Divya (Real Name). Qatar 11 January 2020

Long Term Multiple Varicocose Veins Cured

Hi Uni5 Sakthi Foundation,

My Mother who is about 59 years old is suffering from varicose veins for the last 30 years. She works a lot and also had dust allergy. She was on and off on the medication both Allopathy and Sidda. But she never or hardly complained any pain on the leg or Varicose vein. (one of her legs have been already operated and removed the Varicose Vein before 30 years)

All of a sudden she got a wound right above the ankle. It was so small but she felt some pain. She suggested to visit a doctor, but I suggested a naturopathy, which went for about 6 months. The result appeared positive for the first 3 weeks, but then it got stagnant and she developed another wound on the foot.

Finally arrived to Allopathy where they said it cannot be cured, an operation is the only way out. Doctor said we can operate only after we cure the wound which was very deep at that time.

We hardly had 15 days left for very likely operation, We decided to start following the Uni5 model very strictly and if we see any sign of improvement we planned to postpone the operation, Thankfully with the guidance of Uni5 (who was very prompt and was into the problem to give suggestion) My mother now gained 100% confidence that she will escape operation. In addition to Uni5 my mother also did some very simple exercise 3 times a day, please see (

We planned in such a way that we will start Uni5 and follow it strictly, while we keep operation plan on the table, if we see any sign of improvement we will keep postponing the operation. It worked and she is more confident now and convinced that it will cure and no operation would be required.
1. All 5 suggested by Uni5.
2. Narthanga Ooruga,
3. Varicose oil in from Shopawaness (after breakfast)
4. Varicose cream out from Shopawarness (apply on veins & ulcer wound)
5. Exercise. (YouTube link)
6. Thripala.
7. Now need to take Nalam oil as sometimes it’s too itchy and she scratches and further damages the outer skin

 Dinesh *real Name Jan 2020

Eating Disorder Cured with treatment along with Rituals

Hi Uni5 Sakthi Foundation,

I contacted you many years back regarding a very peculiar eating disorder of my child. Doctors in the USA could not treat it because they have no clue why this happens. I contacted you and discussed with you and you gave some suggestions including Energy rituals. My logic was challenged with your suggestions because, for a disease, treatment is important and not rituals. I found it was irrational to do rituals for disease treatment because there is no scientific connection with disease and rituals. Moreover, I am was not a God believer and did not want to do it and it made no sense. Therefore I continued to rely on more and treatments. At one point we were doing many therapies for my child, including homeopathy medicines not excluding countless other medical exams as well. We even went to chiropractors and finally reached a dead end as no treatment was giving us hope and no improvement in my child.

I could not stand my child suffering by not able to eat anything. Being helpless with my child, I decided to try what you suggested. Amazingly, when we started the rituals, lighting lamp every day in a particular manner there were some changes. Along with that, we happened to go to India then and our parents asked us to visit lots of temples. After that when we came back to the USA, everything started to fall into place: from insurance to doctors to therapists. The surprising aspect was that she started to respond to the treatments.

The key point is that the treatments were given to her from 6 months of age, but the response came only after a while when we started doing the energy rituals. After we increased the Energy through rituals, the child got cured at 5 years of age. Now my child is grown up and doing fine. But I am contacting you again to get the answer to my question “How do we continue this positive energy flow (Bhagya Sakthi or luck Energy that you call) to prevent future issues?”.

I am not a god believer or energy believer, but life made me one now. I am still skeptic but now starting to understand and my misconceptions are cleared through your site. I understand that what you say is not based on any religious grounds, but pure Awareness.

Thank you Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for bringing a change in our lives.

Prema Latha, Hyderabad (not real name), Nov 7, 2019

Kidney stones cured without any treatment

Hello All, I like to share my experience with UNI5 with you. On an early morning, everything started well. The worst part happened after using the restroom, severe pain in the right lower stomach started. Believe me, that was a non-tolerable pain, I started screaming like a baby with a pillow in my mouth. I told Devi that the pain was not tolerable and don’t give this pain to anybody even to my enemy. I was afraid that it may be an appendix, required urgent surgery. I ran to the nearest hospital driving my own vehicle screaming and vomiting all the way, even I vomited the water I drank. The vomit is induced by non-tolerable pain. In the hospital, I was diagnosed with a kidney stone. I thanked God Devi as it wasn’t an appendix (Intestine valve problem). They gave me some medicines and discharged me but the severe pain was there for 5 days, not able to eat anything at all. I prayed Goddess Devi that if I am cured without surgery, I will give the entire surgery amount to the charity as UNI5 often says while doing any treatment.

For the next day the pain continued, so I planned for surgery in my hometown. I paid the surgery bill of 33000 and I asked Devi again and I smiled in my mind like (She never existed at all). The pain was worst while I am going to the ATM to collect the payment. I was ready for the surgery, the surgery room was upstairs, in the first step I felt the pain as I was nearer to the doctor the pain was gone, big relief. I checked by just bending my upper body touching my toe. I can’t bend my body for the past 7 days, now I can. I told the doctor that the pain was gone, he said it will come back but at that time I know its Goddess Devi’s play to understand the truth in life. Just ran out of the hospital collecting the fees paid. Next day we took the scan for the recheck up and there was no stone at all. Happily, given the money as the charity for the needy. The lesson is don’t loose the trust in you and the ultimate Shakthi. Just hold on with her, your prayers will not go unanswered may be little bit late.

But I understood the highest lesson that just only by doing prayers, things will not move on our side. We need to bring awareness and actions on 5 levels of Energy Shakthi’s to get a cured of a disease. Keep it in mind that we will get more energy on helping others (Dhana and Dharma). Nandri.

Selva-Bharathi Coimbatore, India 20 Oct 2019

Belly Button Infection in baby cured

Hi everyone
Very happy to share glad news.
I'm 34 yrs old lady. My first pregnancy was possible only through medications and IUI and that too after many failures in the first 5 years of married life. I had severe nausea and other medical complications throughout the pregnancy and did not enjoy the process at all. I decided to have my second child through natural conception only. We tried for 1 year and I didn't get conceive. After that I came to know about uni5 sakthi from my sister. So I thought of following uni5 methods. I followed uni5 methods for 4 months. (first castor oil ..aloe vera, water therapy, fruit juices, leaf chutney then daily yoga, pranayama, rituals like 5 wick lamp, chantings etc). I did all these for 4 months . Then when we tried for pregnancy, surprisingly the very next month I got conceived. Now I'm 5th-month carrying.

I dont have morning sickness or any health issues like my first pregnancy. I am enjoying the process. 
No words to say about uni5 methods. Really we are very thankful to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Once again thank you for uni5.

Nirmala Varun Boston March 18 2019

 Autism Improvement

 My son was diagnosed as Autistic and he is 4 years old now. I thought holistic health would be good and did many things suggested in internet. I understood that holistic is also at different levels when I came across Uni5. Since then I started following and like to share my uni5 experience with my son and his challenges. Following uni5 since December 2018.

Earth - whole clean organic foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, fermented rice everyday. No food from outside.

Water- water therapy every day and castor oil cleaning once a month

Fire- lots of playing, fun, running jumping, outside time, family time, Super Brain Yoga (etham iddal )

Air-breathing exercise, chanting AUM Namah Shivaya, oil massage from head to toe including ears everyday, scrubbing body with inja/ramacham, reading good stories during bedtime. Listening to spiritual songs.

Space- connecting to god everyday, all guruji rituals to increase luck energy.

With all the above, my son is doing very well, thriving, more awareness, playing more with us, connecting to God, and is a very happy kid enjoying his life and is HEALTHY. He looks more focused on activities than before and also interacts social better than before. Even in a short duration, I see these changes and positively feel more changes will happen with this holistic approach at all levels that will bring success.

Nirmala Varun Boston March 18 2019

Belly Button Infection in baby cured

 I wish to start with a thank you so much to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation. My baby had a belly button infection on his 34th day. We were surprised how could a Maruti baby gets an infection in the belly. He got swelling 1st day and next day pus came out. When we consulted the doctor, he scared us with words like “if this is not cured with antibiotics and ointment, should visit a surgeon and get operated”. I was not ready to give antibiotics to my little baby.

So I requested Uni5 Sakthi Foundation to provide any home remedy...I was suggested to apply neem-leaves+castor oil+ turmeric + aloe-vera mixture. I did it for 3 to 4 days and it got cured. During those scared days, I was not able to realize the cause of this infection. Later when the baby got totally fine, I was able to realize this infection happened because of the grandma pressing the belly button during his bath time. We were not aware that Maruti babies not needed any pressing on their belly to go inwards.  I asked Grandma to stop giving a bath to my baby. However, Uni5 corrected me that the massage by grandma is good, except the belly button pressing for Marutti babies. Thanks a lot, sir...The positive way you spoke and gave the remedies, that really gave me positive energy when I was down. Thank u so much USF.

Hema Karthikeyan, India 10th Feb 2019. 

Vocal cords nodules and swelling problem Cured

My daughter recites holy verses loudly every day. Recently her voice started fading away and the doctor said it is due to strain in the vocal cords nodules and swelling and nothing could be done other than stopping the recitation. So I sought Uni5 Sakthi Foundation because their previous recommendations had helped me and many of my friends. I was suggested to do Uni5 five elements along with herbs and diet. Within a few months 60% she got alright and also does her recitations. Thanks a lot, Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.  

Jamal Akbar, India,  Jan 2019

Liver Problem, Cured

Vannakam Uni5 Sakthi Foundation, 

Your advice helped us a lot.  My daughter's liver issue was a really simple problem but no doctors had a solution. Ur advice lighted us on the right path. We have Triphala, fermented red-rice , jaggery sugar and the simple liver boosting herbs. We also did energy-generating rituals like  neelanjanam and did charity donations and also annadhanam.  It is like a miracle and helped us to find the solutions in a simple lifestyle change. Whenever I stopped charity donations I see our family gets one after other health issues. 
Ur service is really great 
Vallga vallumdan sir  
Chandra, India,  Dec 2018

Baby Peaceful Flight Travel

I would like to share my recent experience with my 3-month-old baby. We traveled from San Diego to Bangalore by changing 3 flights and we hardly had any time between the connecting flights so I was literally running with my baby. After the long journey when I landed in Bangalore the immigration officer checked the baby's passport and asked me with a rough tone did you bring a 3-month-old baby in flight..did she not cry. I told him she was absolutely calm and relaxed throughout the journey. He was surprised listening to this. Then I explained to him that I prepared the baby for the journey for 2 weeks as suggested by Uni5. Another officer also was listening to this conversation and they started talking among themselves that they need to try this method. I was very happy that we were benefited and we could spread the word to others. Thank you very much to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Shilpa, USA Dec 2018 

Fertility Amazing Effect

I am very upset with Uni5 sakthi foundation. For the past three years I was happy that my menstruation has stopped. Recently I ate sesame seeds from shopawareness and was shocked to see mucous secretion and menstrual bleeding. Though I am personally angry, I am amazed at the potency of the high polyphenolic effect of the shopawareness sesame-jaggery balls. I think this is a huge blessing for infertility women and teenage girls who have delayed menstruaion and poor mucus secretion. Good mucus secretion is an indication of good egg formation and healthy ovary. I had painless bleeding which is again a boon for women. I understand that sesamol in sesame prevents cancer also. Thanks to shopawareness,com and sakthi foundation in bringing health awareness
Premkumari USA Dec 2018 (33026- DEC 5-2018_

Sugar levels normal  

This is the report of my 79-year-old diabetic husband, who for the past 30 years was on diabetic medicines. Slowly he had to take insulin, almost 25 units of insulin every day. His kidney function tests were also not great. Over time he lost his memory and started pooping and peeing in bed and had to use diapers. He also stopped talking and start to live like a vegetable. From June 2018, inspired by Uni5 Sakthi Foundation testimonials, I started to give him 15 ml of panchagavya, Brahmi lehiyam, moringa leaves soups and green leaves soup every day, turmeric and pepper every day, gave him a lot of fruits, gave him red-rice, ragi and molasses, and jaggery, gave him freshly squeezed lemon juice. I stopped all white rice, white sugar and got all organic products and also products from I used sesame oil and coconut oil cold pressed for cooking. Took to ayurvedic center for medicated oil massages. However, there was no substantial improvement noticed in him. I did some charity donations as recommended as part of the five elements Pancha Bhoota Therapy.

Last week he behaved very abnormally and was admitted in ICU. The doctors found that the sugar levels were very very low (almost 40). He was given IV glucose drips. After that the doctor who was treating him for more than 12 years, was amazed. He was really surprised and asked them what did you give him since all his parameters are looking normal even like a perfectly healthy person. He said all sugar tablets including insulin has to be stopped and observed for two weeks and then we will decide whether he needs sugar medications for future. But he said this is amazing and he cannot believe that his reports are showing everything normal. Coming back home, without any sugar medications and insulin, I see amazing change in my husband, he started talking well, his words became clear, he stopped using diapers and uses toilet on his own. I thank Uni5 Sakthi Foundation to make me realize that there is still hope to get rid of diabetic medications by following all the right five elements. I understand that may be in these 6 months we could not see improvement because his brain was not getting enough sugar due to medications. The moment it was stopped, he is returning to normal like the way he used to be several years back. I will keep updated of his improvement with heartful thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Vanaja Kerala. Dec  2018

Pimples Cured - Medical Doctor

I am 23 years old, a medical doctor. .i was suffering from acne problem since years. I tried all skin creams,  almost every ayurvedic tips in order to remove pimples but all these tips didn't actually work out. My mother an ardent follower of Uni5 Sakthi Foundation would constantly ask me to do castor oil cleansing for liver health. Being a medical doctor I cannot accept what she says. However 3 weeks back, under force and by curiosity to give a try, I did Nalam Castor oil cleansing from It was easy to do and no smell and burp, than  I expected.  But even though I tried once and it was unbelievable that I saw the changes on my face. Then I repeated this castor oil cleansing twice with a gap of one week. And am very happy now because finally I got rid of pimples now. It is a shock for me to see a miraculous change in my skin. My skin also showed a huge difference in clearness. Not only pimples by my quality of menstruation also were different. I do see many changes in my body. I would like to share my experience with all others who are suffering from acne problem so that it will be very helpful to them also. I really thank Uni5 Sakthi Foundation giving me an alternative thinking that these traditional practices do have an effect and cannot ignore it. 

