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 Health Testimonials

 We will update new health testimonials here and after six months they will be categorized in the respective sections. (Last updated  December 2021).  Names and place that appear in the testimonials are not real to respect the confidentiality of the individual's identity from being public. However, only under written permission real names are being disclosed.

"Please mail us testimonials to share and inspire others to follow simple methods for complex health issues and get benefited like you".


Epigastric stomach pain cure Testimony

Hi All,

My father 60+ years had epigastric stomach pain suddenly, the pain was so severe, and we contacted Uni5 to treat this problem.

Uni5 suggested massaging turmeric and garlic-infused castor oil on the abdomen and giving hot fomentation. My father followed the same and immediately after 30 minutes gas was released, and the pain got stopped and he became normal.

Uni5 also suggested taking one spoon of castor oil internally and light food on that night. The next day morning one spoon of overnight soaked fenugreek water was advised for intake and to eat the fenugreek as well. My father did the same and felt good. 

Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Manjula (Real name), USA, December 2021



Ear Pain cure Testimony

Hi All,

My 8-year-old daughter had an ear infection, she had severe pain especially at night and there was pus also in the ear. So, we Contacted Uni5 and Uni5 suggested preparing the below oil.

1. 1 spoon Neem oil

2. 1 spoon coconut oil

3. 2-piece Garlic sliced

Boiled all the three in less heat and filtered. We put this oil in my daughter’s ears, 2 times a day for 15 days continuously and my daughter was recovered completely.

Uni5 also advised us to give my daughter pineapple daily followed by turmeric and pepper, so we gave this to our daughter. 

We also did the charity and Uni5 lamp lighting pooja. Thanks, Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for the timely help.

Govindarajan (Real name), USA, December 2021


Stomach ache got cured - Testimony

Hi All,

My name is Vijayalakshmi. My son who is five years old had a stomach ache and he couldn’t eat anything. So, I contacted Uni5 to treat this problem. Uni5 explained the possible causes for having such stomachache and suggested doing all the five Uni5 aspects. Along with all the five Uni5 suggested following the below immediately.

1. Avoided using red chilies, green chilies, tamarind, souring taste foods. Instead used pepper, ginger, long pepper in the cooking.

2. Fermented red rice as breakfast.

3. Overnight soaked fenugreek water, first thing in the morning.

4. Fresh coconut milk, once a day.

We followed the above Uni5 suggestions for just two days. His stomachache is gone now, and his digestion also got much better, cause of the fresh spices like pepper, ginger, long pepper. We are amazed by the result. Thanks, Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Vijayalakshmi (Real Name), Coimbatore,December, 2021.



Back pain got better - Testimony 

Hello All,

                  For back pain, ysa market ( Dhanvanthri thailam is very effective. I started using and it is just been two days and the result is amazing. I travel in bike a lot and I really can feel the change. Thanks Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Saravanan (Real Name), Chennai, December 2021


My pregnancy journey with Uni5 - Testimony

Hi All,

This is my 1st pregnancy journey with uni5. I got conceived naturally and didn’t take medicines before pregnancy. I wanted to follow the diet correctly and didn’t want to be on any medication during pregnancy also. From the second month onwards, I started having discomfort and vomiting. For this, Uni5 suggested doing water therapy. Water therapy was amazing, and I started seeing changes in the body. I felt refreshed after doing water therapy. As Uni5 recommended, I started doing lamp lighting which made me to feel very positive.

In the eighth month, my HB became very low, and the doctor suggested taking iron tablets and injections. I didn’t take supplements. So, I approached Uni5 and as Uni5 suggested, I started taking iron-rich moringa soup daily, sprouted ragi porridge, beetroot malt, ABC juice, etc. After a week we tested again, and it became 10.5. I was really amazed by the result within a week.

Once my HB became high, I stopped taking iron-rich foods. I made the mistake of not following the diet recommendation from Uni5. Due to that, my HB became 9.3 one week before my delivery and my amniotic fluid also became low. The doctor said that normal delivery might not be possible with this condition. So, I contacted uni5 and Uni5 advised increasing Bhagya Sakthi by doing charity and chanting could help. As uni5 advised, I pledged to do charity connected with kula deivam and chanted Garbharakshambigai mantra for normal delivery.  

December 7, 2021, water broke, and I didn’t get labor pain. Uni5 suggested applying warm castor oil on the abdomen and sides. I did this and the next day night I got labor pain. I got admitted to the hospital and within an hour, I delivered a baby boy through vaginal delivery. We were all surprised and I really understood the importance of bhagyasakthi and doing charity.

I  learned a lot during my pregnancy with uni5. I sincerely thank Uni5 for guiding me throughout the journey.

