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Testimonials - Arthritis

Mucoid ACL degeneration in leg cure Testimony

I am Dr.Madeswaran - director of Sakthi Foundation UNI5 schools.

In March 2021, I had a right leg knee problem and slowly the problem spread to the left knee as well. I started taking the oil application massage suggested by Dr.Pradheep in UNI5 and followed the arthritis mix. But the condition became worst, and I lost 80 percent of the normal walk and experienced severe pain from my lower hip to my feet. I was scared and life became abnormal.
20 days back, I had the MRI scan and realized I had mucoid ACL degeneration in the left knee. For this, there is no treatment. I was much confused. But what happened?
Last week I went to one of the leading ortho hospitals in the country and examined. It was a surprise that my bones are good, tendons and cartilages are good. DR said, ''why you came in the wheelchair? Your legs are good and only there is an initial stage of bone weakening and the only medication is exercise and diet, need not worry about your scan report''
From next day I have started the exercises and now I got back 60 percent of my walking and muscles are getting pain relief.

But the real background is ...
I do water therapy for the past 15 years.
I take proper red rice and maximum avoided junks and refined food.
I use good cold press oils.
I use keezhanelli, curry leaves in regularity for the liver.
I started doing breathing exercises for the past 4 months.
Now I am doing exercises.
Apart from all prayers and charity made my bones strong and regained this walk.
I can feel the impact of the UNI5 arthritis mix, UNI5 oil application playing a great role in this.
When the fear and stress got removed the medication suited me a lot. I thank the entire UNI5 medication team for their selfless guidance. Meanwhile, I took homeopathy and a few allopathy medicines too. But the secret behind bone care is UNI5 medication. Soon I will do 100 percent walking.
When we do traditional medication we must trust, we must have patience.

with regards,

August 2021

Back Pain

Dear Sakthi,  Thanks a lot … I have completed the course of taking pineapple juice with turmeric powder in the morning…it's so effective and now I'm completely free from my back pain which is a prolonged 16 years pain… actually I'm searching words for thanking I'm telling about our "sakthi" to those who r suffering from different ailments….some are getting healed like me…YOURS SERVICE IS SO GREAT AND TOO GOOD TO THE HUMANITY.

Sivakumari Avudaiappan (Real name) July 2008.

Gout cure.  

"I was diagnosed with Gout Arthritis 2 years back. I have been having gout attacks (swelling of big toe with severe pain) since 2003, but none of the doctors who examined me were able to diagnose it. I moved to the UK in 2006 and thats when I was asked to take a blood test and was diagnosed with gout as my uric acid levels were very high. I was prescribed Allopurinol which had great reputation for bad side effects.

Thats when I found Shakthifoundation website and learned a lot about benefits of pancha bootha. Though I haven't started practicing the fire, air, earth and space therapy, I have been following water therapy religiously. I have been completely cured from severe gout attacks. Now even if I don't drink my 1.5L every morning, I feel so different. It has become a way of life for me.

I have started preaching all my family members and friends about the benefits of water therapy and want every one to benefit from this natural curing technique.

Sakthifoundation has become my guardian angel since and I truly feel that Pancha bootha techniques should be benefited by all mankind. Shakthi team, keep up the good work, I am truly grateful to you all"

Thanks and regards,

Jayagopal Sampath (Real name) , London, UK April 22nd 2008

Arthritic pain

     For many years i had severe arthritic pain in knee and unable to walk or stand or sit for long time. Always I had pain. I started simple pancha bhoota therapy (had to admit was not able to fully do water therapy), but ritually ate the fenugreek, turmeric, curry leaves powder and completely free from pain. It is surprising how simple methods give good releif instead of wasting money and health doing modern medicine.

Lakshmi, St.lous. June 2007.

My family suffers from a rare hereditary disease in which males after teenage get blackish scars, pain and swelling in joints of hands and legs. Like my dad and Grand dad I had been suffering for almost 15 years and underwent many treatments without any success. I should say its divine will that I met Pradheep in 2003 in his Bangalore visit and did Pancha Bhoota healing. It is miraculous effect that I got relieved from the symptoms. I invited him to my village to help many folks there and in one day he would have given atleast healing tips to at least 50 people listening them individuality to their problems. I understand most of them who followed are doing really good.
Chandran Calicut, India 2004.

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