Nayana Kerala. Nov  2018

Teenage Girl  Menstrual problem

My 14 year old daughter who has attained puberty recently also experience thyroid and white discharge issues. She was able to get bleeding for the first day & stopped unknowingly. But after giving shop awareness - Sakthi Bhoomi's organic Black Sesame seeds along with palm jaggery, her mensuration became normal. She also experiences no pain, unlike her friends who suffer from cramping pain in the bleeding time. She prefers to take Sesame seeds for strengthening the Uterus & timely menstrual cycle because she understands that if girls take care of this in teenage, then future gynecological problems can be avoided by taking right care now. Thanks very much to & Sakthi Bhoomi for the best black sesame seeds. 

 Ramya Madurai. Oct 2018

White Discharge and Fertility
I am trying to get conceived for the past 6months. For a woman, the white cervical mucus discharge is an indication of a healthy uterus. I used to spot cervical mucus promptly every month, but for the past several months for some unknown reasons, there was no white discharge. Through Uni5 recommendation, I started to use organic black Sesame seeds with jaggery but nothing significant happened. However, from the last month onwards I started to use the high antioxidant-rich black sesame seeds (Sakthi Bhoomi brand) and jaggery from . To my surprise, I observed the cervical mucus and understand it is the sign of fertility. Honestly, I felt happy & got relieved out of unnecessary stress. Thanks again to UNI5, Shopawareness & Sakthi Bhoomi for providing a wonderful medicine i.e. Black Sesame seeds.

Karpagavalli, Chennai. Oct 2018

Amazing Journey of curing Eczema

 My baby was born in USA through normal delivery. She is genetically prone to dry skin because some of her family members have this trait. When she was about 4 months old, acnes started to appear on her face . we thought its normal baby acne and will go in a few days or week. It soon  turned into white patches. She only Ezce octo 18 2had them on face except a small acne kind of on her left elbow. Our doctor asked to wait for 2 weeks before confirming its eczema. In 2 weeks time, it started to spread on hands and legs. But the patches on the face started to fade away.

Doctor confirmed its eczema. And it started to flare up fast. Her skin turned very dry , cracked, scaly and even started oozing. She would itch “very  very” badly and cry and wouldn’t sleep through the night. If she scratches , her skin would peel and fall off everywhere. She was always fully dressed in footed pajamas to prevent scratching.

Doctor suggested Steroid creams for itching and to reduce inflammation. But we used none.  we only applied organic coconut and sesame oil regularly but it didn’t help much. She also had dairy sensitivity . she could take ghee at 6 months but not any other dairy products. If she tastes yogurt, she will get rashes on her face immediately and her face would itch very badly. Her eczema had gone worse than the picture.

After learning about UNI5 (Panchabhootha therapy) around her 6 months, I started giving her 6 drops of organic castor oil in breastmilk first thing in the morning and continue feeding . After a while a tsp of fermented rice water (made from organic red rice mostly). Like everyone, in the beginning,  I was not consistent initially but once I gave her regularly, I started seeing some improvement . The inflammation started to reduce.

I like to be frank that like most of the people, I thought how can my child’s eczema be cured by these five things to be followed instead of taking prescribed medicines or herbs.

I was listening to the Uni5 five aspects therapy in the telegram group and I found that most of the things was very common. So I thought of taking a trial on trying to include other elements. So after a few months, I started to light lamp in the evening with 2 wicks as mentioned in uni5 and do my “Energy” prayers for her eczema, her skin started to improve a bit more. Then after a few months I started doing the full lamp rituals of doing lamp lighting twice a day with 5 wicks in the morning and evening.  I was amazed to see some more improvement in her skin. This is beyond  my logical understanding, how lamp lighting can improve my child’s skin conditions.

I also started her on some classical homeopathy medicines along with the above to speed up the process. About 6 months later , almost 90% of eczema got cured. She started to sleep better . she was able to tolerate yogurt but not milk. If she takes milk (goat or cow), her tongue would immediately itch badly and would get rashes around the mouth and face. It also felt like the healing had stopped and waiting for something else. It seemed that  homeo medicines too had reached its limitation.

Only then we actively did the other levels of UNI5. We started to charity and donations regularly. We provided food donations (annadanam) in her name , did kuladeiva (Family lineage Energy representation) worship sincerely. Every month we also  gave Pitru Tharpanam (Energy donation to ancestors) . We also made her feed  grass and food to Milking cows regularly.

Then came my surprise day. Few days after giving Tharpanam, I offered her a small amount of goat milk and to my surprise , she drank it just like that with no symptom of sensitivity or allergy. Then on she continues to take milk twice a day  just like any other kid.

Its amazing to understand how Bhagya Sakthi (Luck Energy) works and how doing all 5 aspects of UNI5 is very important in improving any situation. I feel like I unnecessarily wasted more than a year to get into all 5 levels.  I also realize that if we had started working on all 5 levels from the beginning , she could have been healed rather faster. At the same time, I witnessed how much every single level of UNI5 made a difference in the healing process.

I understand that taking any medicines whether allopathic, Ayurveda, siddha or homeopathy or Chinese medicine, the Luck Energy for health if generated side by side, healing would be faster.

We are very very grateful for the knowledge and guidance  from UNI5 Sakthi Foundation and Guruji Sree Jayachandra Raj (Panchatheertha Adi Parasakthi Devasthanam) for guiding the energy rituals to be done.  

Sumathi Gangadhar, Texas USA   Oct 2018

Allergy skin cured: My skin rashes got cured by applying castor oil herbs on the allergy rashes. Now it is totally gone now neckallergy2018amazingly. Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation

Sudha, Mumbai. Sep 2018 (30418-6th sep)

Rashes cured: My 4 month baby got skin rashes.  I applied castor oil heated with neem leaves, aloe vera

rash aug 2018s

and turmeric ( on the rashes. He is totally cured now and scar also vanishing amazingly. Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation

Bhavani (Real Name) Aug 2018

Fungus in Thigh

fungus thighMy teenage son last month got fungus in thigh region and had severe itching and pain. I just followed the simple remedy given by Uni5 Sakthi foundation and he saw immediate relief and also complete cure within few weeks, without use of any harmful antibiotics.  Thanks

Sumitra, Tamil Nadu July 2018

Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery:

I would like to share my Uni5 Selftual pregnancy experience. First of all my sincere thanks to Uni5 members for the continuous guidance, support and wishes throughout my pregnancy, which gave me great strength to follow everything naturally with no medications and supplements. “Uni5 Pregnancy and care” link in our website was like ‘Bhagavat Gita’ to me, everyday I would go through it and will find something new in it.

We were blessed and lucky to become part of Sakthi Foundation in Aug 2016. We followed the natural Pancha Bootha healing techniques for a healthy living. Within 6 months we experienced great results. We did water therapy daily, Castor oil cleaning changed food habits(turned into vegetarian) and cooking methods to uni5 way, did Yoga and breathing exercise almost every day, Pitru Pooja and donations before the start of pregnancy.
I got pregnant in Aug 2017 and it was a divine experience to feel the conception happening within me. I followed certain habits throughout pregnancy. I had morning sickness in the first trimester, but as mentioned in Uni5 site, I did water therapy every single day throughout my pregnancy and vomited and felt a lot better throughout the day and also drank 3 to 4 liters of water every day. I took orange juice, Almonds and Date Juice, sprouts, nuts, dry fruits, cut fresh fruits every day and tried my best to fit into the diet plan mentioned in Uni5 site. I did walking with breath awareness every day for at least 45 minutes. Also every morning I did Breathing exercises and in the night relaxation with music before sleep. I listened to a variety of instrumental music, good songs in many languages, spiritual talks, read good books and always connected with the baby by talking, touching and singing. I also did Lamp lighting and read Vishnu Sahasranamam, Kanda sashti kavasam, Lalitha Sahasranamam, Sundarakandam whenever possible till 8th month.
I would like to mention some of my experiences so that it would be of help to others. During the second month due to a drastic change in the weather, I caught up cold with a very bad sore, scratchy throat. I didn’t want to take any medication and wanted it to cure naturally. But the pain was unbearable, Uni5 members guided me and this is what I followed. Salt water gargling, Kaali exercise, drinking hot water throughout the day at least 4 litres, small onion with honey after food, very little pepper and turmeric, light and easily digestible food, no head wash and no sweets at all. I got cured of it in a week. I caught up cold 2 more times during my pregnancy but those were of short duration and got immediate relief following above steps immediately. I wish I had done castor oil cleansing couple more times before pregnancy to avoid these cold attacks.
During first trimester I couldn’t eat all that I used eat before pregnancy, got an aversion to red/brown/black rice and could eat only fruits and sour food items. So switched to white rice in my first trimester. Mostly took food in the form of idly and dosa with red rice, millets and avoided spicy food.
The second trimester till 7th month is when I felt lot of physical energy and was able to get to my regular eating habits and felt very active and normal. Everybody was surprised and appreciated me for being so positive, active and handling my pregnancy days very well. As the baby was growing during the 8th and 9th month, I had to slow down a bit in carrying out my daily chores. Also felt a little stressed out in the last months, but with uni5 guidance felt a lot better doing all of these - I focused on relaxation, deep breathing, exposed to sunlight, did sunlight meditation, listened to music and did humming sounds like ‘mmmmmmmmmmm’.
Also with every visit to the hospital, there used to be some disturbing results. Uni5 members were very kind and patient to guide us in the right way and that gave us enormous strength.
1. Doctors advised to take supplements for iron, folic acid, calcium and protein especially because I am vegetarian. But since I focused on balanced diet as suggested in Uni5, I dint take any of those artificial supplements.
2. For gestational diabetes check, they gave me a sugary drink with lot of chemicals in it, but I took 50g of sugar in water before the test as per Uni5 guidance.
3. My Hemoglobin dropped from 12 to 10.3 during the 27th week, and got guidance to take 1tsp molasses per day, coriander chutney, ragi, curry leaf powder, moringa leaf powder, 1 orange peel before and after every meal and great results within a month.
4. During the 5th month scan, doctors mentioned about growth of cyst, but Uni5 members said it is very common and usually disappears in few months and that’s what happened.
5. In the 38th week checkup, they said the baby should rotate and line up for easy labor position and asked me to follow miles circuit exercise. I was confused and asked sir and continued walking, ashwini mudra, regular household activities and panchabootha yoga and didn’t worry about the position. I was also talking to the baby to line up to the best position for easy labor and that’s what happened.
On the day of labor, without any pain or discomfort, I dilated 7cms. Only after that, I felt the contractions, and we immediately went to hospital. Within 2 hours, our baby was born healthily and happily in the water listening to Lalitha Sahasranamam and Amme Narayana chanting. We did a lotus birth and the chord fell off in 3 days. The baby was very calm and followed a good sleep pattern from the day he was born. Whenever he is cranky, om chanting or ‘mmmm’ sound or some pleasant music will calm him down. Also talking to the baby really helps.
After the baby was born on the 3rd day, his bilirubin levels was high, we applied sesame oil and exposed to indoor sunlight and it drastically reduced within a day. They recommended strictly vitamin K dosage and other medications, but we somehow managed to avoid all that, due to religious reasons.
The post-delivery care like pathiya sappadu for me, oil massage for the baby, castor oil for baby every day, water drops every day for the baby, oiling ears, exposing to sunlight are all helping us a lot to see the baby grow healthily and happily. He is truly a blessing to our family with great valuable guidance from Sakthi Foundation.
Also this is my second pregnancy and few experiences I had in my first pregnancy like itchiness in skin, swollen legs, darkening of skin with lot of pimples, too much of weight gain, episiotomy and stitches, no breast milk for a week post delivery, I had none of this during this pregnancy and it was possible only because of following Uni5 methods.
We are very grateful to Sakthi foundation for putting our lives in better paths expecting nothing in return.
Lakshmi Sagar, Washington DC July 2018

Heat boils Cured:

I did castor oil cleaning 2 days back using the castor oil from  I had 100ml of oil at 9am everything got cleared and oil started to come out...this is the second time I am taking castor oil. First time when i took castor oil cleaning...i did not have much of satisfaction coz i bought it in a different store and was not sure about quality...and when i drank it the first time the wastage was going till 12.00...but this time i bought it from shopawareness and i could feel the difference.....the wastage got cleared within 3 hours and i felt so fresh after it..

2 weeks back i had heat boils at my anus and was ao painful...i took some amount of castor oil oil and applied it for 4 days continuesly and then it was cured completly.....and also i had muscular pains so i took some amout of garlic and smached it and let it to boil with castor oil for around 1 min and then i applied it on the place where it was paining....after 2 to 3 days i was totaly releaved of the pain....not only that..
Due to heat ,my daughter had boil inside her eyes and she could not open her eyes...i droped 1 drop of castor oil inside her eyes and after 20 mins  she felt very much better....i did this for 3 days daily before going to bed and she was totaly perfect.

Subashri Srikanth, India May 2018

Alcholism Cured:  My husband had been alcoholic more than 10 years. I came through UNI5 only since last year. I and my kids started rituals like Navaratri, Neelanjanam, Ganesha Homa with the sankalpa of relieving my husband from alcoholism. Once I faced health issue as my energy diverted for the sankalpa, I stopped rituals temporarily and wrote a donation amount in a piece of paper for this sankalpa. Then whenever possible, I would think of my husband to be healthy and sometimes include it in my prayers. He stopped consuming alcohol since last month and promised of permanently stopping it. Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation team. UNI5 not only helped in relieving my husband from this habit but has given a great relief to my family and also taught me the energy concept. Appreciate   the  patience of Uni5 Sakthi foundation  in answering questions and giving moral support.
 My heartful thanks   for such a great support. This indeed a big contribution for my family peace and healthy relationship.