Nivetha Baskaran(Real Name), Chennai,December 2021


Uni5 influence on overall health - Testimony

Hi All, 

I am from Chennai. I and my husband were taking swasamirtham from ysa market  ( from the beginning of covid. During 2nd wave, we got infected by corona. Since we were taking swasamirtham continuously, the immunity level was so good, and we were able to manage during the infection and post corona period. Post corona I had a haemorrhoid issue and I was suffering from bleeding from the anus. I was advised by Uni5 Sakthi Foundation to follow all five aspects. Also, Uni5 recommended to take fermented red rice or black rice in the morning. I followed continuously for a month, and I did castor oil cleansing, followed by water therapy every day. I feel a very good difference in my haemorrhoid and overall health. Also, I started doing pitru pooja every month and doing charity. Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for the advice on the right time.

I have two kids, studying different classes. They too attend online classes but a few weeks back I got the message from the school that they plan to open the school for a half-day. I thought it’s better to give swasamirtham for kids to my children to protect them from cough, cold, fever and to improve immunity. So, I give them half a teaspoon daily. Because prevention is better than cure. Thank you, Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Kalaivani (Real Name), Chennai, December 2021.


Leg injury got cured - Testimony

Hi All, 

I fell on the tiles and injured my leg. Dhanvanthri oil from ysa Market ( ) was given in the office to heal this wound. I used it continuously for three days. I used only two or 3 drops each time. That’s when I felt good change. There was water stagnant on the roads due to the continuous rain here, I walked in the water with this injury and continued to do my daily chores. But I did not have any swelling or pain. There seems to be a good change in use for three consecutive days. Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for recommending me the Dhanvanthri oil.

Mani, Chennai, December 2021.


Fever got cured following uni5 -  testimony 

My 2.3 years old son was having fever on 10.11.2021. So we started to give Paracetamol 5ml and it was looking like the temperature is coming down to normal but it was not and on the other side it was going  up-to 101.6 and my son was feeling very tired his body was very hot his eyes were drowsy and couldn't sleep properly also during the nights. And since the temperature was so high we started to give another type of paracetamol prescribed by the physician for very high temperature that is greater than 100 degrees and then also it was looking like the temperature was coming down but after 3 to 4 hours it was again rising and he started to cough also which was not present in the beginning . So I started to give Uni5 medication from the 4 th day evening . I made a decoction of ginger,turmeric powder,coriander powder,cinnamon, pepper and karpooravalli leaves. And I gave it as a hot kashayam. Then I gave karpooravalli leaf juice. I applied shallots and garlic infused castor oil on chest,  backside of chest and underside of foot. I also gave shallots juice with honey after food. I could see the difference after single dose of all the above remedies and his temperature was around 99.5 without any paracetamol and he was active and normal as usual and he slept peacefully during the nights. I followed this the next day and his temperature was becoming normal. I am really amazed by the results of following this Uni5 remedies. I am grateful and thank Uni5 for this wonderful service to humanity.

Srividhya (Real Name), Qatar, November 2021.


Diabetes and Pressure – condition gets very much improved following Uni5 – Testimony

Hello All,

                     My mother aged 63 had very high sugar levels and blood pressure. When we checked with the doctor, he said that she is taking already a very high dose of blood pressure, and we should not increase the dose any further. The doctor advised my mother to reduce stress and relax to reduce her BP. Then we checked with Uni5 Sakthi Foundation about the same. My mother believes only in allopathy and she doesn’t have much exposure to Ayurveda. I told about this also to Uni5 also. Uni5 suggested taking allopathy medicines and following Uni5 also. As Uni5 suggested, my mother started water therapy, walking, and diet changes. Uni5 suggested doing a complete body massage with Dhanvanthri oil from the ysa market( So, in the morning, my mother applies the oil to her feet, neck, shoulders, head, hands, legs and did a gentle massage. After an hour she takes bath. This oil massage is very effective, and her sleep quality got very much improved. After taking an oil bath, she will have a very sound sleep. Uni5 clarified that aged people think too much and stress out themselves and by sound sleep only they can reduce stress and relax. After this oil massage, my mom’s blood pressure got very much reduced. Then for diabetes, Uni5 recommended having Sakthi Diabetic Mix and we are following that also. After taking diabetic mix her sugar levels got reduced. I check her BP and sugar levels daily. It’s been a month that we started Uni5, and we reduced the dosage of the allopathy medicines. Following Uni5, we hope that slowly we stop the allopathy medicines and soon switch to only Uni5. So, whoever taking allopathy medicines for BP and diabetes, can follow this. Initially, You can do Uni5 along with allopathy medicines then by monitoring the pressure, sugar levels slowly you can reduce the dosage, and eventually, you can stop taking medicines and can follow only Uni5. I thank the Uni5 Sakthi foundation.

Poovish ( Real Name), Kerela, November 2021.

