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Testimonials - Overweight

Weight loss

Dear Sakthi,

By following your suggestions, I was able to reduce 10kgs in 5 months, which I was not able to do in 5 years. Thanks a lot Doctor. Thanks & Regards,

Anita. India , Dec 2008


     I was over weight for many years  (119 kg or 242 pounds). In five months  of doing all the pancha bhoota elements especially water therapy, eating only whole grains and vegetables and pancha bhoota walking, I was able to bring my weight to (91 kg or 184 pounds). I lost 28 kg or 58 pounds.  I feel extremely happy and healthy and feel that pancha bhoota healing along with a strong commitment in the mind will help anyone to lose weight and be healthy.

Madesh, chennai, May 2007.

Lost 45 pounds

  I am feeling much better now a days and feeling more positive, Also I have lost 22kgs (45 Pounds) in last two years, without any crash diet, just changing some basic eating habits, with more of raw fruits and vegetables in the diet. I just go for jogging in the weekend in the near by garden and started going to my lab in cycle. I can see big changes, just by doing lot of outdoor sports,(bike,hike,roller)

I was never able to achieve this even with my 4 years subscription to the gym, Even
when I go to gym, I used to crave for food a lot, but now, Its more balanced, I dont
feel that I am dieting, or doing extra exercises. I am strictly following water( 1.5
lt) everyday and a juice day and Castor oil cleansing. Specially the days I do the
juice, I feel very fresh and energetic the next day morning.

I never imagined that weight loss can be so much of fun.

I take recipes from sakthi kitchen. The site is very nice and very useful.

Thank you very much,

Uma Maheswari S (Real Name)
FRANCE. August 2006

I was very much helped by your advice, drinking 1 1/2 -2 litres in the morning helped me with my stomach, skin and I also lost a bit of wieght very quickly.
Thank you again,
Maria  from Sweden, July 2004.

My wife has been undergoing the water therapy for the last 2 months. She has seen several positive outcomes, weight loss of about 8 pounds is one among them.
Thanks in advance

Venkat, New York, USA.2003

Hi Pradeep
I was 178lbs.With just water therapy and juice fasting i went down to 172lbs.Then i started off with some exercise. I did walking for an hour and i went down to 168lbs.After some days my weight did not reduce at all,so i began to workout in the gym. Its 2 months since i joined the gym and i've lost 8lbs and now i weigh around 160lbs.I am very happy and my aim is to reduce my weight to 140lbs.Thank you once agin and i shall keep you updated hereafter.

Krishna Veni, Tennessee, USA 2003.

I have done the water therapy for the last two years without fail because if I don't do it, my body screams for water until I drink my 32 oz in the morning. I also continue to drink water throughout the day. I have eliminated red meat from my diet and have found a great substitute, they are called BOCA BURGERS, which are soy and vegetable based hamburgers. Same consistency of regular burger, but they are actually healthier. I have lost about 15 lbs.feel great and look younger, I am on my way to a better lifestyle. Thank you for your help.

Angelo, NY Aug 2000.

I feel I should also share my expereince with Pancha-bhoota healing to you all. I had a weak immune system and hence in my childhood I suffered from tonsilitis and fevers. At age of 8, my tonsils and adenoids were removed. Still my poor health continued until I realized about the healing power of the body. After that I never got sick, I never had flu shots or otehr vaccinations and I enjoy very good health. In 1998 September, I was got engaged to Priyaa in India and I returned to USA. I was strictly ordered by my dad to increase my weight atleast 5 pounds ( I am scared of my dad). I started to eat one cube of butter every day for breakfast and half a pound cheese for lunch and dinner. I drank whole milk and ate lot of sweets. All my friends considered I was going crazy. However to my shock did not put even half a pound more until first week of January 1999. I had only three weeks to go India for my wedding and still not gained even half a pound. I was analyzing why high fat diet did not help me. I thought it might be the water therapy that prevents gaining weight. I stopped doing that and within two weeks I gained 11 pounds. My dad when he came to receive me in the airport was happy to see my chubby face. In Feb 1999 after I came back to USA I resumed water therapy and lost 10 pounds within 10 days. Until now I have never gained nor lost any pounds and my weight is steady inspite of any change in the diet.

Pradheep Chhalliyil, 2000

I have been doing the water technique of Pancha Bhoota for a few months now. My experience with this has been wonderful. From the very first I could feel differences as my body responded to this therapy. I began to feel clearer and more energetic as I was releasing the toxins in my system. I find that I am perspiring a lot more than I used to and I know this is a good way for my body to release toxins and fat. I have lost 23 pounds! I notice that the quality of my skin tone is much improved. And I no longer experience hormonal hot flashes. They just disappeared! All of this from simply drinking water every morning. I feel very comfortable recommending this simple, easy technique. I look forward to experiencing the other techniques of Pancha Bhoota.

Barbara .E. Fairfield, IA, 2000

I am glad to share my experience with you about water therapy. I have lost seven pounds in three weeks. I did not do exercise or change my diet, expect I took light dinner and heavy breakfast and lunch. I noticed my fat cells disappearing from face and around my waist. I am able to wear some of my outfits which I could not wear for the last 2 to 3 years. The wrinkles in my body have also vanished to my surprise. I feel great. I thank Pradheep Chhalliyil for this.

Jessy Vuyyuru , Iowa, 10th June 2000.

After getting married to Pradheep Chhalliyil, I became very healthy. First I thought he was crazy drinking so much water every day morning. Once I started that I realize how good I feel. I lost six pounds within ten days and after that I maintain steady weight for the past one and half years.
Priya K Chhalliyil, Iowa, 2000

For many years I never lost weight, contrary, I increased in weight gradually. With water therapy and eating light dinners I lost 9 pounds in three weeks, which is like losing 10% of my body weight. Its amazing that I also could give up drinking lots of coffee.

Sathiamoorthy, Iowa, 2000

I lost 40 pounds in a month with water therpay and having light dinners. I lost my craving for sweets which I think is the best part of this water therapy. My digestion improved and craving to eat food stopped. I am so glad to do this wonderful, simple and safe way of losing fat.

Alice Bob, Idaho, 2000

My experience with water therapy is very good. I feel lighter and energetic throughout the day. I lost three pounds in two weeks with no exercise and change in diet. The greatest benefit for me is that since I started this water therapy, my HOT FLASHES disappeared. I have stopped taking herbs for hot flashes. I don't have any more Hot Flashes now. This is the simplest way to purify the body and maintain good health.

Rosemary Smith, 45, Fairfield, Iowa. June 2000.

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