Savithri Mahavedan , England, May 2018

 Good health: I am sreya..i am 13 years old..i am homeschooler...and i am learning bharathanatyam in the pattern of gurukulam...i go to clss at 9.00 in the morning and i come for lunch at 2 .00 and i again go back to class at 3.00 and come only at night...i am eating organic and desi food...we use only red rice and other desi varieties of rice..we use only A2 milk....only jaggery and only cold pressed coconut and gingelly oil and only organic and desi varieties of fruits and vegitables for the past 1 year..before i started this i used to have severe head aches evey 2 days once...and also fequently i had stomach ache..after taking water theraphy i feel very healthy and my head ache and stomach ache has stopped...i can feel the difference n energy level after having ths...but we need lot of energy to do even water terapy since most of t days we dont feel like drinking water as soon as we wake up...but when i saw the benifits even though i don like i do it bowels are so follow all these for a healthy happy life. Thank you Uni5 Sakthi Foundation

Shreya, India may 2018

Eye Vision blurred and corrected

Testimonial Suddenly my right eye vision got blurred in May 2018. I went to an eye specialist who checked and told me nothing they could find wrong with my eye. However, my vision was not proper and so contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for help. I was recommended to do Deep breathing exercise and oil bath with organic coconut/sesame oil boiled with small shallot onions. Besides that, I also took vitamin E, did meditation, did Energy rituals like Neelajanam and lamp lighting by reciting Dhanvanthiri mantra. I had gained back my vision slowly and now back to 100% normal vision amazingly within less than few weeks time.

Thanks to the uni5 team for helping with my vision. 27470
Shankar. May 2018, Malaysia. 

Crohns IBD disease Cured  For the past 5 years from 2012 I have been suffering from Crohn's disease, a type of inflammatory, irritable bowel disease (IBD). I went for diagnosis in several hospitals and done multiple tests including endoscopy and colonoscopy as well. For last five years I am on medication with  Azoron Cyloric 125 mg. i was instructed to avoid fibre content food from my diet and also forced to take non-vegetarian food. 
Inspite of these I was having stomach pain and diarrhea regularly. My inflammation index CRP (C-reative protein was at highest around 120.

Last year I got in touch with Uni5 Sakthi Foundation team and was suggested to take “pazham kanji “ rice porridge cooked (fermented rice) over night and eaten with curd early in the morning in empty stomach, and some fresh fruit juices. Along with the diet i was suggested to do meditation and yoga which i was not frankly following regularly, due to my busy schedules. But i strongly believe it can bring big changes in my life.

I feel very comfortable after taking pazhamkanji i follow this diet regularly and i feel better compared to my previous diet. I rarely get diarrhea and stomach pain. MY CRP levels dropped amazing from 120 to 24 and now to 4.5

I strongly recommend the diet plan and treatment instructed by Uni5 group for IBS because it  is very effective, cheap and safe. 

Sridevi, May 2018.

Child Fever Cured  One day my son (3 and half years old) had high fever. Almost 103 and it keeps fluctuating. Friends n relatives surrounding us suggested to give tylenol or go to doc so they will give antibiotic which we were not interested. We went through the uni5 website remedies for child fever. As mentioned we gave turmeric and honey orally. To treat child fever we need to have lot of patience which we learned it. He refused to take due to dominating flavour of turmeric. Somehow we convinced him and he took very little.  Next day also we gave him twice and gave him boiled milk 3 times a day. While boiling the milk i added chopped ginger, little bit of black pepper, turmeric, corriander seed powder and panagal kandu which blended nicely with the milk. This worked like wonders. Third day morning fever completely gone. Apart from this we never forced him to eat anything on the first day. He just asked water. So gave him luke warm water. Next day he started feeling hungry. Then i gave him smashed rasam rice.

Also fever did not reduce in first attempt of giving boiled milk or turmeric with honey. So we waited patiently till body started to respond. In the mean time we played healing mantras and also donated amount to charity.

Thanks to Sakthi and uni5 team.

Lakshmi, May 2018.

Skin Fungus Cured

l contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation in December 2016 for my fungal infection in my skin in my thigs area. I had severe intolerable itching and tried few dermatologists recommended creams which did not help. I followed the suggestion of Uni5 to do first the castor oil cleansing and then eat the "five ingredients Sakthi-allergy food medicine", applied turmeric-neem-aloe-vera mix on the skin. I had amazing recovery within a few weeks and till now I did not get the infection again. I am spreading this simple message of Uni5 method to a lot of my friends for various diseases. Thank you Sakthi team for this wonderful help.

Jameela, Kayal Pattinam, March 2018. 

Warts Cured

warts gone 2018

Dry Cough Cure

Dear all, I just wanted to share the benefits of fomentation on the throat as suggested by Uni5 Sakthi Foundation. My 5 year old son had flu last month and had a terrible dry cough.  I always avoid giving him any cough syrup or other medications, but give him shallots (small onion) and honey and it works. But this time it  didnt help much so then I followed this Uni5-castor-oil fomentation on the throat.  I Smashed one shallot and a garlic pod and then heated  in a small pan with a spoon full of castor oil. When luke warm, it was applied on the throat externally.

After 10 minutes dry fomenting was done as follows. Heat in a dry pan  one table spoon of chick peas (best is to use paddy, other alternatives are black gram mung bean etc). Put them in a cotton cloth and made like a small pouch and then applied the dry heat on the throat.  Reheat now this cloth with bean on the pan and place it again on the throat region.

There was a remarkable difference and also shared it with my friends and yesterday a friend wrote to me how it helped her 3 year old daughter stop her incessant cough and thanked a lot. Thanks again to the uni5 method.

Saroja, Switzerland Jan 2018.

Amazing Cancer Cure

This 40-year-old woman developed cancer (Carcinoma Maxilla) in the face. The tumor was so big that she could not open her right eye. She could not afford financially the modern treatment of undergoing chemo and radiation. The doctors also were not also willing to help her unless her cancer face 2018husband paid for the surgery. Moreover whatever initial treatment they gave her did not decrease the pain but the tumor started growing big.  Her family members and friends thought she would die within a few weeks. Unable to see her suffering, a friend contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation through WhatsApp sending a photo of her asking for help. 

According to Uni5 Pancha Bhoota Therapy which is based on the medicinal knowledge of Siddhars and Rishis, she was asked to do the five elements Pancha Bhoota Therapy - Nourishing (organic heirloom Foods, herbs), Cleansing (Water Therapy, Castor Oil cleansing), Interacting (Yoga Exercise), circulating (Lymphatic by breathing exercise) and Energizing through rituals (Lamp lighting and chanting Mantras which are cosmic sounds that have the same energy frequency that vibrate with the magnetic and electrical vibrations of our cells. The energizing mantras also strengthened her will power. She was also suggested to charity within her limits.

cancer face 2018 2Having no choice, she did Uni5 Pancha Bhootha therapy from Oct 2017 to Dec 2017 (3 months). For the first two months, she was more keen on applying  Aloe vera, turmeric, neem herbal mix on the face. She experienced instant pain relief and a slight decrease in swelling.  Then in December, when she fully commenced all the five steps of the treatment, fluids oozzed out of her face and very rapidly the tumor shrank.  Now her face started getting close to normal. 

 She and her family are so happy and had resumed all normal activities including getting back to work.  This is a proof that Energy pattern based Whoslitic medical treatment approach works!

Approved to use photos without revealing the name and identity of eyes in photos Jan 2018.


My baby  had a severe eczema from 3rd month to till 11th month. His cheeks had cracks which used to ooze out; in his hands he had swelling & in some areas he had a rough dry skin. All this got cured by following Uni5 Sakthi Foundation suggestions, and I thank a lot for their suggestions.
I gave him castor oil, fermented rice, and homemade curd. I applied ground neem leaves,tumeric,aloe Vera on swollen areas, before bath. I give sesame oil or coconut oil massage & give bath in neem water. Sometimes I applied neem throughout body before bath. After bath I always apply organic jojoba oil instead of moisturising cream. 
Once again.
Sumitra. Jan 2018

Hi sir. For my baby eczema..I started with 6 drops of castor oil and increased to 12 drops now as she is 1 year old now. Giving alternative days followed by fermented rice water. Applying coconut oil jojoba castor oil for moisturizing. Also fresh aloe Vera twice a day helping a lot. She is 80 percent good now.all cracking is gone. Skin still dry and itching sometimes because its winter. But whenever I give a break to this process. Its reversing in a week. So I will continue to do it and update once its completely gone. Thank you so much sir for all your guidance and timely help.

Janaki Ram Jan 2018

Vaginal Itching

After I got pregnant, I started getting severe itching in my vagina. I don't want to take antibiotics as doctors suggested because it will harm the child. As Uni5 Sakthi Foundation had suggested for itching, I had applied desi cow curd in the vagina on alternate days, the itching got reduced considerably less. I understand you explained that good and bad microbial balance got restored with this approach. Thanks for your suggestion.

Kamala, Banglore Dec 2017.

I got severe nausea in pregnancy. I started doing water therapy with 1/2 litre. Uni5 suggested to have max 1.5litres in the morning & told me that nausea is natural body's wisdom to throw out toxins to protect the baby. So they asked me to drink 1.5 water and then force vomit in the morning to avoid nausea and also throw out toxins. This technique worked as magic, I could feel the toxins came out as vomit & I felt very light and then no nausea throughout the day. When I vomit, i noticed the cold mucus too comes out. Amazingly my body Itching was also gone. Thanks to Uni5 , water therapy - it works amazingly, thanks a ton again to UNI5.

Pavithra, India, Dec 2017

Pink Eyes and Ear Infection

Hi..I enquired about remedy for pink eye last week .As per Uni5 Sakthi Foundation suggestion I put few drops of breast milk in his eyes and Pink eye is cured. I put gingered oil in his ears and he is fine with ear infection and fever too. I was able to avoid antibiotics by following uni5.Thanks a lot.

Prema India. Dec 28th 2017.

Sakthi Diabetic Mix for 10 years

Dear Sakthi,
Long time since i contact u all. I hereby thank You for ur Sakthi Diabetic Powder that you suggested long back. My husband ,a diabetic patient is consuming this for nearly 10 years.He is maintaining sugar level very well. He withstand his sugar level only due to this powder. We used to recommend this powder who r asking us to control sugar. whoever follow this continuously have the benefits...
Thank You and Best Wishes to All of U there.

Sivakumari, Dec 21st 2017

Menstrual cycle regulated with added health Benefits:

 I followed below pancha bootha treatment and benefits is not just limited to regular menstruation cycles and drop in weight,


1. Regular and healthy menstruation. I have never experienced such healthy, painless cycles in my life.

2. 18 pounds reduced in 5 months, slowly, gradually, healthily

3. I used to get cold frequently, but the last time I got was 6 months ago, after I did castor oil cleanse for the first time.

4. Relationship within the family has greatly improved

5. I could manage my time better than before.

6. Completely stopped coffee- I can write a testimonial on this itself (I am a coffee lover and sensed that I got addicted to it. Sakthi gita helped me to overcome this. It’s been 3 months now.)

The list goes on and on and my sincere prayer is that my journey with sakthi foundation will continue forever and great service done by Sakthi foundation reaches and benefits every single soul in the world. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank u .

These are the things I did.

1. Sesame seeds with jaggary and Aloe vera with honey
2. Water therapy every day
3. Castor oil – twice a month till last month
4. White rice replaced with red rice and siruthaniyams
5. Regular intake of yogurt and fermented rice
6. Organic lentils to the extent possible – whole green moon dal, whole black urad dal, whole toor dal
7. Only fresh fruits for a day once a week
8. Completely stopped coffee- I can write a testimonial on this itself (I am a coffee lover and sensed that I got addicted to it. Sakthi gita helped me to overcome this. It’s been 3 months now.)
9. Water intake increased to a great extent during the day
10. Walking for 45 minutes everyday
11. Yoga for 1 hour with breath awareness
12. Sleeping for 8 hours
13. Lamp lighting every day except periods
14. Pitru pooja every month
15. Donation every month to the great selfless people in the society

Mrs. VK, Chennai. Dec 12 2017

Successful Fertility after 11 Years

For the past 11 years after marriage, I underwent several allopathic, ayurvedic treatment and spend almost 8 lakhs (US$ 14,000) from the pocket. I underwent several rounds of IVF treatment with failure. On top of that, the hormone injections given to me made abnormal growths in my uterus. The doctors said my uterus was very weak and cannot carry the fetus. My husband also had issues in the counts.  There was so much pressure from both of our family members on myself and my husband to the extent of taking divorce also. But we have to thank our friend KT Rajkumar who had been telling about Uni5 Sakthi Foundation Pancha Bhoota therapy for the past five years. He questioned our family members on what basis will divorce solve the issue, when both of them have problems and how will it get rectified by marrying some one else. In turn the family members back fired our friend with questions - what is the logic behind not taking medicines, but drinking just plain water, doing castor oil cleansing and eating fermented rice, palm sugar and organic black sesame seeds, when top MD fertility clinics and doctors with their IVF technology  and traditional Ayurvedic vaidyas failed?. However, our friend tirelessly kept giving them various testimonials of people who got success with Uni5 method. We finally agreed to give a try this January 2017, when we had no money left for any treatment. I did all the five elements including the "Energy Rituals" that was suggested to me. All our family members were ridiculing us for doing this "kitchen medicine". We had spent totally 300 rs (USD 10 dollars) on Uni5 method and now this September 2017 my pregnancy is confirmed. We are all stunned how this simple method can work. We really want to thank our friend Raj and Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for saving our marriage, money, and life itself. I am in unbound happiness and wish many couples follow this simple and effective method of Nature. I am now forced by family members to visit doctors to which we are very reluctant. We both want to follow fully Uni5 Pregnancy method. Thanks to God finally. 

Bhuvana, Kerala, India. Sept 2017. 

Cancer Treatment

I would like to express my hearty thanks to Uni5 Sakthi foundation, Guruji and my friend Thiru for helping me to come out of my bed-ridden and wheel chair life. I was diagnosed out of lung cancer and started chemotherapy in December 2016. I had severe breathing trouble and leg pain due to tumor metastasis and was in bed rest during this time. I started with Energy-Rituals along panchabootha treatment as suggested by Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.  I was able to come out of side effects of chemotherapy and get ready for next cycle of chemotherapy due to this. I did a scan in March 2017 and July 2017, which showed tumour size has reduced to a great extent. Now I feel much better and started going to the office.  Thanks to my friend Thiru, Guruji and Uni5 Sakthi Foundation and Guruji for guiding me.

Dilip (Real name), Coimbatore, India 10th Sept 2017.

