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                                      Testimonials Happy Mind

                                              Last Updated April  2020

Transformation of Mind with additional help of Rituals

Hello Sir. I wanted to inform you regarding my cousin sister if you remember who was in love with a boy who was not good and adamant to get out of that relationship. Everyone new he was bad in character. But my sister did not listen. No amount of advice or counseling helped her . Last year in May we contacted Guruji and he had informed us to do energy rituals. Her Mom did all the rituals and this year February my sister got married wholeheartedly with another boy whom the elders in family had proposed. No body forced her and she got married happily to him. We were so surprised to see that change in her.

My Aunt did Ganapati Homa everyday at home , lamp lighting, Neelanjanam and Chanting Om namah shivaya. These 4 was done everyday till she got married. There were few other things which Guruji had told but she was able to do only these since she had limited resources.

Thank you very much for the guidence and to Guruji as well. UNI5 is a blessing for all of us:pray:.

Radha Ramani, Hyderabad, April 2020

Testimonials from 2013


Uni5 Sakthi foundation - Pudhiyadhor Trust - Chennai

Feed back session from coordinators of 4 different centers

Topic: Mind Level Uni5 Personality Development


 1. ''In previous years I was much concerned about my earning and tried to put more efforts. But now after practicing this concept my mind has learned to draw its own limitations. I am able to say ''no'' to many of the unhealthy and unwanted needs of my own teen aged children and I am very clear in making myself satisfied'' - Ms. Roopa Balu January 2013

 2. ''I have face many issues in my life and my husband is suffering from a chronic sickness. I got the courage to face the tough times of life. Without expecting money I worked in schools and slowly started earning. Even though my mind has been distracted by many to stop working for few amount, I have shifted my mind with awareness to the conscious state of serving poor children in education. Than the little salary I earn I am happy with the comments which my students give about my dedicated teaching. This Uni5 session has finally added up the courage and makes me to continue my service apart from many problems.'' - Ms. Devi January 2013

 3. ''I am facing several comments, teasing from my own family members for being a social worker. But the mind has been transformed to the conscious state of service. This is making me to think clearly about all issues. My anger got reduced.'' - Ms. Nazir Hassan January 2013

 4.''When my children who are getting out of school finals demanded my physical presence every day, I have explained the need for my duty in this trust and they have understood. For that first I have shifted my mind to the state of calmness and also understood their needs. My changes are being reflected at home also''. Ms. Stella David January 2013

 5. ''The eagerness within me after coming to the center to serve and learn from children is inspiring the families where I work as maid. They have understood the needs and giving permission to attend the meetings at correct time. I am also able to maintain my home in good body level awareness. My anger got reduced.

 The session has given me the courage to handle the tough timing during my mother-in-law’s death. The most worst financial stress has been solved by the way I spoke to my relatives. The mind has gained confidence in handling situations in good spirit.'' - Miss. Rama kamal, January 2013

 6. ''I have calmed down my mind and facing much tough timing very boldly in my area and also becoming much aware about my service and responsibilities.'' - Miss. Mary Rose January 2013

 7.''I am able to accept the reality and think about the effects of sacrifice'' - Ms.Bhuvana January 2013

 8. ''I have developed a clear communicating skill with family. I am avoiding gossiping. I am able to give counseling to many people.'' - Ms.Srikala January 2013

 9. ''The change in my anger has changed my family'' - Deepa January 2013

The essence of MIND level transformation among the children of all centers is being given as follows:

 * Children are able to calm down their physical energy and started involving in constructive work and learning.

 * Children has started showing the real love and care for the trust activities.

 * Children have started considering the teachers' efforts and pay more attention to the exercises.

 * Children have started sharing and helping each other.

 * Children have started sharing the responsibilities of the center and guide each other.

 * Children are more independent in their planning and finishing their work.

 * Children are able to understand the effort of the trust and respect the materials and handle all of them with responsibility and care.

 * Children have started coming out of fights, gossiping and unwanted teasings.

 * Elder children are able to accept the younger ones and they assist them in many ways.

 * New children getting admitted to the centers are trained by elder children.

 * The cordial realtion and harmony among us and children has extended to their familes.

 * Children are giving much importance to studies and creative work with more interest and focusing mind.


DATE: 26.1.2013 - India's republic day

This day is very important for every one of us to remember about the past perfection and social responsibility which our fore fathers had. The education is past decades has failed to implement that. The self-responsibility and social responsibility with dedication and devotion to conscious state of mind is divine. This has to be evolved very naturally within children from very young age.

The history of many great men who has dedicated their life for the social development has been refocused with this vision. The mind which is the driving force within us has to be well trained to be aware about the body, emotions and intellect is the fuel. Awareness is the direction. The state of being consciousness is very important and this has been well explained to the coordinators today.

The meeting also discussed the mind's state of today's man which is giving very much important to body. This is making us to spend lot and lot of energy to get into work and earn more. But we also miss the life with its natural love and happiness. The essence of earing from ancient Indian economical texts has been narrated to the staff and it is our duty to make the children to be aware about all aspects of life from young age. The concept of sacrifice and priority given has been discussed well with several examples.

The liking for western culture has to be directed much towards the perfection in work and social responsibility. This session discussed the various transformations within the adults and children in each center. The transformations prove that the mind is very hard to get changed. But constant practice with awareness will give us change. Like body level changes, changes in mind level are feeble but they are important. The very important process of human life with spirituality is to transform the mind to a better awareness. The given report will reflect the sincere assistance given to young children by many adults in all 4 centers. We also see that the self-transformation of few has been expanded to their families and in public. This is the process of entire social change. Let us proceed more....

We thank Dr.Narayanan for giving the great chance to implement this Uni5 MIND LEVEL PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT to all; these children. The session is being continued. We also thank Dr.Pradheep Challiyill for making us to learn this concept.

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