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Psoriasis Healed

I am doing good. Almost completed 41 nights of 5 ingredients (4 more nights left) ! I am doing yoga, mediation, walking everyday. I really see improvement in psoriasis, the old psoriasis scars are healing, new ones come but they disappear with 3-4 days. I will soon start the juice therapy for acidity.
Thank you for all the help.. 

Ruchi Bhat, Bangalore,  15th May 2015

Eczema Allergy cured.

When my second daughter was a few weeks old, she developed this severe rashes all over her body and the poor baby will be scratching herself and bleeding from cuts. You had advised me to give her a few drops of castor oil together with breast milk for 4 weeks the intake varying each week (also cooked and naturally fermented rice water). I did it and amazingly slowly the rashes started to disappear. Though she was also allergic to any other milk apart from breast milk till her first year, now she is able to take milks and milk based products. I have to say that without your advice, my child would have been going through all that painful cuts and soars.
thank you doctor.
I have recommended your site to many of my friends especially those who were/are pregnant. I religiously followed them when I was expecting too.
Thanks for creating this site and helping so many of us solve our ailments through natural means.
Gauri October 4th 2010.

My allergies have amazingly gone doing all 5 Pancha Bhoota and also eating fermented rice. Surprisingly I noticed that my belly also become flat.
Nagaraj, Switzerland, Oct, 2010.

Dear sakthi,
I started following the water therapy, for about a month now. I could get the great benefit out of it.

I got immediate relief from - 
1. Allergic rhinitis - I was suffering since 25 years. 
2. Irregular bowel movement 
Shiva Chidambaram , Chennai. Jan 2009.

 Skin Allergy

Dear sakthi. I got cured of my skin allergy following ur prescription for 41 days for that i remain grateful to u for ever.

Janani, (Real Name) UAE, July 2008.

Dear sakthi.

My regards to the founders of this wonderful site. I have followed water therapy from past one and a half years. And to my amaze I found all my ailments like allergies, occasional asthma like attacks and persistent stomach aches, acidity, constipation and hemorrhoid disappear like a mist on a sunny day. I am sure the medical industry will produce zero turnovers if these methods are followed by one and all. From long time I have benefited from these and I thought I should express my gratitude. I have been referring this site to whoever I meet. Thanks a bunch.

Spinola, California, USA.2003.Dear Mr Pradheep,

I am a 39yr old mother of two kids (6 and 12) of medium build with a ht of 5'3'' and 180lbs weight. I have been doing water therapy for 3-4 months. During this time my health has improved in certain aspects, especially the eczema has almost disappeared. My allergies have almost disappeared. My children also drink water in the morning and have benefited with their general health improving greatly. I thank you for spreading this knowledge. May God bless you and your family.

Jane Robinson, Australia, June 2002.


It's been a month now since I started the Pancha Bhoota program. I received the audio and video tapes you sent - thank you. The relaxation exercise on the audio tape has helped me get to sleep better, and I like listening to the pancha bhoota meditation in the morning -- it has such a positive, joyful message and gives me a sense of purpose.

I've continued with the water therapy except for a couple of days when I was too sick to drink much at any one time. I think it helps with sinus congestion, relieves some back and joint pain, gives me more energy, and seems to help regulate my heart rate (I don't have that racing-heart feeling so often).

Judy Smith, San Jose, USA, July 2002.

I am a friend of Pradheep Chhalliyil. For several years I had problems of eosinophilia. I had severe symptoms of sneezing and wheezing. I followed his diet therapy for 41 days and after that I am free from all the allergic to pollens and other dust. My eosinophil counts came back from 13% to 0.1 %.

Narayan, India, 1988


I had chronic mouth blisters right from my childhood. I underwent several treatments and got only cure through diet therapy of Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil. Thanks to him helping me eat well thereafter.

Siddhu, India. 1998


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