Selftual Pregnancy Begins:

We were skeptical about deciding on our second child because of certain health conditions, environmental conditions and also were looking for correct guidance. We are fortunate to come across Sakthi Foundation and uni5 concepts and to get guidance through all of the steps not only related to Pregnancy but in all walks of life. I and my husband both were following Pancha Bhootha techniques, and every time we see results for our efforts we gained more confidence. In 3 months my menstrual cycle got regular and my weight reduced to a great extent. We followed the guide from Sakthi Site to understand the concepts for conception cycle and now we are expecting. I am in 4 weeks of Selftual Pregnancy. We are ever grateful to Sakthi foundation and looking forward to the guidance throughout my pregnancy and also throughout life. I am truly not finding words to express my gratitude, as it is not just in this one instant but for anything I can rely on them because they treat us just like their own self.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!        
Varshini California, USA Sep 8th, 2017.

Successful pregnancy:

Me and my husband were trying for second child. But failed many times. We dont want to go to hospitals but need to try in natural way.
Then came across uni5 sakthi ....followed the advice of sakthi team

Have took castor oil twice. then started taking aloevera juice with honey daily our great surprise my periods came regular within a month.

then took fresh fruit juices as much i can daily. Also followed some rituals like lighting lamp morn and eve as directed to increase SAL energy.

Apart from all these i completely believed in sakthis advice which will help us getting positive results. if we are doing something believe it in 100% ...success will be ours

I noticed my menstrual cycle and understood fertile periods. Now i am expecting ..8 weeks..

Thanks once again sakthi team for all advice.. Really doing such a wonderful job..

wish to continue my pregnancy period according to your advices.

Shyamala Kumari, Arizona, USA 5th Sept 2017.

Frozen Shoulders amazing cure in few days: I developed a severe shoulder pain (The pain level was 9 out of 10). I could not sleep or even sit in one place. I made an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, and he said, I had frozen shoulder. He said, no one knows the reason for the development of frozen shoulder, but it may take nearly a year to go away. Only medication is to inject Steroids into the shoulder. I made an appointment for steroid injection and then contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation and was asked me to do few simple home remedies.

I developed a severe shoulder pain (The pain level was 9 out of 10). I could not sleep or even sit in one place. I made an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, and he said, I had frozen shoulder. He said, no one knows the reason for the development of frozen shoulder, but it may take nearly a year to go away. Only medication is to inject Steroids into the shoulder. I made an appointment for steroid injection and then contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation and was asked me to do few simple home remedies.

I was recommended to do castor Oil cleaning before doing any home remedies. After that, I was told  to take 10 curry leaves with two pepper followed by buttermilk mixed with fresh ground ginger before meal (break fast and lunch). Next,  take half a tea spoon of turmeric and 1/4th the teaspoon of pepper followed by pineapple juice after dinner. In Uni5 , there are five steps. !. Nourshing the body with food and herbs. 2. Cleansing (water therapy with ginger everyday and once in two weeks castor oil cleansing, 3. Yoga (in my case not using hands), 4. Breathing (deep breathing exercise focussing the shoulders) and 5. Luck Energy (I did charity also equivalent to what I would have spend for treatment in a hospital). I am amazed  I got the results quickly. 
Within few days, I felt much better, and I canceled my appointment with the Orthopedic doctor. Then by a weektime 100% the pain went off and I did go to Gym for weight lifting too. 
Thank you Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.
Best, SAM, Michigan , Aug 15 2017

 Burning sensation

Hello Uni5 Sakthi Foundation,

A few months back I asked a solution for body burning remedies for my mother -in -law now she is following all your advice of changing into uni5 ways...

now really really thankful for u that she is getting cured u said we are contributing some money for the orphans...


August 2nd 2017.

Blood Pressure

I started doing Uni5 for one personal health problem from last five weeks....amazing thing is that I started also seeing other health issues which I did not discuss with you....I wanted to share that One of the improvement I saw after uni5 is black warts(4 places) fell after 5 weeks....following Uni5 ... I see following other improvements: balanced blood pressure (previously 130/140 over 80/ it is 110/70) , stress got reduced so much, anxiety got reduced, controlled breathing and I am able to focus/concentrate on certain things...
I perform better at work..........
now I understand why you keep telling everyone almost one common Uni5 for all diseases because one fundamental thing if we do in life, most of things are taken care...... Thanks for your help....

Nasophagal ulceration

My father is 82 years old.
He stopped drinking 5 years back, but could not stop his smoking habit. Last month he felt he cannot breath properly for few minutes and swallow.
He went for few tests, The examination says that he got a boil and wound in nose and nasalphagal area and may be a growth. First the medication started, but it did not respond.
DR advised or biopsy. He too underwent. The luckly result as negative for cancer. But this nasophagal ulceration was serious. He first started talking a spoon full of organic turmeric with pepper as UNI5 medication advice.He followed all the five and the doctor is amazed that he is free from all these within a period of a month.

Madesh June 2017.


Many Benefits in Uni5 Pancha-Karma Treatment

I followed below pancha bootha treatment and benefits is not just limited to regular menstruation cycles and drop in weight,

1.       Sesame seeds with jaggary and Aloe vera with honey

2.       Water therapy every day

3.       Castor oil – twice a month till last month

4.       White rice replaced with red rice and siruthaniyams

5.       Regular intake of yogurt and fermented rice

6.       Organic lentils to the extent possible – whole green moon dal, whole black urad dal, whole toor dal

7.       Only fresh fruits for a day once a week

8.       Completely stopped coffee- I can write a testimonial on this itself (I am a coffee lover and sensed that I got addicted to it. Sakthi gita helped me to overcome this. It’s been 3 months now.)

9.       Water intake increased to a great extent during the day

10.   Walking for 45 minutes everyday

11.   Yoga for 1 hour with breath awareness

12.   Sleeping for 8 hours

13.   Lamp lighting every day except periods

14.   Pitru pooja every month

15.   Donation every month to the great selfless people in the society


1.       Regular and healthy menstruation. I have never experienced such healthy, painless cycles in my life.

2.       18 pounds reduced in 5 months, slowly, gradually, healthily

3.       I used to get cold frequently, but the last time I got was 6 months ago, after I did castor oil cleanse for the first time.

4.       Relationship within the family has greatly improved

5.       I could manage my time better than before

The list goes on and on and my sincere prayer is that my journey with sakthi foundation will continue forever and great service done by Sakthi foundation reaches and benefits every single soul in the world.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Detroit USA.
12th May 2017.

One Solution for all problems

I feel that it is blessing that I had come to know about Uni5 and Sakthi foundation and it is not just one or two instances where I personally and my family got better and still getting better everyday, we would like to extend my sincere gratitude through this testimonial.
Sakthi Foundation and Uni5 concept is one stop for all solutions, I see improvements in all areas of my life and Uni5 gives us a complete vision and boosts confidence and faith in everything. The Uni5 team is definitely a God sent! I try my best to spread the word and Sakthi foundation is always there in our prayers.

Expressive Language Problem gone:
Thank you so much for introducing “Guruji” to us. My son(6 years old) had trouble speaking fluently in any language and wasn’t socializing at all in school or with friends.
I had been visiting many places for solution (neurotherapy, acupuncture, Varma), but Guruji identified and gave us a simple and powerful solution. As per his advice my son is taking kudangal leaf (vallarai) everyday (if not available then the powder with honey) and doing oil gazing and lamp lighting everyday. We could see tremendous improvement in him within 2 months, he is listening to us and able to understand whatever we communicate to him and also understands Tamil so well and talking in English so well. His teachers also gave us good feedback. It is been great relief now, that he also started eating vegetables and fruits. Thank you so much for all the guidance and support.

Irregular Menstruation :
I am following water therapy, Castor oil (once a month), juice fasting (once a month) from mid of November 2016. I used to have irregular periods with no proper discharge. I had been taking Aloe Vera pulp with honey everyday before breakfast and sesame seeds with jaggery most of the days. I also walk 3 miles 4 times a week. When I did my first castor oil cleansing, got my periods on the very next day and it has been consistent every month (3 months so far) since then. This has been such a relief and stress free and feeling energized every day. This definitely improves the overall health , like my skin looks healthy even in the cold winter (every year it becomes dry and cracks), am able to get up early in the morning at 4.30AM with ease and feeling energetic throughout the day.

Menstrual pain:
On Jan 15th 2017 on second day of my periods I had a terrible unbearable pain, early in the morning around 5AM. I took a hot shower, did water therapy and then ate Aloe Vera with honey, and also dry fenugreek seeds with water. The pain was not subsiding with any of these, and also vomited all the water I drank. Then I made decoction made from roasted fenugreek seeds & cumin seeds with ghee, and the first sip I took the pain just vanished (felt like a magical moment) and had a very normal periods throughout. During the pain I was also doing pranayama and tried to fill with positive thoughts to the extent possible (it was so easy to think negative in such a pain, but guidance Uni5 helped a lot to be positive throughout the pain)

Stomach pain for my husband:
My husband had severe stomach pain one afternoon and was getting worse with time. I was asked to drink decoction made from Ginger and Coriander powder. Once he drank that, he vomited and then slept for few hours and the pain slowly subsided. It was a great remedy and worked out so quickly.

Thanks to the Uni5 Sakthi Foundation Team.

Meera, N.Carolina. USA.
24th Jan 2017.

Hello everybody,
I like to thank Sakthi Foundation for all the help and support that was provided during my TTC (trying to conceive) phase. In general my husband and I are both healthy people without any particular health conditions. And that's what got me a bit worried. We had been trying for a little over a year but were not regular.  We kept trying thereafter consistently. When I got in touch with Sakthi Foundation,  the approach was a more holistic manner. Advised me to do the Pitru pooja to help both our astral energies get stronger and help conception take place.  I understand that it is an invitation to the souls that are going to take birth.
Meanwhile, I also started focusing more on my health and the keeping a positive attitude so that I could attract the intention at hand.
I chose to follow certain things suitable to me in Panchaboota healing, like drinking lots of water and castor oil cleansing ( Just once).I finally got pregnant in 2- 3 months naturally. I know my pregnancy is a combination of things that I was doing during that time and I am glad that Uni5 has been a part of this accomplishment. 
Thank you so much once again!!
Anonymous (NY, USA)
10th, Aug 2016

PCOD and Fibroids completely cured:

Dear Sakthi ,
In 2014, I was diagonized with multiple fibroids in uterus. I was asked to surigically remove the organ. But I did not want to and so I followed pancha bhoota therapy. Amazing, please see the scan report showing that there are no fibroids. Thanks sakthi for this advice.

uterus 2016 kal

Savithri Chennai, June 2016.

































Dear Sakthi Community,
This past January I had a excessive bleeding problem and now down the ,road thanks to your advise I am feeling lot better. I have been 
suffering from this problem for almost a year before my friend suggested  I should email you. I can't thank you enough for this.

Subhadra Singh, Virginia, Oct 2015.

Amazing Cancer Cure

My mom was diagnosized in 2008  with fourth stage of  liver and intestinal cancer and had spread to lymph nodes also. She being a normal village women did not know about the disease. She had severe side effects undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. Every time she was reluctant to go to the treatment and I persuaded saying that she will be completely be alright soon with the treatment. She was disease free for one year.

To my surprise again she got the cancer back in 2014. I was wondering why cancer strikes back and was searching for alternative therapies in web and saw the Uni5 Sakthi Foundation's Pancha Bhoota treatment method. I found it logically made sense. Moreever I mother said she would rather die than undergoing chemo and Radation therapy.

Sakthi Foundation memebers asked my mother to undergo both radiation and chemo therapy and also use the ayurvedic medicines of Mohanan Vaidyar.  She said that unlike in 2012 treatment, this time she did not feel the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy and wonderred may be the doctors were giving her low doses of the treatment. We were all amazed how she was feeling much better than before.

She went for CT and PET scans this week and was reported to have  no trace of disease. She now continues to be healthy and our family is so much relieved of our mother's help. The method claims no magical herb or any medicine as the cure for cancer. it is the body that is been brought to a healthy state. I wish many people follow Uni5 Sakthi Foundation method for disease free peaceful life.

Thanigai and Prakasam Singapore, Sept 2015

Magical aloe vera for skin Burn

I would strongly suggest that everyone should have a aloevera at home. Last week  hot boiling water spilled over my right palm on top and i quickly ran some cold water for 30 seconds and immediately rushed to the balcony and cut an aloevera piece  and put on the burn and continued doing so until the burning stopped after 40 mins. My husband was worried that we should go to emergency care in hospital.  From the instruction given my sakthi Foundation members, I also  put  honey along with aloe vera. I continued putting aloevera for 2 hrs non stop one piece after another and finally was ok and in the night while sleeping i put some organic butter also and slept. I was surprised that in the morning there were no marks nor burning sensation and  just the surface seems sensitive only. It is miraculous method and your suggestions  saved my hand yesterday. Tons of thanks to you and mother nature for the aloevera  looking at my hand nobody will believe something of the kind happened  yesterday.  vaaazhga valamudan ungazh aaraychiyum tondum.

Saroja Chettiar, Aug 2015

Cancer Cured

I was diagnosized in 2014 March with fourth stage of Vaginal and uterine cancer and had spread to other areas. The doctors were not much hopeful about my condition. But doing both chemo and radiation along with five elements of Panhca Bhoota I completely is disease free. When I wait for chemo and radiation , many patients wonder that I was a cancer patient because unlike them, I did not have side effects symptoms to the extent of other cancer patients. I am know it is because of the pancha Bhoota treatment. I also was recommended to use the ayurvedic medicines of Mohanan Vaidyar.  I went for a checkup this week and found to have no symptoms of the disease. I am really thankful to Sakthi Foundation for this great help.

Gayathri, Kerala, Sept 2015

Kidney Stones gone:

For the past six months I was suffering from kidney stones (both sides), which was completely removed after doing panjabootha method  and
 water therapy for about two months. This was confirmed through yesterday’s ultra sound scanner report. I cant beleive this. I also feel much more energetic than before. Thanks a lot.

Dr. S. Dheenadayalan, Tamil Nadu, 2nd Aug 2015. 

Psoriasis Healed.