Fever cure testimony

Hi All,

Fever is all gone without needing any medication.  I just had the kashayam made up of good quality thrikadugu ( moringa powder and more garlic as Uni5 suggested. Did charity also. Thanks Uni5 for the guidance and support. Aum Namah shivaya 🙏🏻

Devi, Trichy, November 2021.


Testimony for common cold and runny nose

My 4 years old daughter had watery eyes and runny nose 2 days before. She became so cranky and cried as her nose was blocked. So, I contacted  uni5 for home remedy. Uni5 suggested small onion juice mixed with honey to give after food. So the same day after dinner I gave her a tsp of the same. Next day her eyes also swollen. So gave heat fomentation to her eyes. Uni5  also suggested to give karpoora valli leaves juice for cold which is very effective. We had that plant in our home. Somehow I convinced and asked her to chew the leaves. So gave her 3 small karpoora valli leaves and after an hour she felt relieved and started playing. Thanks Uni5.

I hope this might help someone. Also rainy season started. So lets grow  karpoora valli plants in our home.

Lakshmi , Chennai, October 2021


Mouth Blisters cure testimony

Hi all, 

              I got mouth blisters and it was painful and couldn’t eat anything cause of that. So, I contacted Uni5 and as Uni5 suggested followed the below. 

1. Oil pulling in morning & night before bed with good quality sesame oil

2. Applied coconut oil in blister whenever I can 

3. Had coconut milk in breakfast 

4. Avoided chilly/tamarind/sour food

6. Had fermented food like old rice kanji, green moong dal 

7. Organic fermented homemade buttermilk 

8. Tender coconut at noon

9. Carrot & cucumber as a snack or salad 2 times a day 

10. Walking plus deep breathing exercises every day

11. Charity that would be spent on medical expenses.

After following the above, I was able to recover very fast completely. Thanks, Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Manikandan (Real name), Chennai, October, 2021


Itchy ears got cured following Uni5 - testimony

Hello All, 

               I had very itchy ears and could not sleep because of that. So, I contacted Uni5 and as Uni5 suggested I put ginger infused sesame oil in ears twice a day. After following this within 20 days itching got cured completely and was able to have a good sleep as well.  Thanks Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Thilaga (Real Name), USA, October 2021


Mesenteric Lymphadenitis cure testimony 

Hello All,

               I would like to share how I cured mesenteric lymphadenitis of my eight years old son (inflammation of lymph nodes) following Uni5. At the age of eight, my son started getting severe abdomen pain. For this I consulted more than six allopathy doctors and tried several medications but there was no complete cure. After that I consulted homeopathy and started giving drops given by the homeopathy doctor for a month. Then, I consulted Uni5 and started following their suggestions. Uni5 suggested to follow the below suggestions,

1. Used suggested herbs ground with good quality sesame oil and applied this externally on the painful areas. This really helped with the pain and pain got cured drastically after applying this.

2. Black raisins juice. which greatly helped with his constipation.

3. Weekly once castor oil. Gave him one spoon of castor oil followed by hot water. It helped in removing his body toxins.

4. Coconut flowers halwa one spoon daily which helped to reduce the inflammation.

5. Totally avoided bakery items, white flour (maida) and outside foods. Because whenever my son had maida products, his inflammation got aggravated. Followed Uni5 diet suggestions.

Following the above my son’s mesenteric lymphadenitis got cured completely in a short period. I really thank Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for suggesting these natural remedies which work effectively.

Vijitha (Real name), Kerela, October 2021.

High Blood pressure got controlled testimony

My mother's blood pressure went over 200 and she got dizziness and fell down a couple of times due to high BP. When I called the doctor he said, she is already taking the highest dose for many years, and nothing can be done to reduce it. I finally approached Uni5 and was asked to do the five elements along with the same oil+ Milk+ castor herbal oil ( . I applied the oil to her body from neck to toe and gave her a hot shower. She fell asleep after that and when she woke up, she said she felt better. I checked the blood pressure, and it was amazingly at 155. I continued this for 3 more days and I cannot believe that the blood pressure is at 128. Frankly telling we don't believe in ayurvedic medicines, but after this profound effect on the quality of product, I understand that the quality of the medicine should be high to have a good effect on our health. She also started the fenugreek mix for reducing sugar levels. Already we are seeing some improvement, but I will update after a month, how that is helping her. Thanks to Uni5 and for helping people like us in desperate conditions.

