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 Health Testimonials

 We will update new health testimonials here and after six months they will be categorized in the respective sections. (Last updated January 2024).  Names and place that appear in the testimonials are not real to respect the confidentiality of the individual's identity from being public. However, only under written permission real names are eing disclosed.

"Please mail us testimonials to share and inspire others to follow simple methods for complex healh issues and get benefited like you".



Sreekanth Nair from Thiruvananthapuram shares the transformative journey of his father with UNI5 - A testimony


At 44, my father underwent open bypass surgery to address four blockages after a heart attack. A decade later, angioplasty and the insertion of a stent became necessary due to another cardiac episode. Subsequently, an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) was placed following yet another heart attack 5 to 6 years later. Over the past two decades, facing various heart-related challenges, the UNI5 treatment, guided by my friend Ripunjay Bhargava and Dr. Pradhheep Challiyil, played a pivotal role.


Medical professionals are delighted to witness remarkable improvements in his heart health. Embracing the holistic UNI5 approach, incorporating elements like a pre-biotic-rich, fully vegetarian diet, Panchagavya to maintain a healthy gut microbiome, triphala water throughout the day, and chanting the mantra AUM Namah Shivaya almost 30,000 times using a counter, he actively contributes to charity. Despite a history of cardiac issues since the age of 44, he is now a healthy and content 72-year-old. Expressing gratitude for the UNI5 treatment, I extend my thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation. We wholeheartedly recommend this treatment to those in need.


Om Nama Shivaya,

Sreekanth Nair (Real name),4th Jan 2024,Thiruvananthapuram, India


How Uni5 course on over all well being helped to cure my son's hernia - A testimony 


My 6 year old son had a hernia. Doctors suggested surgery. Instead we took some time and followed the Uni5 method. 


We followed the below uni5 suggestions 


For one month we did water therapy, fermented rice water and fermented vegetables in the morning, and avoided junk foods, green and red chilli and tamarind. Did asanas and diaphragm exercises and meditation. Gave healthy soups at night. Did rituals uni5 method lamp lightning , pithru pooja did Charity. After two months we had the scan and the report was completely normal. We are completely happy. I recommend this course for healthy and happy life.


Thank you Uni5 team.

Purnima (real name), Switzerland,November  31, 2023


Uni5 Pregnancy class - Testimonial


Hi all. I want to share my experience of my journey with uni5 for my second pregnancy and delivery. I have been a follower of uni5 since 2018, but was not consistent adhering to the principles. In September 2022 I got pregnant with my second baby. My first kid is 7 years old and I faced a lot of fear and worries throughout my first pregnancy. I will read every word from the scan report and start thinking about the worst. Even though I had a healthy pregnancy it was not a happy journey because of my insecurities. This time I definitely wanted to be stronger both physically and mentally.


I started my pregnancy course with Uni5. The course covered all aspects of a healthy pregnancy starting from what to eat, exercises, awareness, thinking patterns , chanting Vishnu sahasra namam, other slogams, pattern based activities. I started to see a drastic difference in the way I started to feel my baby. 


Baby was really getting connected to me. In second trimester my hemoglobin level went down for which Uni5 suggested a special diet and her support throughout my pregnancy is something i really cherish on. It was like I constantly had someone to support me and answer my doubts and boost me up positively. 


Now my daughter is 3 months old and I see every activity I did during pregnancy has reflected positively on her. From birth her sleeping pattern is good, she listens to me better, even when she is bit fussy more than a lullaby she will settle down faster when I speak to her. 


Thank you uni5 for the immense support provided. Some gratitude can never be over and my journey with you and uni5 during pregnancy is of such kind. I strongly recommend this course. 


Rashmi ( Real name ), Bangalore November 2023


Amputation of diabetic feet avoided following uni5 treatment and  ammagenomics diagnosis-  A testimony


Amputation of diabetic feet avoided with best diagnosis and treatment.

We feel blessed to come across AMMAGENOMICS diagnostic center. 

My aunt who is aged 50 years, had an issue in her 2nd toe of right foot and the amputation was the only solution offered by more than 4 doctors we consulted. My aunt  was devasted hearing it.

I searched and found AMMAGENOMICS testing lab and approached them. Since we reside in Bangalore and the lab was in Chennai, we were worried about the process. But the staff well-coordinated with delivering kits and  receiving samples for test  reports of gut microbiome, blood bacteremia and the wound culture testing using PCR testing instead of culture test was very quick within 5 to 6 hours. 

Based on the results, we contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation and got treatment advice. Diet and life style changes were given. She also got high quality tested foods from kapilanalam and an herbal oil from MA-omics to be applied on the diabetic wound.  It amazingly healed faster than the creams and ointments used before. It healed more than 80% in just 2 weeks and after 3 weeks it is almost completely healed.

The diagnosis of lab, their timely reports &  support made the treatment process faster. Thank you "AMMAGENOMICS BLOOD TESTING LAB" team for the support.