I am doing good. Almost completed 41 nights of 5 ingredients (4 more nights left) ! I am doing yoga, mediation, walking everyday. I really see improvement in psoriasis, the old psoriasis scars are healing, new ones come but they disappear with 3-4 days. I will soon start the juice therapy for acidity.
Thank you for all the help.. 

Ruchi Bhat, Bangalore,  15th May 2015

Sweat Problem gone.

In my previous email i had written about my sweat problem (INspite of everyday shower, I profusiveley sweat underarms and it stinks very bad). I have over come this problem by taking Turmeric powder with pineapple juice. I have read most of the articles written in your website.Thank You for the wonderful service.

Jelaja Bhai Germany,  11th May 2015

No PCO syndrome.

Today my wife Sasi did a Ultrasound scan and found PCOS. We could not beleive so we did in two labs to confirm and glad to say that by following Panchabhoota method, my wife is clear from PCOS problem. We could now focus on giving birth to a healthy child. Please  use our real name so that many women can be inspired to follow this side effects free and also gave other health benefits too. Also attending the Uni5 Panchayat over phone everyday evening, gives our family members good positive thoughts and relationship harmony. I want to thank Sakthi Foundation for all these efforts. 

  Thanigai, Singapore,  5th May 2015

Kidney stones cured .

Last week I had extruciating pain in my back and could not get up from bed. My friends literally carried to hospital. I was told I have big kideny stones and was suggested to do laser breaking. I said I will come back after two days and do it. My wife immediately contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation and helped me do Uni5 Pancha Bhoota treatment. I took today the scan and showed no trace of stones. I not only saved unnecassry medical expense but also feel much healthier than before. Please all of you save money and health doing this Pancha Bhoota method.

Ganesan, Tamil Nadu,  14th April  2015

Sperm low count & motility problem cured.

I have a glad news to share that I got concieved. My husband had low count(8 million-2% motility). He took ayurvedha for three month course but the result was very fluctuating.  After taking BOERHAAVIA DIFFUSA root powder , Evolvulus alsinoides ,ginger, garlic extract,Urid dal laddu ,spemen and other elements of pancha Bhoota Therapy his count increased amazingly well and also 65%motility. His allergy also  got controlled. I want to convey thanks to sakthi foundation. 

Veeraja, Coimbatore,  2oth Aug 2014

Regular Periods

Hi, I hope everyone is well.
I am so happy that I found this website and was able to follow the three month aloe Vera, sesame seed with jaggery, and the juices. After using just for about 18 days I got my first period and I was so happy. I have been having regular periods ever since. The most I skipped without a period since I did this was maybe a month and I used to go 4 months sometimes before without it. I can't thank you enough. My life hasn't been the same in a good way. I am so happy. I can't stop smiling.  All thanks to you.

Fatima, Saudia Arabia, 22nd July 2014


Constipation, anus infection and antibiotics

Dear all.

I would want to share my recent experience and miraculous healing without the use of  prescribed antibiotics.  My 2 year old son was finding it quite difficult to pass motion all of a sudden.  I observed that for a few weeks he was not eating enough fruits but some junk like biscuits and less fluids.  I immediately made sure that he drinks enough and completely avoided biscuits and breads but inspite of this he was still suffering and I noticed that the stool was not hard but the process was hurting him. 

 I could not get in touch with Sakthi foundation and so I had no choice but to take him to the doctor which I usually  avoid and the doctor said that he has streptococcus in the anus and will have to give him antibiotics.  It was a 7 day course and I started giving him but it was so bitter that he would refuse to take it and cry a lot and try to spit everytime i gave him. Then on the 6 day still there was no change in the pain and suffering I called up the doctor and said even though we force he spits the most of it so its not working.

The doctor then gave another antibiotic saying this is not so bitter and asked to add it with fruits syrups to sweeten it. It was a 7 day course again and this also we have tough time by holding his hands legs and nose and force it into his mouth.  I felt terrible as he would cry so much and on the 7th day the antibiotic course got over and that night we saw that he got chickenpox. ( In understand that from recent studies that antibiotics can upset the good bacteria balance that we can be prone with other infections including virus). 

After the recovery of chickenpox he continued to suffer from constipation. Luckily I got a reply from Sakthi foundation suggesting to give him fenugreek water in the morning with honey and lot of indian curd (not the commericial culture) and also apply the curd in the anus.  I understand that organic fenugreek soaked in water helps with gut friendly bacteria and the Indian yogurt culture also has many strains to help the gut.  I started doing it and in just 3 days there was a change in his bowel lovement. Meanwhile  his pediatrician called up to test again for streptcoccus and said  he still has the infection and u should give him antibiotics for 2 weeks.  I was like "no I can't make him drink that again", so   I threw away that antibiotic and continued giving him fenugreek water and indian curd and in the next 4 5 days he passed motion easily without any pain and suffering. After 2 weeks, when I went to the doctor, I lied that we had given his antibiotics. The doctor checked  him and he said he is alright now and has no infection.  So please friends try natural methods with such simple and highly effective natural methods and use antibiotics only when there is an emergency.

Sarina,  Switzerland, July 2014


Periods, Menstruation

I have started water therapy, earth, fire and air therapy. Also I have started aloe vera juice.
This month I had periods which was 10 days late and only for two days.
However I found a change in my periods that I had no clots at all. Because earlier I used to have periods which was full of clots and for just 3 days and usually heavy.But this time it was like normal drops like bleeding (but good flow) and for two days , no clots.
Also I had severe back pain and right thigh pain before and during periods. But now its fine.
Priya, 22nd March 2014
Hidradenitis suppurativa
I have started the treatment procedures and have been following the same from 17 December. I feel really good after water therapy as my bowel movements are proper now.I am also taking triphala choornam daily night. I am completely avoiding any inflammatory foods. I have yet to do the castor oil treatment.I had Aloe Vera pulp once.
1.Once I started triphala intake,I stopped taking turmeric powder for 3-4 days. The lump grew bigger,painful and more puss was oozing out. As I had done no other changes in my diet other than stopping turmeric,I reintroduced it.I felt the lumps were growing smaller and the pain was reducing.
2.When I have had foods containing wheat or maida like chappathi,the lumps are growing bigger and painful.
I am applying the mixture you advised on the boils and I am happy to inform you that after 10 days of the treatment I find a major reduction in the size of boils and the amount of puss oozing out of the wound.One of the big wounds has become significantly smaller. Thanks a lot.
Mehera 22nd March 2014
IBS syndrome:

Sir, after a long list of trials the below removed IBS symptoms for me.

1. Water therapy
2. Eating quarter coconut daily morning
3. Having foods that suit me - I take idli, dosai, paruppu adai, paasi paruppu sambar with chutneys daily. And a small coffee evening. Rest all food doesn't suit me.
4. Good sleep.
5. May be probiotics. Thanks for your guidance and love.

Raja, India, Feb 2014

 Cancer Chemotherapy,
Dear Sakthi
  I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice and support  during my chemo sessions.  Thanks to  aloe vera, pine-apple, light lighting and others, I was able  to overcome this painful treatment.  I hope that little by little I will become normal again.
Sonia, Mauritius, Jan 2014.
Piles and bladder.
As I started noticing swollen anal tissues (initial stage of piles), I contacted Sakthi Foundation for possible treatment.  Sakthi advised me to take yams for a couple of weeks everyday followed by frequent use.
Within ten days of taking yams, all the swelling vanished and since then all the symptoms are gone.
Also, for the past few weeks, I started noticing that even after urinating, still felt the bladder was not fully empty.This caused me to use restrooms more often. I was asked to do Ashwini Mudhra just for a week, I no longer have the bladder full symptoms.
Thanks Doctor.
 Suresh, Dec 2013

 IVF failed, but PB successful

I am very happy share this experience, We are childless couple for 20 years . When I tried 2004-2005 with IVF not successful.  Friend of mine  who send me this sakthi link  as I am interested  started following sakthi advised as much as possible.  Surprisingly after 3 years in 2008 I got a healthy baby girl.  I believe that Shakti advise is really helped me to conceive and have a healthy baby at the age of 45
 All the time of pregnancy  I just followed Sakthi  until today . Now Sakthi is part of my family  they are always in my prayers and refered this to hundreds of people.

I love Sakthi .
Sarada from New Zealand (Sept 2013)

About 3 years ago, I have suffered from endometriosis and got the surgery done to remove them  and sruggled to get pregnant. During that difficult time, I have found your website through google and contacted you to get some health tips from you. I have followed water therapy and other stuff. I have got pregant within 6 months after I have started following them. You have really helped me alot and changed my life forever. I am very thankful to you for the rest of my life. I am still following all of them. They have become part of my life. Endometriosis never came back. Thank you very much for your help.
Thank you,
Swarupa.Sept 2013


Dear sir,
 I first of all thank u for changing our life style thru ur advice. we noted a lot of difference within a week. we started by 31 st July,  as 8 days passed away i see visible difference in my husband's  psoriasis. water flowing in the wound stopped, wound became dry. my husband is very happy. this difference we found within 4 days of following the steps.

Bala, July 2013

Rhemumatic Pain

Dear all, 

 I want to share my experience with you all so that most of you can try and believe the amazing effects of oil cleansing. In my case it was indeed miraculous. I did this self experiment thrice and it worked wonders. I had a severe inflammation in my knee and i was taking pain killers. I wanted to see the doctor it was a thursday but they gave me an appointment only for monday. So on sunday I did oil cleansing and to my surprise there was no pain on monday and the blood reports were all normal. Thanks to Sakthi Foundation.

 Ayya kannu ,Switzerland April 28th  2013

Irregular Menstruation

Dear Sakthi,

I have been using the aloe verga gel with honey for 2 months now and I can definitely feel the difference. My menstruation has come on time and it looks more healthy. On the website it says to do it for 3 months so after one more cycle do I stop or can I continue this remedy longer?

Thanks, Jasmine April 2013


I had been following the pancha bootha healing for PCOS for more than 3 months now and I was able to see good improvements in my health.
Amritha, Chennai April 2013.

 Body Pain

Dear Sakthi,

I would like to give an update of the treatment you suggested. First thing
is, I did liver toning with herbs and did liver cleansing by castor oil.

Now I feel much better though I have some amount of pain. Last two days I
feel that some kind of pressure has gone out of my body so that I fell
light-weighted. Now I can move, bend easily and am very happy about it. I
feel a freedom after 4 years of pain.

Thank you so much. Regards, Suhasini, March 2013

Delivery complication

Dear Sakthi, let me begin with a great thanks. Right after I conceived I contacted you due to placenta previa. You gave simple suggestions like talking to baby and doing belly massage etc. I couldnot beleive it worked. After a month the scans showed the baby was normal. Then before delivery again doctors said I will have to do C-section and delivery wont be normal. Again I followed your instructions. It was suppose to be cesarian but turn to be normal, doctors even turned surprised. i achieve this through ur advise of yoga,water therapy,interaction with baby so on. thank you so much. I am writing this because so many mothers could be benefitted.

Manju, Jan 2013.

Skin black marks

 Yes, i do have good improvements.Its been 45 days till now i started my treatment.My color was fair because of infertility treatments and pcos it became shady with many black marks over.when i get up and see them vanishing every morning i feel very happy and same with my weight .i was 42 kgs slowly it increased to 60+ now.I hope with your help and support i will change my life and will concieve soon..

 Ayesha, Saudi Arabia, Jan 11th. 2013.

Constipation and sleep issues

Dear Sakthi,
 Since I started the water therapy my enrage increased and I do not have constipation any more but, some time my eyes gets weak.  I use to wake up during night time but,since I started waking and pranayame yoga I sleep good but, I still have stress. I  have to work on it. Thank you very much for your time
Sara, USA Dec 2012.

Skin Care

Thanks a lot for your response.Also i really feel good after following this procedure my skin health has started improving  heartiest thanks for the all the help/advice and information offered,i had also referred this site to many of my friends and they too have started undergoing Panchaboota therapy for their own health issues

Mithala, Singapore-Nov 2012.

Great Help- Pregnancy

 Dear sakthi,

 Accidentially i came across this site as i was simply browsing. i simply mailed u and nw i am normal from placenta previa. generally your website is great,

 now i started reading each section and find it as a complete guide for a healthy person. if people follow ths then our world will be around full of happy and healthy people.

 nw i am 7 months and very happy that i could bring my child very well and even i pass ths website information to all. nw i started yoga and feel great

thanks a lot.

Anju. 6th Oct 2012.

 Great articles

 Great articles .....What is culture...these are things which we assume we know, but when we ask ourselves, we realize we dont know.

Sept, 2012 Pradeep, California, USA
Sakthi, a family Member

 When ever I have a problem I first look to your website for guidance.It's like having a family member you turn to in your moment of need. I really appreciate your selfless service,in our busy world,you always take time to help us only wishing the best for us. I did castor oil and I did lose weight 3-4 pounds! Amazing how it happened overnight.

Samyukta, 5th Aug 2012, USA


I want to thank you a ton for the wonderful home remedies that are mentioned on your site... My husband was diagnosed with blood sugar around one and half months back.. He followed the life style modication and had diabetes mix powder suggested by you... By grace of god and ofcourse your selfless help, his sugar levels are normal now and he wont have to take any medication...

Lakshmi Pakker, 4th July 2012.

Infertilty cured

Dear Sakthi,

I wrote about my infertility problem on 5/26/2011. I was childless for three years and did treatments including IVF, but failed. Then I did the following according to your suggestions. 

I started your treatment last year april 10 2011.
My period irreguler....and I had pcos....
I drank castor oil (10.04.2011) and my period came next week..I didnt take any medicine, normally i  used to take medicine to  period come. After one week  later I followed these steps contionously until i get pregnant...(Aug 22nd 2011).....
1) every morning I drank arugumpull +nelli+ cucumin seed water as u mention in you site.Night I boil and morning i drink...
2)In the evevning i ate  black sesame seed+ palm sugar
3)Night i stop  my food and drank smoothie (normally i perpare 3 to 4 fruits)...some times I use alovera.
4)and also i did yoga in the  every morning....
I am glad to inform you that in AUGUST 2011,  CAN PREGNANT . I cant beleive that this simple method worked in five months. I introduced  your website to my friends also.....
Thanks for your advice...God bless you:) Thanks again.....
Mala Siva, Singapore, March 2012.