Vijesh (Real Name), Coimbatore, India, Oct 2021 

Rituals and charity helped to have a normal delivery - testimony

Hi all,

            At the eighth month of my pregnancy, blood pressure of mine became high around 130 to 140 and i feared whether normal would be possible. I got stressed out too. So i contacted uni5. Uni5 explained, during pregnancy i am not supposed to take medicines or herbs for bp. Uni5 explained that increasing energy for health by doing rituals and charity could help me have a vaginal delivery. As uni5 advised i started uni5 lamp lighting twice a day and chanted garbharakshambigai mantra for normal delivery. Did pledge to do charity connected with kula deivam, chanted Aum Namah Shivaya, early morning and before sun set had sun exposure. Applied garbharakshamibai temple thailam on stomach from nineth month till delivery (this is garbharakshambigai temple normal delivery oil, which can be bought from temple website online). Doing all these helped to overcome my fear and by Amma's grace we had a healthy vaginal delivery. Thanks, Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Kalaiselvi (real name), chennai, September 2021. 

Amniotic fluid level got normal following uni5 – Testimony

Hi all,

 I want to share my second pregnancy journey with uni5. At the 33 th week of my second pregnancy, I got very stressed due to our family issues. So, I couldn’t follow the diet, water therapy etc. On the 34 th week we went to the doctor for a formal check-up. The test report showed my amniotic fluid level became very low i.e., AFI became 7.12 cm (half of the normal level). The doctor said that fluid level is low and if it continues then normal delivery is not possible.

So, we contacted uni5 and followed the below suggestions by uni5.

Uni5 suggested drinking 6 to 7 tender coconut water daily (If we don’t have a cold fever or any other health complication). So, I drank six to seven tender coconut water daily and I reduced the solid food intake. Hence, drinking coconut water made me full and energetic. Along with coconut water, I had orange juice also. I followed this for one week and after one week, we took the test. Doctor said that there is very good improvement in the fluid level and told me to follow the same to maintain the fluid level.

For one week I followed the above then I had more liquid foods - four tender coconuts daily, orange juice, buttermilk, pomegranate juice, muskmelon (musk melon is very good for increasing fluid level). After one week of following this again we took the test, and the fluid level became very normal. We felt very happy.

After my fluid level became normal also, I had tender coconut water one or two daily, orange, pomegranate, musk melon daily. Through this my fluid level was maintained.

As uni5 suggested I did pledge to do charity connected with kula deivam for having a normal delivery, did lamp lighting chanting garbarakshambigai mantra, chanted Aum Namah shivaya, breathing exercises regularly.

At 39 the week I got abdominal pain and my amniotic fluid started coming out. So, we went to the hospital. After reaching the hospital, my water broke completely. Doctor said that we will try for normal delivery, hence my pregnancy was normal. I did breathing exercises, chanted garbarakshambigai mantra, doing these helped me to manage the pain effortlessly. In my first pregnancy, the labor pain was unbearable but doing breathing exercises and chanting helped me a lot to manage the pain. After four hours of labor, we had a baby girl through vaginal delivery.

I sincerely thank uni5 sakthi foundation for helping us throughout the journey.

 Prabhavathi (Real Name), Ariyalur, Tamilnadu, September 2021.

Testimony - C-Reactive Protein became normal following Uni5

Hi all,

Last month my son was having a high fever and was admitted to the hospital on the 9th day of fever. And the 11th day his temperature became normal, and he got discharged from the hospital, but the C-reactive protein was high which was 51.1 mg/L, and the normal range should be less than 1.

So, I contacted Uni5 and explained my son's elevated CRP level. Uni5 explained the possible causes for inflammation in the body and recommended the below suggestions to reduce the CRP level.

After being discharged from the hospital I followed the below suggested by Uni5, (Uni5 suggested doing all the five and told the below suggestions to do immediately)

1 Red rice kanji daily as breakfast

2. Banana stem juice

3. ABC juice

4. Garlic chutney for dinner

I followed these for 5 days.

On the 6 th day, we did the blood test.

Amazingly the inflammation came to 0.4 mg/L which is very normal (less than 1).

Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Nageshwari (real name), California, September 2021.

Diarrhea (loose frequent bowel movements) cure testimony

I am sita from palakkad, kerala. I am 70+ years old. For the past 2 weeks, I have been suffering from severe loose motion and stomach pain. I am very careful about my diet, and I follow vegetarianism. Still, I got this. But don't want to go to the hospital. I tried many home remedies like arrowroot powder, sabudana, etc for 1 week. It's reducing that day, but still, the very next day loose motion again coming back. I was fed up. I feel very tired and exhausted. I went to an ayurvedic doctor after a week and started taking medicines. But no change in this condition. 

By God's grace, I contacted Uni5 and came to know about activated charcoal, and my son has YSA market charcoal with him. ( )

 I took it half teaspoon twice a day in half glass of warm water. A miracle happened the very next day... it's drastically reduced. The second day also I continued the same dose. Almost 90% OK. By today morning I am perfectly alright.