My aunt, myself and family members are grateful to Uni5 for treating, guiding and been as a moral support through out this process, thanks a tonnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee.

We only know the phase, so just words are not enough, but wholeheartedly thank you so much.



Hanumath ,Aug 25, 2023, Bangalore, India.


Red rashes cure testimony


My son 3.5 year old  developed red rashes in the back and it start to spread in the chest and abdomen area and also to the hands ... And also cause itching

We contact  uni5 and they advised  to apply Aloe vera latex 

Within 2 times,  after application it started to reduce  and after  3 days it vanished away . I just applied Aloe latex and given warm water bath ..  I did not use any soap unte l the rashes go.  

I thank uni5 for guiding me to treat it 

Thank u uni5   sakthi foudation


Devi, Chennai,August 2023


TB Cure - A testimony 


My husband was diagnosed with TB in spine, in 2021. There were symptoms for previous 6 months.

Due to the side effects of Allopathic medication, we approached Uni5 seeking advice.

Sakthi Foundation team advised to start Uni 5 treatment along with allopathy medicines. We also took tests in AMMAGENomics for gut microbiome and blood polyphenols. Based on that suggestion in food and lifestyle was given. 

We started taking high polyphenol rich Oorjv certified turmeric with black pepper, thrikadukam, biodrink, thriphala etc from Kapilanalam.


After 6 months  starting Uni5 treatment we took a MRI scan and report showed remarkable improvement in the situation.


After taking antibiotics for a year, he started showing high sugar levels. Even with medicines the levels were very high including  insulin. At this point Uni5 suggested to start Oorjv certified Fenugreek balls from Kapilanalam . Gradually sugar level started coming down and we stopped insulin. In a span 4 months we could also stop tablets for sugar. 

We stoped all tablets for TB and continued only Uni5 treatment.

After a year, ie in Jan 2023, when we checked again, doctors said that TB is fully cured and there is no need to take any medicine for TB.


Earlier my husband was having severe back pain and was not able to lift our kid.  This was very painful experience  for us.


Now the situation has improved and he is able to lift and hold our son. Seeing that tears of joy come because as a dad he  was longing to get well and play with him. 


We don't have words to express our gratitude to AMMAGENOMICS for the tests Kapilanalam for the products and Uni5 Sakthifoundation for the treatment and the guidence given.

Sobhana (Real name),Tiruppur July 2023


Uni5 Pre - Pregnancy Program Testimonial


I am writing this testimony to share my remarkable experience with the Uni5 program and how it has positively impacted my life. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, which caused immense physical and emotional discomfort. Despite trying various treatment options such as acupuncture, humira injections, and steroid tablets, my condition did not improve significantly. My sedimentation rate consistently remained above the normal range of 0 to 14, and my hemoglobin levels were always below the normal range.


It was during this difficult time that I learned about the Uni5 program through a friend. Intrigued by the potential benefits it offered, I decided to join the sixth batch of the program, starting on June 26. Since then, I have made significant changes to my lifestyle based on the principles and practices taught in the Uni5 program.


First and foremost, I incorporated daily water therapy into my routine. I also started consuming fermented red rice for breakfast, a change that has positively influenced my overall well-being. Additionally, I have completed two rounds of castor oil cleansing, engaged in weekly deworming, and adopted a diet that strictly adheres to eating only from sunrise till sunset. As a result, I have increased my intake of vegetables and fruits, ensuring a balanced and nutritious diet.


Furthermore, I have embraced regular exercise as part of my routine. This includes morning walks and alternating gym exercises every other day. These physical activities have not only improved my physical fitness but also contributed to my mental well-being.


Recently, I underwent another round of blood work, and the results were nothing short of astonishing. My inflammation rate, which had consistently been above 20 for the past three years, dropped to a normal level of 8. This significant reduction in inflammation surprised both me and my doctor. Moreover, my hemoglobin levels increased to 13.9, a count I hadn't achieved in my previous three years of medical reports. My doctor was amazed by the drastic improvement and took note of the positive lifestyle changes I had made.


Encouraged by these extraordinary results, my doctor advised me to continue with the lifestyle changes I had implemented and scheduled a follow-up appointment after two months to assess further progress. I cannot express my gratitude enough to the Uni5 program for introducing me to a holistic approach that has transformed my health and quality of life.


The Uni5 program has provided me with the knowledge, guidance, and motivation to take control of my health. It has empowered me to make positive changes step by step, ensuring sustainable progress. I am now motivated to continue this journey with renewed enthusiasm, knowing that I am on the right path to better health and well-being.


I wholeheartedly recommend the Uni5 program to anyone seeking a holistic approach to their health concerns. The principles and practices taught in this program have the potential to create transformative changes in one's life, just as they have done for me.


Thank you once again to the Uni5 program and its dedicated team for changing my life for the better.