Eczema and rashes:

 Our second child was born by C-section and she developed eczema in the second month.  Our doctor prescribed steroids for her. It was more of a reactive treatment and her eczema would always come back. In 5th month her rashes were more severe. Again after medication it subsided for a few weeks. In sixth month again it was severe and the child was scratching her head and body on the rashes. We also know that just with stroid treatments later the child will develop severe food allergies and also asthma. So we sough the guidance of sakthi foundation end of dec 2011.

 As per advice,we gave her the fermented rice prepared with water from Indian yougurt as mentioned in Shakthi foundation website.  We did not give castor oil. But we followed the instructions in the site in preparing that and we were surprised to see the results. Her eczema decreased significantly and we are thankful to Shakthi foundation for the tips.  Last week we gave her yogurt also and does not seem to affect her. It seems that she has started to tolerate diary after her gut bacteria is healthy. We are happy that we took the right instructions at the right time. So we strongly recommend the method and we hope this works for you as well.

 Indra Dev, Colorado, USA Feb 26th 2012.

Cough : My five year old daughter's had been having treatment with no benefit for one month with a cough and vomiting a saliva kind of thing.  Now within a week, the  cough has come down after doing sakthi foundation instruction.  Thank you Sakthi.

 Roshma, Mysore,Karnataka.Feb 12th 2012.

 Dear Doctor,
For three years we tried for child including IVF which failed> I had Pcos and also had irregular period. Last two years I have been using metformin 500(2 times)daily and Clomid 150g perday(2nd day period-5th day)for this combination I got my period regularly for 6 months But again I got irregular mensues. Then last year I contacted you and followed all pancha bhoota Instructions and I have to share a good news with you.

 I got pregnant...I followed your instructions...Now im 24 weeks......I introduced  your website to my friends also..... 
Thanks for your advice...God bless you:) Thanks again.....Regards 
 Feb 9th 2012.

 Its been 5 days that i have started yoga, proper food and meditation and I feel nice and light. My mood swings also have reduced. Thanks n Regards,

 Lashmi..Jan 28th 2012.

 For almost eight years we had been childless and underwent many treatments in Bangalore. We took sakthi foundation treatment in 2011. Now my wife is pregnant. Thanks  for making our life happy. We are still following pregnancy instructions. Thanks again sakthi.


 Selva Sat 12/31/2011

 As I have been reading your website time and again the awareness has increased to the level i see the difference from what i was and what i am now. 

 Deeepak 12/22/2011

 Ear Infection : I wrote for cure for ear infection. Thank you very much. This worked really well. I am feeling much better now. Rajesh, Oct 16, 2011


Dear Sakthi Foundation team, I’m running through your online site on Sakthi Foundation and Panchabootha healing. I specifically refer to your Pregnancy / Infant section as we have a 8-month baby boy.The guidance material and food suggestion is very informative and excellent. Specifically, the baby food info like Millets, Corn milk, Plantain gruel with procedures, are very excellent. We are giving these items to our baby one by one and he is enjoying them very well.Thanks for your excellent selfless service and reference available online.

Balaji Srinivasan, Chennai, India, 27th Sept 2011

Ear Ache: Hello and thank you sooo much for sharing i been using oil and ginger warm up then i clean my ear with it, ir works i tried everything u can imagine, alcohol, garlic,salty water..but ginger and oil really works...thank you so much.

Miryam, California, 12th Sept 2011

Allergies:  I cannot beleive that I got so many benefits trying Pancha Bhoota Therapy, expecially eating fermented rice. My allergies vanished ( I think the gut bacteria changed eating fermented rice containing healthy bacteria flora), my belly became flat, I was more energetic.


Switzerland, May 2011

Back Pain 
 After my delivery for one year I had non-stop back pain and I could not lie down or sit or stand. 24 hours back pain. Went to several doctor and did all test including MRI scan. But nothing worked. I did Pancha Bhoota Therapy. I was told that I should first cleanse my body first in order for all the food medicines suggested to be absorbed in the body. So I did castor oil cleansing. I could not believe that the very next day itself my shoulder pain went. Then the third day I did the pookula recipe given in the after deliver care section. Within a week the one year long back pain completely went away. I sincerely thank Sakthi foundation for this great help. I really understand the ignorance and laziness for not doing all the after delivery recipes and protecting the body. Thanks Sakthi you gave me strength to my back bone with such a simple but very logical apporach.
Mrs.Mythili, Coimbatore, India. 27th Dec 2010.


 I used to have severe chest/abdominal pain at early morning and wake up with pain. Since there were no symptoms of heartburn, I was not sure what it was. My primary care physician diagnosed it as Acid reflux and prescribed some medicine. But even after taking this medicine, I continued to have pain. Sakthi suggested me to take Aloe Vera pulp from fresh Aloe Vera plant and drink George's Aloe vera juice in empty stomach in the morning. After a week or so of following this along with taking some fresh fruit/vegetable juices and changing some food habits like not taking a lot of spicy foods especially in the evening (and I am continuing this for 41 days as suggested by Sakthi), I am glad to say that the nightly pain has gone away almost completely. Thank you,Sakthi!
Manju, California, USA (Nov 2010).

Face clear
I came to sakthi to get treated for PCOS and infertility. For eight years I have undergone various treatment and recently stsrted to get very dark spots on my face. Within a few weeks of doing water therapy and castor oil amazingly these spots started vanishing. I am sure soon I will be pregnant successfully.
Manjula, India, Nov 2010.

Varicose veins
o 12 years ago I met sakthi for varicose veins treatment. The methodology seemed to hard to believe. So I did not follow. I took only allopathic medications. All these years I had bleeding veins  in my legs. I could not wet my legs due to severe sores. Frustrated three months back again I sought help from Sakthi. Within a month all the sores went off, first time after 12 years I could wet my legs and free from pain and also from bleeding. I feel I have strengthened by veins. What a relief. I really feel stupid and ignorant for ignoring this wonderful method all these years and underwent unnecessary suffering. I thank Sakthi and feel it is a great blessing for all of us to have them to help everyone rich or poor with such a simple and logical methodology
Vsanatha Baby, India , Oct 2010.

My allergies have amazingly gone doing all 5 Pancha Bhoota and also eating fermented rice. Surprisingly I noticed that my belly also become flat.
Nagaraj, Switzerland, Oct, 2010.

High Prolactin 

Dear shakti, 
My prolactine level has completely reached normal level MASHALLAH after doing water therapy with licorice. 
Mrs. Fatima, Bangladesh (Sept 2010).

Eczema Allergy cured. When my second daughter was a few weeks old, she developed this severe rashes all over her body and the poor baby will be scratching herself and bleeding from cuts. 
You had advised me to give her a few drops of castor oil together with breast milk for 4 weeks the intake varying each week (also cooked and naturally fermented rice water). I did it and amazingly slowly the rashes started to disappear. Though she was also allergic to any other milk apart from breast milk till her first year, now she is able to take milks and milk based products. 
I have to say that without your advice, my child would have been going through all that painful cuts and soars.
thank you doctor.
I have recommended your site to many of my friends especially those who were/are pregnant. I religiously followed them when I was expecting too.
Thanks for creating this site and helping so many of us solve our ailments through natural means.
Gauri October 4th 2010.

Prolactin levels: Dear shakti, My prolactin level has completely reached normal level MASHALLAH after doing water therapy with licorice.  Amazing approach. thanks a lot.

Saira banu, Bangladesh,Sept 23rd. 2010.

Cancer Cured.

I contacted you about 1 year ago after my friend  told me about your cancer treatment with water therapy. at that time my father was a diagnosed colone cancer patient at level 3 and the doctors advised him to do a chemo therapy which almost killed him. he then followed your instructions and soon understood that an "alternative" treatment was able to heal his body without damaging it even more. so he discontinued chemo therapy and did water therapy alone with great success. he is without cancer cells now - as far as the doctors can say - and feels almost like he did before. THANK YOU DR. PRADHEEP you were a great help!!! good luck for the future, thanks again and all the best!

yours mathias (real name)

Germany. 30th August 2010.

Infertility Cured.

Dear Sakthi Foundation,

First of all I want to thank you. Three years back i sent a mail to you. It was about my infertility problem. With your advice and Pancha Bhootha healing i got a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She is 2.5 years old now .thank you very much once again. May god bless you.

Mrs.Dhana ,Trivandrum. August 20th 2010.

Web Page

Just wanted to say you have provided unlimited source of information!

Uma, August 2010.

Sakthi Gita

Your interpretation and explanation of The Gita is excellent. I has started reading the Gita and was finding it too complex to implement/understand. Your interpretation on the Sakthi Gita site and the exercises have made it very easy. Looking forward to gaining access to the the complete interpretation. Thanks a ton.

Neelam, August 2010.

Infertility Cured.

I am very happy to inform you that I am now 25weeks Pregnant.

When all the doctors gave me no hope to concieve normally , I sought for your Help and I was following the Pancha Bootha for nearly 2 years . And atlast when I lost all hope as per your suggestion I started doing the  light prayer along with this and I got conceived in the same month itslef. When I always think of you, I thank God for he had directed me to you for your guidance in the right path. Your Suggestions and advice was a turning point in my life in acheiveing this . Thanks  Doctor for your time to answer all my doubts very patiently in this busy world and thank you very much for all your Help. Thanks a Ton,

Anita. July 2010. India.

Sakthi gita

Your interpretation and explanation of The Gita is excellent. I has started reading the Gita and was finding it too complex to implement/understand. Your interpretation on the Sakthi Gita site and the exercises have made it very easy. Looking forward to gaining access to the the complete interpretation.

Neelam Dutta, July 2010.

Vitiligo Spots.

I have thank you a lot that the vitiligo spots has started vanishing after I started Pancha Bhoota healing. it is amazing to see without side effects I can get better. thanks a lot.

Jessy, coimbatore 2010.

Infertility Cured.

I was married five years without a child. Gynecologists said that I have   PCOS and other problems. I did not want for IVF or other clinical procedures because I was told by friends that in some fertility clinics to get good name, they use other normal men’s sperms or ovaries without the knowledge of the patient. I did Pancha Bhoota therapy only with total commitment for two years and half years. Finally I got pregnant. After pregnancy also I totally followed Sakthi suggestions. The best part was my delivery. I was full Conscious of by breath during labor and so instead of screaming in pain, I was only chanting God’s name. The doctors and burses were surprised that this is the only delivery they witnessed different in their life. I am extremely thankful to Sakthifoundation and my aim in life is to tell more infertilie couples to follow Sakthi foundation method for healthy pregnancy. I gave birth to a boy baby on June 1st 2010.

Vidya Jothi kannan. Pongalur, Tamil nadu, India. June 2010.


I have been suffering from chronic constipation. The water therapy and castor oil cleansing has helped me enormously. Cannot thank you enough.

Revathi, 2010.

 Chikungunya  I got relieved around 90% from the chickenqunya as i followed your advice . Thanks a lot. Chitra, trichi May 2010

Weight loss   I have been a great follower of your website. I am doing water therapy from few months and I can see some weight loss.  Thanks,  Sateesh April 2010.

Tiredness   I just want to say a very big thank you for your help............its two months since i started water therapy and I feel the fatigue has almost left me........I also combined it with a diet in a way possible in my circumstances coupled with morning exercises and walk.

It has made a great difference to me. thank you. I have passed on the website to all my friends who I believe sooner or later follow my example. Thanks Dolores April 2010.

Neck pain:  Below is my problem and how it got cured.

 Problem: Had a very severe Neck pain. The pain raised to back part of my head till my both the ears. Sometimes I used to get pain going down to my hands, arm pits and my fingers too. I can feel numbness. I was having this pain almost for two weeks. The pain used to start in the early morning then get reduced within an hour and again it starts by afternoon and then by evening it get reduced but, I had to do some meditation or conscious breathing to get the pain reduced, sometimes I have used pain killer tables too.

       I got it cured once I followed the instruction which I got from Sakthifoundation. I am a exclusive follower of, but not in a regular mode. So once I got this pain I made my mind to do Water Therapy regularly, did Surya Namaskar with Maharishi's Simplified Kundalani Yoga (SKY). Continued to do Neck exercise. Doing all this for a week itself my neck pain totally was cured and I don't even have a idea that I had a neck pain now. I usually do my Castor Oil cleansing once in two month.

So finally I got rid of this neck pain and now it is nearly a month, and this made me to do Water and Earth and Air therapies regularly. Thank you very much Sakthi. Thanks,

Jay March 2010.

  1. Pregnancy    Thanks for all your help during my pregnancy. I delivered cute tiny baby boy on this Jan 23rd 2010.  Sailaja March 2010.

Diarrhoea I am mailing u to say thank you on behalf of my grandma as she is feeling much better and her diarrhoea has stopped and her digestion has improved well. She is very happy and feels much confident with her routine life. Thank you very much for your attention and care. Varshini. March 2010.

Knee pain:   Shakti,

             Did castor oil  cleansing on 11th.Taking pineapple juice after food with turmeric powder and Shakti arthritis mix .   Now I'm feeling better and less pain swelling has been reduced. Lakshmi. Feb 2010.

Pain & Swelling in fingers.   Hi Sakthi,

The turmeric and pineapple juice helped a lot with my thumb fingers. Now I can fold the thumb fingers, but still having pain when trying to fold the other fingers over the thumb. Thanks for your help! Ilavarasan, Jan 2010.

  Stress  I wanted to be thankful to people like you in the world. Like you said my problem is with stress and angry nature. These days I have started doing Yoga and meditation. I could see tremendous changes in me. I took lot of time to understand my stress level and angry nature. These days I am having better life altogether.  Thanks many.  Ramya, Dec 2009.

Polycystic Ovary
In September 2009 I had unbearable abdominal pain and doctors diagonized  a 6 cm cyst in my ovary. They said only surgery was an option but I chose to do the Sakthi Foundation herbal treatment  consisting of Bermuda grass, cumin seeds and gooseberry along with aloe vera. In December 2009 I went to my doctor who blinked looking at the scan , because totally the cyst had disappeared. She asked me to take another scan to confirm it and with wondered what I did?.
I think this is a miraculous cure which I did not except to happen to me. Thanks a lot for Sakthi Foundation. 
Kala, India, December 2009.