I took this medicine by chanting the dhanwanthri mantra. Also,did water therapy(i was doing it for many years). Did a lot of prayers and chanting. I am expressing my sincere gratitude to the Uni5 Sakthi foundation 🙏🙏🙏.

Sita, Palakkad, August 2021. 

Following Uni5 helps recovering from the disease fastly - Testimony

Dear friends.,

I am Dr.Madeswaran - director of Sakthi Foundation UNI5 schools.

In March 2021, I had a right leg knee problem and slowly the problem spread to the left knee as well. I started taking the oil application massage suggested by Dr.Pradheep in UNI5 and followed the arthritis mix. But the condition became worst, and I lost 80 percent of the normal walk and experienced severe pain from my lower hip to my feet. I was scared and life became abnormal.

20 days back, I had the MRI scan and realized I had mucoid ACL degeneration in the left knee. For this, there is no treatment. I was much confused. But what happened?

Last week I went to one of the leading ortho hospitals in the country and examined. It was a surprise that my bones are good, tendons and cartilages are good. DR said, ''why you came in the wheelchair? Your legs are good and only there is an initial stage of bone weakening and the only medication is exercise and diet, need not worry about your scan report''

From next day I have started the exercises and now I got back 60 percent of my walking and muscles are getting pain relief.

But the real background is ...

I do water therapy for the past 15 years.

I take proper red rice and maximum avoided junks and refined food.

I use good cold press oils.

I use keezhanelli, curry leaves in regularity for the liver.

I started doing breathing exercises for the past 4 months.

Now I am doing exercises.

Apart from all prayers and charity made my bones strong and regained this walk.

I can feel the impact of the UNI5 arthritis mix, UNI5 oil application playing a great role in this.

When the fear and stress got removed the medication suited me a lot. I thank the entire UNI5 medication team for their selfless guidance. Meanwhile, I took homeopathy and a few allopathy medicines too. But the secret behind bone care is UNI5 medication. Soon I will do 100 percent walking.

When we do traditional medication we must trust, we must have patience.

with regards,

Dr.Madeshwaran, Madurai, August 2021 

Fever and Stubborn Cough Cure Testimony

Hi all,

My husband had a severe fever and continuous cough for which he had three injections, but the fever did not get cured. Then, I contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation. Uni5 suggested to take fever kashayam four times a day (as given in the link -- ), and to have simple easily digestible homemade foods like porridge, steamed foods, small onion juice with honey twice a day. For dry cough, small onion (shallots), a garlic-infused castor oil application on the throat with hot fomentation (did these 7 to 8 times a day). We pledged to do charity which would be spent on medical expenses. Following these, within two days his fever got cured completely. Dry cough also got better. Then, Uni5 recommended having amla arishtam ( to remove excess phlegm and for dry cough, continuously for two months. Following this, his dry cough stopped completely.

Dhanalakshmi (Real Name), Chennai, June 2021

Testimony - Healthy pregnancy by following Uni5

 Hi all,

My name is Lakshman, and I would like to share our experience with Uni5 regarding our Pregnancy

 My wife first got conceived in 2018 and in 4 months we had a miscarriage due to no fetal heartbeat. It was so hard on us, as it was our first baby and from there, we decided to incorporate more natural ways of food and lifestyle practices into our life. My friend introduced me to Uni5 groups in Telegram and through which I had a discussion with the Uni5 team regarding our condition and Uni5 explained possible causes for miscarriage and the steps we need to follow for avoiding miscarriage in the future which gave us confidence.

We followed the below steps suggested by Uni5. we took more green vegetables and fruits (mostly organic) and we started including more Drumstick leaves every week consistently. We also avoided outside food completely and ate only home-cooked food. I followed regular Yoga and Pranayama (3- 4 days a week) and we tried walking whenever we had a chance to be more physically active and my wife did all household chores all by herself as she thought it is also a form of physical exercise. Castor oil cleaning, water therapy which is very effective.

Another important factor insisted by Uni5 was Dharma and faith in Almighty, we tried helping others in the ways we could and with all in place we got pregnant in early 2020, and this time we didn’t fear miscarriage, but we had more faith, and all the initial scans revealed a healthy fatal heartbeat.

My wife tried to do all physical activities even during pregnancy along with online pregnancy class, we did walk as much as we could both in the morning and evening. Doing Uni5 before getting pregnant (during pregnancy) and during pregnancy really helped. We had a very smooth pregnancy. Uni5 guided us on the foods to be taken during pregnancy and all queries regarding pregnancy which helped us a lot.

At the end of ninth month, due date was nearby, and my wife didn’t get labor pain. Doctors recommended to induce labor pain through injection. So, we approached Uni5 and Uni5 suggested applying warm castor oil on the abdomen and on the sides and to do a gentle massage. My wife got labor pain naturally on the second day after we followed the castor oil massage. We delivered a beautiful baby girl through vaginal delivery (after completing 39 weeks) and the labor was less than 6 hours.

