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Kidney testimonials

Kidney Stones gone:

For the past six months I was suffering from kidney stones (both sides), which was completely removed after doing panjabootha method  and
 water therapy for about two months. This was confirmed through yesterday’s ultra sound scanner report. I cant beleive this. I also feel much more energetic than before. Thanks a lot.

Dr. S. Dheenadayalan, Tamil Nadu, 2nd Aug 2015.

Kidney stones cured .

Last week I had extruciating pain in my back and could not get up from bed. My friends literally carried to hospital. I was told I have big kideny stones and was suggested to do laser breaking. I said I will come back after two days and do it. My wife immediately contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation and helped me do Uni5 Pancha Bhoota treatment. I took today the scan and showed no trace of stones. I not only saved unnecassry medical expense but also feel much healthier than before. Please all of you save money and health doing this Pancha Bhoota method.

Ganesan, Tamil Nadu,  14th April  2015

Cloudy Urine

 I just want to Thank You for the advice you have given me .I have been doing the  water therapy for sometime with malli and  chukku and I  don't see the cloudy urine anymore.

Mrs.Manoj April 2008.

Amazing cure of multi color , multi size kidney stones even unbreakable by  laser

Dear Pradheep,
I am pleased to confirm to you the events that took place from the time I was diagnosed with kidney stones, to the conclusion of my treatments. September 2, 1998, after a series of X-rays and cat scans, it was determined that I had one large kidney stone, measuring approximately 1.2 cm long, by 8 mm wide. Sunday afternoon of October 4th, when a large stone became impacted in the ureter. I was in excruciating pain almost immediately. The urologist could not basket the stone; thus emergency laser surgery was required on Friday, October 9th. The stone proved to be very difficult to break up. The laser procedure, which normally takes approximately 45 minutes, lasted just short of two hours. The stone density warranted the use of different laser set-ups at maximum capacity in order to facilitate the disintegration of the stone. Intense frustration was very much visible on the doctor's face, as for he had never encountered anything like this before. I saw the x-rays with my own eyes. I was devastated. On October 21, 1998, at 8:00am, during our first meeting, we had a general discussion about my situation, lifestyle, eating habits, etc. Somewhat skeptical, I walked away with this plan being the only hope of avoiding another painful procedure. After a lengthy discussion with my wife, we came to the conclusion that we had nothing to lose by trying your method. Your prescription for recovery was all natural and safe; I felt very comfortable giving it a try. So I proceeded with your treatment.

On November 16, 1998, I had a follow-up visit with the urologist. The purpose of this visit was to take another x-ray and to determine how much stone mass remained that would require lithotripsy, which was scheduled for November 19. My wife came with me this time. Her curiosity got the better of her, since I did so well in following your treatment instructions to the letter. We were all in shock: my wife, myself and, especially the urologist. The stones were gone. Side-by-side x-ray comparison showed that the remaining stones had simply - vanished.

The lithotripsy procedure was cancelled. The urologist parting words to me were, " Angelo, what ever you're doing, keep on doing it, -- your stones may not come back." I am truly grateful for your help and hope my testimony in this situation helps someone else who would like to avoid the painful experience I had to endure.

Angelo Grande (Real Name) - Buffalo, NY, USA

Kidney Stones

In 1988 I had severe attacks of kidney stone formation. I got complete cure after doing water therapy and drinking banana stem juice for two weeks.

Jayasree Anandakrishnan, INDIA

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