I wanted to be thankful to people like you in the world. Like you said my problem is with stress and angry nature. These days I have started doing Yoga and meditation. I could see tremendous changes in me. I took lot of time to understand my stress level and angry nature. These days I am having better life altogether.  Thanks many.

Avani, December 2009.

Health Problems. First i would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.I've started to take 1.5 L of water every morning. My skin is getting very clear. But what made me very happy is that my pre-menstrual symptoms are basically gone1! I don't have migraines anymore and the stomach aches have reduced considerably, that i don't need to take pain killers anymore. I'm very thankful for all the advice you give!
Racheal, November 2009.

Child Health

 I wanted to thank you for your wise advises.  My child recovered and since April she has not gotten sick.   I have shared this with other friends who also have kids.

 God bless you!!, Brenda October 2009.

Infertility. Thank you for your tips. I followed water treatment and castor oil cleansing as you have mentioned and am trying to eat whole fiber foods and lots of vegetables and fruits. I am currently pregnant (10 weeks) > Thanks a lot for the team.
Chitra, October 2009. 


Dear Sakthi,
First I should thank you for your wonderful recommendation to use turmeric and pineapple. It works really well for me. I can feel significant difference with the pain on my fingers. The inflammation and pain went down gradually and at one point i was able to use those fingers for day to day activities only with mild pain. 

Once again, I thank you for your kind advice and service to the society.
Hari,  USA. October 2009.

My wife and I recently started water and earth therapies and are just amazed by how beautifully these procedures are working for. Your suggestions are truly god sent.
Thank you,
Kiran , October 2009.

Health issues.

I am Shanthi met Pradheep ji at Fairfield, when I came here to pursue my PhD. After coming to USA, I developed indigestion problem. I also had sinusitis, white discharge and gastric trouble before. Pradheep ji told about sakthifoundation and also about water therapy and colon cleansing. I am a person who never believes and understand anything unless I experience personally on my own. But, I started doing water therapy everyday and colon cleansing once in a month. Within a week, I discovered the changes. First thing I noticed that I completely got rid of white discharges. Then slowly I got rid of indigestion. It works wonder. It has great potential for improving ailment and promotes good health. The colon cleansing treatment, improved my appetite, reduce my belly and I lost few pounds. I also like the other service that sakthifoundation provide like sakthi kitchen, children education and pregnancy care. Thank you very much for your help sir.

Shanthi Iowa, USA 20th Sept 2009 (Real Name)


Dearest Sakthi amma, 
Amma, the natural remedies that you recommended for arthritis is miraculous.  I can move around pretty well, just going down the stairs is a little difficult but I know over time this too can be corrected.  Frankly I did not try all, but the pineapple juice with turmeric and using curry leaves, coriander, mint chutneys are fantastic.  Thank you amma for the service you are doing to mankind.  and it is called 'durian Belanda'.  Amma, I will be grateful if you could kindly share your thoughts on this article. 

God bless 
Punitha (Real Name)

Malaysia 7th Aug 2009.

Constipation & Pain in Menstrual Cycle It\'s a year now since I am going water therapy. I\'m doing Castor oil cleansing every 2-3 months.   I no more have bowels problems. The other great thing is that I don\'t even know when I got my periods.   Before I had much pain but now it\'s ok.   I just feel good.

Thank you.

Soumadee (Real Name)

Mauritius, July 22nd.

Testicle pain and swelling

Dear Sakthi,

I have sent you query regarding testicle pain and followed your advice as provided in the link . I am doing water therapy, pranayama, earth therapy and now I am feeling much better. Also I used to have pain the right eye and it has also subsided very much. Thank you very much and also. I really appreciate your humanitarian cause in developing this website which is helping lot of people. Thanks

Krishna Saudi Arabia, June 15th 2009.

Sakthi Gita


Read through lots of links in your site. Very useful and presented nicely. I noticed that the Gita chapters have not been updated. From chapter 6 onwards. Any plans to post more articles? THanks,

Rahul 9th june 2009


Hi Sakthi, I would like to let you know that my acidity problem is cured. I have taken Aloe Vera Juice' 2 times a day for a week and I do not have any heartburn symptoms now.  Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Pallavi, June 9th 2009


This is incredible. I am feeling a lot better. Thanks a lot for your advice, best regards,
Lokesh N, April 21, 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,   I came to know about you online. I follow your water therapy and it has helped me get over my constipation problem.
Praveen , 18th may 2009.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle
I got my periods back. I was so happy when it came after a long time of  75 Days. U guys are really ultimate. With these simple methods of Pancha Boota healing, u make all well. My wishes and prayers are always with u.
Renuka, USA. April 2009.

Menstrual Cycle
Dear Guys,
U rock!!! Thanks a lot.
I got my periods by just doing water therapy, Sesame and jaggery mix, and Aloe vera and honey mix for the past 1 month. By doing water therapy, I feel so much better now. Overall my health has improved, and I would just like to extend my appreciation to you for this positive outcome. I am very grateful. Once again, thank you so much for your time and expertise.
Not getting words to express my happiness. 
I wish you the best with all of your future endeavours. 
Thanking u...
Divya, CA,USA. April 1st 2009.

Menstrual Bleeding.

 I got my last periods by Dec27 and stopped within 5 days. Its only because of the herbs and water therapy which i followed as i said in your website. And i have shared you website and information for all the problems my friends and cousins discussing with me. Really i feel so happy, i came across your website.

After dec 27 i havent got my periods and weight is also increasing.
Reema, Chennai. Feb 2009.


Dear sakthi,
I started following the water therapy, for about a month now. I could get the great benefit out of it.
I got immediate relief from - 
1. Allergic rhinitis - I was suffering since 25 years. 
2. Irregular bowel movement 
Shiva Chidambaram , Chennai. Jan 2009.

Back Pain

Dear Madam/Sir,
Thanks for your response about my Back Pain. After following your lead right now the Back pain seemed to get better.
Chiran, Usa, jan 2009.

Sperm Count
Dear Sakthi,
My husband after doing the Pancha Bootha Healing for a month, his sperm count increased from 2 to 5.3 million.

Thanks a lot Doctor for your valuable suggestions.

Bangalore, Jan 2009

Sweating palms & Menstrual Bleeding

I wanted to thank Sakthi foundation for two things. I have PCOS problem, through google search i got this PCOS.htm page of sakthi foundation. I read testimonial of few persons who got cured through water therapy.  I read  about Water Therapy in sakthi foundation and started doing water therapy regularly. Before starting water therapy, i did liver treatment as said in website, then i did water therapy. Within one month, i could see myself sweating problem which i had from childhood in palm and foot, it has reduced 90 percent. I felt so happy and continued water therapy and had the simple herbs (Moringa and Agathi) with butter milk before breakfast as suggested by Sakthi. Quite surprising, the continuous bleeding that I  for the past 60 days completely stopped after having the herb powder and water therapy.

Thanks a lot Sakthi Foundation. May God Bless You for the Service. I feel, this is the website, all should read. Its more helpful, simple and informative. Thanks a lot.

Rama , India, Dec 2008

Weight loss

Dear Sakthi,

By following your suggestions, I was able to reduce 10kgs in 5 months, which I was not able to do in 5 years. Thanks a lot Doctor. Thanks & Regards,

Anita. India , Dec 2008

Back Pain

Hello Sakthi,
Thanks for your suggestion. I started doing Water Therapy and Pineapple Juice along with turmeric for the last 2 weeks. The back pain seems to be better now (50% is gone  than it was in the past). I will continue untill it is gone completely. Thanks a lot.

Chiran, India. Oct 2008


Thank you very much for your advice. You do not know how much comfort your emails have given us. We both have started water therapy since couple of day and we are stunned by the energy that we are getting. Just to site you an experience, for the first time, I woke up at 5.00am and studied. This happened first time in my life. I have always been wanting to do this but never did. You certainly have shown us a new direction.

thank you very much once again, 
Manish. USA Oct 2008


                Water therapy and Aloe vera really helped me to a great extent for my acidity problem.

Thanks and regards,

Lokesh, USA, Sept, 2008.

Stomach cancer:

 This letter is regarding MY FRIEND'S STOMACH CANCER

With the help of your advise, i am proud that we saved a life who is nearing death (GOD BLESS YOU)



KARUN, Singapore. July 2008.

Back Pain

Dear Sakthi,  Thanks a lot … I have completed the course of taking pineapple juice with turmeric powder in the morning…it's so effective and now I'm completely free from my back pain which is a prolonged 16 years pain… actually I'm searching words for thanking I'm telling about our "sakthi" to those who r suffering from different ailments….some are getting healed like me…YOURS SERVICE IS SO GREAT AND TOO GOOD TO THE HUMANITY.

Sivakumari Avudaiappan (Real name) July 2008.

Skin Allergy

Dear sakthi. I got cured of my skin allergy following ur prescription for 41 days for that i remain grateful to u for ever.

Janani, (Real Name) UAE, July 2008.

Anemia cured

Dear Sakthi,

I have been visiting your site for the past 6 months like a bible and very much impressed by the healthy contents. I was anemic (had Hb count as 6.9) and is improved to 12.2 after following the suggestions you had posted in the "updates" link. Thank you Sakthi.

Chitra Nagarajan. June 2008.

Constipation solved.

Dear Sakthi, I have started the water therepy since last week and my constipation problem is solved. Thank you.

Nancy, USA. June 2008.

Good Energy.

Hello, I am writing you from Athens, Greece. My brother gave me your site that I keep visiting almost every day. I did already twice the castor oil cleansing and also I started the water therapy. Trying to avoid eating in the evening I lost already 1,5 kilos. The amazing thing is that i cant stand eating any more fatty things, my sleep is great, I have a lot of energy. Thanks a lot.

Joanna, (Real name) Greece. June 2008.

Good Energy.
I have been doing the Pancha Bhoota Routine for over 41 days. 
I have not been consistent with the juicing and have not found some of the herbs, especially the Indian herbs in the form of leaves. However, I have not missed one day doing the water cleanse first thing in the morning, and have mostly used organic orange peels before lunch to rid the non-water soluable toxins from my body. Results are as follows:

Positive results:
1. I feel and look brighter, and cleaner from the inside out.
2. Most days my energy level and stamina are high.
3. I feel that the boiled water and the herbal flavoring are nurturing me on a deep level.
4. I feel more "hydrated."
5. I feel that my body is more aware now what it takes in, whether it's good to take in, and more reactive if it is not good for me to ingest.
Aloha, Hawaaii, May 2008.

Yes I did feel relief doing pancha bhoota ,, I felt I was cleaning all my body in general too, I also been practicing some Yoga. 

The Hydrocele has been going away gradually since the first week I started. That was the best solution for it in all means. Now it is completely cured. Thank you for all your wise advice and help.

God Bless you. Best regards,
Dafnil, Brazil, 12th May 2008

Gout cure.  

"I was diagnosed with Gout Arthritis 2 years back. I have been having gout attacks (swelling of big toe with severe pain) since 2003, but none of the doctors who examined me were able to diagnose it. I moved to the UK in 2006 and thats when I was asked to take a blood test and was diagnosed with gout as my uric acid levels were very high. I was prescribed Allopurinol which had great reputation for bad side effects.

Thats when I found Shakthifoundation website and learned a lot about benefits of pancha bootha. Though I haven't started practicing the fire, air, earth and space therapy, I have been following water therapy religiously. I have been completely cured from severe gout attacks. Now even if I don't drink my 1.5L every morning, I feel so different. It has become a way of life for me.

I have started preaching all my family members and friends about the benefits of water therapy and want every one to benefit from this natural curing technique.

Sakthifoundation has become my guardian angel since and I truly feel that Pancha bootha techniques should be benefited by all mankind. Shakthi team, keep up the good work, I am truly grateful to you all"

Thanks and regards,

Jayagopal Sampath (Real name) , London, UK April 22nd 2008

Good web site

First of all I express my  sincere gratitude to all behind the Wonderful Web site of Sakthifoundations. I have not come across any Internet site as useful to mankind as this. Very recently only I came across this site and I am very much impressed with it and I started following many health tips.

CP.Sreekumar, UAE, March 2008


I wanted to write to Sakthifoundation about how the water therapy you suggested helped me in getting pregnant with my first baby. I had PCOS and you had suggested water therapy. I had been on some treatments for getting pregnant but was not successful. But only two months of doing water therapy helped me get pregnant without any medication. May God bless you for your service to humanity. I hope people who read my experience will go ahead and benefit from the Pancha Bootha healing.


Kavitha Seattle WA, USA (Real-name)- Feb 2008)

I was diagnosed with varicocele (an abnormal enlargement of the veins in the scrotum draining the testicles). It was painful and also the doctors said that in future I will have fertility problems.  I was asked to do a surgery because the doctors said only through surgery this problem can be corrected. To frankly tell I had financial problems and so wanted to avoid the surgery expenses. I got in touch with Sakthifoundation and got complete cure with the pancha bhoota method. I cant believe that with simple approach such complicated issues can be solved. Over an year now I have no painful swelling and I can feel the difference. Sakthi foundation is a hope for people who cannot afford costly modern medical expenses.

Poovish, Coimbatore, Jan 2008.

Lots of Benefits

I had so many benefits after starting Water Therapy.

1.   frequent cold and flu are no more.
2.   acidity Problem
3.   knee pain 
4.   Head ache in the night (after work).
5.   Sweaty Palm and feet

still i can count on.....

Thanks a lot and god bless you.
karunakaran subbiah 
January 15th 2008.

Nerve problems:

Due to some nerve problems I had severe trembling of hands. I could not hold pen even for few minutes and it was difficult to do my profession. At my young age of 27 I got  panic how my future life would be. I consulted doctors who have been vitamin pills to give nerve health. But that did not work. Through contact of a friend I did pancha bhoota therpay and within a few weeks I started seeing the difference and now I am totally back to normal. For middle class people like me this is fabulous healing method. I wish the name and fame of Sakthi foundation spreads and reach every one.

Ravi, Coimbatore - Jan 2008.

lipoma and vein swelling.

I want to thank you from my heart for the therapies you suggested me. I  really feel excellent and all of my problems disappeared.

I began skin brushing every day for lymphatic circulation, juice fasting, self-massage, surya namaskar. After about a week I began to feel the difference and in two weeks I was felling perfect. 