 My heartfelt thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for guiding us before and during pregnancy. Thanks to Uni5 once again.

By having faith in almighty and with these natural food habits and practices, everyone will be able to have a healthy pregnancy and child. Don’t stress yourself too much, believe in God and nature will make things for you magically. Aum Nama Shivaya.

Lakshman (Real name), July 2021, Chennai 

Amazing cure of eczema - A Testimony

I would like to share my experience with Uni5. I had been suffering from eczema for more than 10 years on and off in my life. I have taken allopathic and Siddha treatment but didn't get a permanent cure. Every time I faced this skin problem, I had severe itching, skin rashes, dry skin, and water oozing out of the skin. I also had a primary complex from my young age itself catching a cold too often and early morning continuous sneezing and later has developed to wheezing level. I had my tonsils removed when I was in 3rd std. Healthwise I had suffered a lot from a young age which has made me an overthinker of any matter.

In July 2019 God showed me a path to uni5 when I wished to educate and nurture my child in the Uni5 way. I developed severe eczema once again in July 2020 and since I also had a common cold allergy and eczema, I wanted to go with uni5 medication and decided to start myself with 5 ingredient medicine alone for 48 days. To my surprise, cold-related allergies got completely cured but my skin didn't show any improvement. Last year I suffered a lot and realized that my body did not have the stamina as before to tolerate it.

Though I was into uni5, I didn't know much about the uni5 rituals and functioning. I gradually came to know about other rituals through some of my friends and sisters and they suggested that I do it for a speedy recovery. Thanks a lot, to all my dear friends!! Since my condition was worse my husband suggested I take Siddha medicines along with uni5 way and so I slowly revealed my present health condition to my parents to seek their help to courier medicine from India but due to the pandemic no courier accepted medicine for shipping during that time and so I started to move with uni5 way of medication with complete belief and surrender to God.

At the body level, I did all suggested by uni5 such as colon cleansing, Water therapy, fermented rice, liver tonic juices, taking aloe vera, applying aloe vera with coconut milk during the day, castor oil, neem oil boiled with garlic, and turmeric applied at night, took a spoon of neem oil during bedtime it helps a great extent in controlling the itching. I was unable to do physical exercise initially because my legs were so painful. walked min 5-10 min during sunset or sunrise and then gradually increased the time when the leg got better. Took ample rest for relaxing the body. Some Days I have slept for 10hrs. Sleep also served as the best medicine since I lagged sleep. Did breathing exercise before I take any food.

At the mind level, I was running through my life to see what state I was in before each eczema period. I realized with awareness the emotions and stress have manifested in my body in the form of this disease. I was trying to handle more than I could do. I started to prioritize what I want in my life at present. I was struggling with this situation but never tried to learn the underlying lesson. It came back to me again and again until I learned it. This time I decided to learn it and now practice with patience. I still lose track because of my old habits and reacting to certain situations but trying to stay as much as possible on the track. Thanks to the Uni5 Sakthi foundation!! They made me look at five different levels and I'm still evolving.

I also did rituals such as lamp lighting (5 wicks in the morning and 2 wicks in the evening), Neelanjanam and Pitru Pooja with complete true heart I mean with bhavam (though the apartment I live in didn't have the facility to carry out the ritual) during the Mahalaya paksha for 15 days and on Amavasya and charity, every month brought a tremendous improvement to my health in all ways. After 15 days of pitru worship, I was able to see a lot of difference in my skin texture. Rashes were completely gone and just discoloration remained. Now I understand and believe Charity is the good we do for ourselves, our family, and our future generations. Though it seems we do it monetary to others, that's the real treasurable asset we can give our generations more than any other asset.

Thanks to the Uni5 Sakthi foundation for guiding me through the right path. I have learned that even without any doctors and medicines we have other ways to cure prolonging diseases by following all five levels with trust. All we need is patience and belief. Also, I would like to add the allergies due to cold, continuous sneezing, and wheezing I had was completely cured after taking 5 ingredient medicine.

I thought of sharing my experience. I hope, it will help others in some way at least.


Kathir Chitra (Real Name), Arizona, USA, June 2021. 

Itchy rashes and red pumps post-pregnancy cure testimony


  I developed red colour itchy rashes on the abdomen and thighs post-delivery (three days after delivery). So, I contacted uni5 to treat this problem. Uni5 explained the possible causes for getting red pumps and rashes post-delivery. Along with diet and lifestyle changes, uni5 suggested applying coconut oil, neem oil, aloe vera, and turmeric mixture on the affected area. I did this twice a day and within two days itching and rashes got cured. From the third day onwards, no itching. I thank uni5 for the help.