In the second week I made castor oil cleansing and after a few days I could feel and see tremendous differences in my body. I sleep I could feel and see tremendous difference in my body. I sleep and wake up much better and with a good mood. My veins in the left foot that were swollen disappeared, are not swollen any more. Also two lipomas I have in my back, have reduced their size. My immune system works excellent now, I dont catch a cold any more and dont need to take any more vitamin supplements like before. The breathing exercises helps me a lot. 


ATHENS, GREECE (September 2007)


     In my four years of Marriage I never conceived even after trying IVF and other techniques. I had high pro-lactin levels and with medications they reached border line and not perfect. I also had some thyroid problems. When i was in this depressed state, my friend recommend to approach Sakthi Foundation. When I saw the approach frankly speaking I did not believe this will work. How will water therapy with licorice and eating black sesame seeds will cure my infertility problem. When I had spend thousands of rupees in fertility clinics doing the highly advanced technology , I never believed that this will work. But I did exactly what i was told without any change. I and my husband were surprised to find that within two and a half months after starting Pancha bhoota therapy, I was confirmed pregnant in July 2007. I am short of words to express my thanks to sakthifoundation members for this simple wonderful healthy approach.

Gayathri (Real Name) Coimbatore , July 2007.

Pancreatic Cancer

My Mom is doing ok so far.She does not have any pain, she is eating normal. She did not loose lot of weight.Her Chemo was stopped from last 3 months. They are taking scanning to see the tumor condition. She is doing water therapy, she spend time in paying god (it is kind of meditation). She spend most of her time with her grand kid, so she does not have time to think about her self.

Note: She does not know she has this problem.

Thank you so much for all your help. My belief is that, it is all magic of Sakthi

Because doctors in USA told a year back (january 2006), she has only 6 months to live with pancreatic cancer. Now she is fine after one and half years.

I will keep you posted on her condition on regular basis.

Venkat, Mineapolis, July 2007.


I have started following juice therapy for the past 5 days and find that this
therapy is having positive effect on my acidity. I am very scrupulous in taking
food with almost no spice, sour, fat besides following this therapy and have also
stopped taking poultry and other meats. I also make it a point to buy organic
vegetables to prepare the juice as they are free of pesticides and toxins (i have
observed that when i take conventional apples, i feel enhanced acidity, but in
reality apples should do good for acidity. I assume it is because of the
pesticides in it that flares up acidity when the stomach is very sensitive to it).
  I appreciate any inputs from you on this and thank you for your time in advance.
  Best regards,
  Sasidharan (Real Name) July 2007, Chicago, USA.


     I was over weight for many years  (119 kg or 242 pounds). In five months  of doing all the pancha bhoota elements especially water therapy, eating only whole grains and vegetables and pancha bhoota walking, I was able to bring my weight to (91 kg or 184 pounds). I lost 28 kg or 58 pounds.  I feel extremely happy and healthy and feel that pancha bhoota healing along with a strong commitment in the mind will help anyone to lose weight and be healthy.

Madesh, chennai, May 2007.

Cloudy Urine

 I just want to Thank You for the advice you have given me .I have been doing the  water therapy for sometime with malli and  chukku and I  don't see the cloudy urine anymore.

Mrs.Manoj April 2008.

Arthritic pain

     For many years i had severe arthritic pain in knee and unable to walk or stand or sit for long time. Always I had pain. I started simple pancha bhoota therapy (had to admit was not able to fully do water therapy), but ritually ate the fenugreek, turmeric, curry leaves powder and completely free from pain. It is surprising how simple methods give good releif instead of wasting money and health doing modern medicine.

Lakshmi, St.lous. June 2007.

Successful fertility

 Both my daughter and son-in-law are medical doctors and had been childless for three after marriage. My daugther became upset when her gyne told that it may be almost impossible to get pregnant. She always had irregular menstruation.  I approached Sakthifoundation for help and was suggested simple appraoch like water therapy and eating black sesame seeds with jaggery other simple remedies.

      My medical doctor-son-in-law laughed at knowing the therapy and commented that his wife is already overweight and will increase more weight eating high calorie sesame seeds. But I persuaded my daughter to drink water in the mornign because it is not harmful. in the evening when she came from office, I gave her the tasty sesame jaggery snack. Within a couple of months  her weight started decreasing in contrary to what my son-in-law had predicted. She started regular menstrual cycles and within four months after  starting just these two steps she got pregnant.

I am amazed how this simple approach is a healthy approach to our health problems when we are still boasting of the advanced Modern medicinal era.

Devi, June 2007,Texas. USA.


Thanks a lot for your advise.One more thing of course happy news for us.My father also got sugar and bp. I told him to do water therapy and take fenugreek mix after every meal.
Now his sugar is controlled. he is reducing his dosage.

Very big thanks for your service.
Karun (Real Name) June 2007.


Dear Sakthi,
  I have been eating fruits regularly and also I have started going for a morning
walk instead of evening.
  This has helped me a lot. Therefore I have started doing the water therapy too and
my bowels are remaning clean.

Geeta, 2007, India.


     For past 20 years I was diabetic and was on insulin 25 units a day. Inspite of that my fasting blood sugar levels would be more than 200. I also suffered from chronic fatigue. I was not able to even walk even to do house hold activities.   I met several doctors and no one could help.

     From February 2007 I started doing Pancha Bhoota  therapy and miraculously my fatigue started to clear away. I started even go regular walking and do house hold chores.  Amazingly my fasting blood glucose cme down to 108 within 40 days of Pancha bhoota treatment even after cutting down my insulin to 5 units. My family doctor was astonished and enquired about what I was doing different. I explained Pancha bhoota therapy and he took a copy of the Pancha bhoota methodology because he himself was highly diabetic.

    For a middle class family women to spend every month 2000 rupees from pocket is high. Not only I enjoy good health now after doing Pancha Bhoota, I have also reduced by medical bills to  700 rupees. I wish I had known this earlier. I told about this wonderful simple treatment for diabetes to many and I could see the same benefits with two of my brothers too.

   To tell the truth, I was skeptical in the beginning how this natural method could help when allopathic doctors failed. Since I had  no choice, I did and now I am so thankful to Sakthi Foundation for helping people like me.

Vanaja, Kerala

April 2007.

Multiple Myeloma  (Plasma cell cancer)

 I was diagonised with Multiple myeloma cancer in July 2006 IN Adayar Cancer Hospital, Chennai, India. I was told that I was in advanced stage of cancer and my kidney was affected and so regular chemo therapy could not done because it will worsen my kidneys and I will die of that. So they recommended medicines to improve kidneys and start only mild oral chemotherapy In August. They told my wife to arrange for 7 lakhs rupees (around 15, 000 us dollars)  for the treatment including bone marrow transplantation to save my life. For a middle class family person like this expense is not affordable.

          My relative told about Sakthifoundation Pancha Bhoota treatment and said it is very effective, though they have not treated any multiple myeloma cancer before.  When I heard about the therapy it was so simple to believe , but I wanted to try because it made sense and also  it was no money. I started immediately all the five elements of pancha bhoota and within few months by doctors tol that my kidney functions have improved. (Drinking water is cautioned in renal failure, but according to pancha bhoota it will help detoxify and inturn will help the kidneys).

      Soon my blood parameters started showing better quickly and by November the doctors were surprised that i recovered so well and told that I do not need to undergo any bone marrow transplantation. That was a great relief for me and my family for not only saving expenses but also my health. Now (January 2007) I was told to come only once in three months for check up. There was no need for any chemotherapy or other treatment.

     I owe so much to Sakthifoundation for helping me and wish to spread this information to everyone for healthy living. I am enclosing a report to show that even in third stage B I was able to get recovery using this simple pancha bhoota treatment alsone. I did water therapy, did all the herbs and food suggested, did pranayama the breathing exercise , walking, yoga and meditation. I think this holistic approach has helped me.

Raghunathan (Real Name) Allepey

India. January 2007.

Multiple myeloma  is a cancer of the plasma cell, an important part of the immune system that produces immunoglobulins (antibodies) > It is characterized by excessive numbers of abnormal plasma cells in the bone marrow and overproduction of Bence-Jones protein.


Dear Sakthi,

         I am very very thankful to you to gave a great idea on controlling this psoriasis disorder. Now it is fully controlled by me. Also I am following yoga. So the entire things (Pancha Bhoota) works out for me and I could able to live peaceful life now. 
         Earlier the disease was controlling me and now I am controlling it. Past 1.8 yrs I have been wearing half hand shirt and shorts. I am very happy now also I am
following the method whenever I feel it is coming again. So I am really very happy
Sakthi. I think that god only send you to me to help. 

I will help some of them who suffered by this using this method.

The treatment along with yoga works faster.

Thank you very much.


February 2007.

Constipation relieved

Thanks for your great advice. I will do that. You guys are awesome. I am doing your
castor oil cleanse once a month and have seen dramatic improvement.


February 2007


      I was hesitant and shy asking Sakthi about a natural method for aborting my unwanted pregnancy. I had done couple of times and it is very unhealthy.  You suggested eating specific food which I cannot believe do the work. Though I had appointment with a gynecologist to terminate by seven weeks pregnancy, I was desperate to avoid the hospital procedure. So I followed your advice immediately. I was very very much surprised that within 26 hours I had abortion. I went to the gyne and she look at told me that she had never seen such an aborted fetus coming out so complete as if it was a normal delivery. In the past when I used pills to terminate unwanted pregnancy it used to pain and fetus would come out in bits and pieces and then I had to do a cleaning at the clinic.

    Through this so natural method my concept of food has changed. It is even more powerful than medications if used in the right way. I am sure that I was like the common public thinking that food is merely food and cannot do the work of medicines. But this incident has totally changed me. Food is really the best medicine that is safe and healthy without side effects. Thanks a lot for reviving the ancient medicinal system and prayers for helping mankind through your wonderful service.     

Anitha (not real name)


January 2007

Constipation relieved after seven years

My son had  constipation brought right after birth and had tried all methods without success. Followed what sakthi suggested for one week (one glass of water first thing in morning and seven fresh fruit juices - one per day). My son who used to have bowel movements once every three to five days then started to have two to three bowel movements every day. What a relief for parents like me and for the child. Thanks a lot Sakthi for this wonderful information and he;ping the child out.


February 2007

Pregnancy Information

Hello Team,
I'm really amazed with the information you have provided in your site and
its good that we have very good team across the globe to serve the society.
I'm checking the pregnancy site and it has a wealth of information and its
must for any pregnant couples.


February 2007

Lost 50 pounds in four months

I am one of the Sakthi foundation volunteer and did Pancha Bhoota method and lost more than 50 pounds in less than four months. I felt that my desperateness along with water therapy, whole foods, castor oil cleansing and every day walking that did the job. I feel so energetic so light and happy that I can do more Sakthifoundation's charitable work. From young age I was overweight and for the first time I found the means to lose weight.  After many years I could lose so much weight in a healthy way.

       I also found that Sakthi Gita methods to help calm my agitated mind. I understand that when I was unhappy I used to overcome that  through unhealthy eating. Now when I know how to handle emotional problems through Sakthi Gita practice I understand that I burn  less energy actively thinking and hence now require only les food. Pancha bhoota method is a holistic approach and solves problems at all levels.

Madeshwaran (Real name)

Febraury 2007.

Abdominal pain and menstrual cramps relieved completely

Dear Sakthi,

I have to thank you from my heart for completely curing  the severe abdominal cramps that I used to have during menstruation. I cannot believe that natural ways works so efficient and why people are ignorant about it. I recommend this site to whomever I meet. Keep the good work going. Another  thing is that my periods have become regular.


January 2007

Anemia gone

I am 22 years old guy and couple of times I fainted at work and fell down. I met doctor and found I was severely anemic (hemoglobin was 9.0). I was given iron tablets which helped me to improve a little bit , but I hated to be constipated. I got advice from sakthi and through simple efficient food after four to five months my hemoglobin count reached 13.3. Thanks Sakthi.


January 2007

Delayed menstruation

I ate the sesame seeds and jaggery for a week and I got my periods. So thankful for the medicine.  Thanks again. The sesame seeds  and jaggery really works
January 2007.

Diabetes under control

After many years of uncontrolled diabetes finally I was able to reduce from four pills a day to half a tablet now through pancha bhoota healing. My fasting levels used to be above 170 and now it is around 95. It is amazing how though water therapy, whole foods, walking with breath awareness and eating the sakthi-diabetic fenugreek powder after every meal my diabetes is under control. I never thought in my life this could happen. Pancha bhoota method makes so much sense that only by integrating all the five aspects and understanding the real cause of diseases we can be healthy. Thanks a lot.


January 2007.

Cold and headache

Dear Sakthi,
First of all greetings to you.
I had followed your instruction of taking turmeric powder in the night for
41 days. For the last two months i never get cold or head ache after starting the
medication. Very big thanks to you.
You most valuable advise is most appreciated.
Thanks and god bless you

October 2006.

Precancerous Oral Lesion Cured

I am aged 24 years. I and my friends chew a lot of Pan and keep in the mouth for a long time. I developed white precancerous lesions. The doctor said I am in the verge of developing oral cancer. I am not able to eat or drink anything. The whole throat is shrinked and cannot swallow.  I was scared to get cancer in young age. I did not know what to do. I got the advice Pradheep chettan. He gave me simple solution to chew coconut fresh piece with carrot organically grown, first thing in the morning. After that  Do water therapy.  Eat turmeric and pepper one teaspoon after food three times a day. Within few weeks completely the lesions went away. Thanks a lot for this great treatment which is effective and inexpensive. 

Sheeyas (Original Name) Kodungallur,

Kerala, India December 2002




I would like to share u all the magic of castor oil cleansing...which I think will be very beneficial to those parents who have small babies..I was continuously doing castor oil cleansing for my baby from his 6th month onwards(before that I don't know about this)..I started coz he got some other disease...but from that day onwards he has no cold,no fever, no difficulties due to he is 1 month shy of 2 yr.... I continued to give him daily (6drops in 6th month,7 drops in that)...till he is 1 yr 3 months...after that I gave him like twice or thrice a week...

1 month before I have to stop temporarily due to some other reasons ( but will start asap) so that started experiencing cold and difficulties due to phlegm.. 

Just want to share this to all so that someone might be very useful...

Rekha Menon
Feb 11 2020

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