Aishwarya, Malaysia, June 2021 

Brown discharge during pregnancy cure testimony

Hi... I am Nithiya from Chennai. When I was in my second month of pregnancy, I had brown discharge which really bothered me, and I had approached uni5 to help me out of this. Uni5 explained the possible reasons behind the issue and gave me a detailed briefing on uni5 water therapy, diet, and rituals.

I had followed water therapy and did prayers as per the lighting way taught by uni5, immediately in two days it completely got cured... I thank uni5 sakthi foundation and this forum for the kind assistance.

Nithya (real name), Chennai, May 2021.

Ear pain cure testimony

Hi, I had recently consulted uni5 Sakthi Foundation for an issue with my ear pain and swelling. Uni5 had suggested me to follow these steps.

Apply dried ginger garlic heated with coconut or sesame oil

or use ear drops from

I followed this treatment till 5days. My ear pain and swelling got cure completely.

Thanks to uni5 for guidance me.

Kavitha Sundaram (Real Name), Madurai, May 2021 

Ear pain and swelling cured testimony

 Hi, I had recently consulted uni5 Sakthi Foundation for an issue with my ear pain and swelling. Uni5 had suggested me to follow these steps.

Apply dried ginger garlic heated with coconut or sesame oil

or use ear drops from

I followed this treatment till 5days. My ear pain and swelling got cure completely.

Thanks to uni5 for guidance me.

Kalpana, Thanjavur, May 2021 🙏

Swollen eyes due to allergy and excess phlegm cure testimony

 Hello all, this is Kavitha. I had recently consulted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for an issue with my eyes swelling often due to allergy and recurring running nose. Uni5 had suggested following water therapy, taking Amla arishtam twice a day (ysa market), 5 ingredients medicine at night (Five Ingredient Medicine from allergy link - and then applying Nasya drops (ysa market - ) to eyes for initial 12 days and then to nose till the end of 48 days. I had completed 48 days now and here is my testimony. After all this treatment, issues with my eyes got cured completely and I never incurred any cold. No return of any allergy also. Due to few emergency travels, I had skipped taking medicines for few days in between but still, the cure was complete. I even started following water therapy daily now. Thanks a lot, uni5 for the guidance here, and I am grateful for your advice and follow-ups. This online service is a gifted program for people like me, who believe in alternative medicines and a holistic approach to incurring diseases. Thanks a lot!

 Kavitha (Real name), Tamilnadu, May 2021. 

Fungal Infection Cure Testimony  

Hi All,

 I am a fourteen-year-old girl who got a fungal like infection in both feet a few months back. The infection was very severe. I tried other medications, but the infection was not cured. Then, in 27 th march, I contacted Uni5 to cure my problem. Uni5 suggested doing all the five aspects. I first did castor oil cleansing. Then water therapy with a small amount keezhanelli (Phyllanthus niruri) herb. Uni5 diet recommendations – whole unpolished, unrefined diet. Avoided restaurant food, outside food. Simple exercises, walking, and sun exposure.

Externally, applied ysa market skin cream ( ).  Boiled mukutti (Biophytum sensitivum), garlic, aloe vera, turmeric in ysa market nalam castor oil and applied this oil mixture also externally.

Pledged to do charity once my health condition gets cured completely. After doing these, surprisingly within two weeks, my skin problem got cured completely. After three weeks of follow-up and no return of the infection. My feet became normal, and the skin quality also got improved a lot. We sincerely thank Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for suggesting these simple remedies which help many.

Sri Lakshmi (Real Name), Kannur Kerela, May 2021.


Newborn rashes cured testimony

 My newborn baby after 6 days developed some skin eruptions and rash like small boil. I applied aloe Vera fresh gel with coconut milk and YSAmarket turmeric powder. Also pledged charity for good social causes.Within one day the rashes got completely cured

Thankso Uni5 Sakthi foundation

Lakshmi (real name), Kerala, May 2021 


Stubborn sneezing and Excess phlegm cure testimony

Good morning, Sir, my mother-in-law had been having allergic issues for a very long time... wherein she is always sneezing first thing in morning as she wakes up. for nearly 2, 3 mins..., watery nose, mucus in nose during day etc... This had been the case for long almost 1 to 2 years. Her eosinophils in blood used to be high as well. Couple of months back when I heard your voice messages about allergy treatment, we started as per that with 1spoon turmeric, quarter pepper, tomato, cardamom, garlic and honey every night Before going to sleep. And shopawareness chavanaprash ( Along with panchabootha water therapy and some yoga. Food at home had always been red rice etc. Main was the turmeric tomato honey pepper etc before bed. After starting this, it resulted in daily morning more mucus coming out and more sneezing and mucus from nose in the morning and we started worrying. But she continued and did this for 40 days and then she stopped because the mucus was too much, and sneezing was too much etc... We assumed it could be due to having turmeric etc in summer and thought to re do it when rain season starts because your message said to do it another 40 days if no result....

After she stopped and within few days all her sneezing and mucus allergies reduce and now no sneezing at all... The benefit and result of doing this become evident after a few days upon stopping and continuing with water therapy and others. Thank you and I hope this experience helps more people.

Meena, Kerela, April 2021.

Uterine Fibroids and Enlarged Liver Cure Testimony

Hi All,

My mother-in-law aged 54 was diagnosed with enlarged liver and uttering fibroids in October 2020. The abdomen pain due to fibroids was very severe and the doctor suggested to do surgery. She had allopathy medicines to manage the pain, but they did not help her much. So, we contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation to know whether Uni5 treatment can cure her health condition. Uni5 recommended doing all the five aspects and suggested preparing the castor oil mix first to kill the abdomen pain temporarily. We boiled Aloe Vera, garlic, turmeric in castor oil and store this mixture in a glass container. Applied this mixture three to four times a day in the abdomen and gave hot fomentation, each time before applying, warming the oil a bit is better. We did this castor oil mix hot fomentation (around ten days) until the pain was cured. Once her pain is gone, we started following the below Uni5 suggestions.

 Then, we vowed to do charity (connected with our kula deivam) if she was cured by Uni5 completely. We started doing rituals suggested also. We did pitru tarpan, Uni5 lamp lighting twice a day, and neelajanam. Doing rituals brought big change and it gave peace of mind.

For a continuous 11 days banana flower juice around 2.5 ml is taken raw. We started using unpolished heirloom red rice, black rice, organic native vegetables, etc... For cooking we used wood pressed sesame oil and coconut oil. Morning – mostly fermented red rice, lunch – millets, native veggies, night-black rice idly or kanji. Steamed - Banana stem, raw banana, banana flower daily one of these vegetables were taken ( these three vegetables are steamed and taken directly, we didn’t stir fry it) daily in lunch. Food was cooked in a mud pot. She had freshly cooked food every time and avoided leftovers. Dietary change was effective, and she became energetic.

She did water therapy daily, initially, she started with half-liter then slowly increased to 1.5 liters. One tablespoon of Aloe Vera was taken half an hour after water therapy daily for three months.

 5 cluster beans, one small tomato, one small lemon by removing seeds and with peel, 2 black pepper, one small teaspoon turmeric, bit of salt, made juice out of these and had daily for continuous 21 days abd after two months again taken for 21 days continuously (vegetable therapy)

 She had seven liver tonic chutneys for seven days as suggested ie, Coriander, curry, mint, moringa, ‘Keezhanelli’ Phyllanthus niruri weekly twice. Liver tonic chutneys helped her a lot. Pomegranate, papaya, pineapple, apple - one of these was taken daily as juice. One spoon of good quality turmeric was taken after papaya and pineapple juice. She did physical activities like walking, simple exercises, etc.

 After following the above continuously for three months her fibroids and enlarged liver got cured completely. After three months we took the test, and the report was normal.  We were really surprised and happy. We thank Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for guiding us throughout the journey.

Madhubala (Real name), Tamilnadu, April 2021. 

Ear blockage cure testimony

 Hello All,

 I Had ear blockage for more than 2 weeks. So, I contacted Uni5 Sakthi Foundation to treat the ear block. I followed the below suggestions by Uni5,

1) Ordered Nasya from 

and put two drops in ear and three drops in nose twice a day.                              

2)  Did Steaming (by adding tulsi and karppooravalli/Omavalli) once a day.

3) Did ear exercise (by closing nose and mouth just blow air in the ears) few times in a day.

4) Pledged to do charity equal to the amount which would be spent on medical expenses (When bhagya sakthi reduces that time we lose something especially health, to balance that we need to do charity which will fill the gap of loss and so we get the cure immediately).

Thanks, Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for the timely help.

 I want to mention that I have waited for 10 days for the above suggestions to work. (It might differ from person to person based on bhagyasakthi and severity of the problem, etc...)

Chamundeeswari, Mysore, 05-Apr-2021

Migraine cure using nasya - testimony

Immensely grateful for the nasya drops. The nagging headache and migraines for husband are not very often now. When in doubt he puts nasya drops in his nostrils and he wakes up next day with no headaches. Thank you so much.

 Nithya (real name), USA, March 2021 

Sore and reddish feet cure testimony

Due to extreme cold, my feet became very reddish, and the burning pain was unbearable. I was not able to even walk or stand. For this, Uni5 suggested to apply aloe Vera two to three times a day and before going to sleep to apply butter. I tried this remedy and within 5 days my feet became normal. Thanks, Uni5.