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Testimonials CAC

Updated October  2014


Navarathry festival report 2014

Ms.Gomathy GaneshKumar - Pongalor town, Tirupur Dt talks about her  Navarathry experiences:

''6 years back I started setting Navarathry Golu immediately after my wedding without understanding the concept. I wished to celebrate this festival especially for my daughter who is being brought up in a traditional way of Vedic culture. 

When I started this Golu several people in my family opposed  and talked against my attitude. But I was very particular in celebrating this. I took spiritual guidance under my husband. Dr.Pradheep Kumar explained various aspects of Vedic culture in related with life.When years passed my Golu also grew. Then I read and analyzed about the concept of Golu and Navarathry. Slowly I am clarifying many doubts about energy - Sakthi and depicting a theme which is highly concept based one.

We used to write, edit and publish notices explaining the concepts of energy and gave to the guests. This year I am able to relate myself with evolution of man and self. My spiritual evolution has to be evolved for which this festival is helping me a lot.

My daughter is 8 years old and she is much involved in Golu. She asks several questions about various God forms. She has improved her social skills through this Golu. She also dresses well like various characters and enjoys much.

I am living in a small town where my Golu is very special. My dolls are rare and I have a Durga made in Kolkatha. In the beginning people come and just admired mu Golu. But when we placed the kalasa - the symbol of conscious state [Bhramam] alone in the very first top step, people asked about it.For past few years people ask various questions about Vedic life and culture through this Golu. Few other families have also started keeping Golu. Press and local channel also come with interest to see our Golu. 

I perform rituals in evening and attend the guests. By night I do detail poojas to Devi along with my husband. I even forget my physical stress some times.

Today my neighbor also celebrate concept based Golu. Guests say that it is very rare to see such Golu and they feel stress less and divine. They say that they are able to understand many Vedic concepts.''

Mr.Ganeshkumar - sales man in a local Government ration shop, an example for selftual person talks:

'' Before 6 years I had a wooden Vishnu idol with Chotranikara Devi. I had a question about small clay dolls of various Gods whether they can listen to my prayers. I accepted my wife's words and started celebrating Golu.

My parents were against this and this is considered to be a caste based festival. I am satisfied with the Golu. But every year I learned many spiritual lessons and practiced Sakthism and evolved myself along with steps. From 2013 my learning through Uni5 pattern has made me to relish the Golu concept and I am also presenting the same in Golu.

I am clear how the energy is being manifested in various forms. I perform Ganapathy homam, Lalitha sahasranama archanai and Devi Mahaathmiyum. I also perform Chandi homam and Navavarna poojas to Sri yantra. I wait for these 10 days.

I perform all my poojas after 9 P.M. This is real Navarathry. People need to become more aware about this. I need to work for that.''

Mr.MuthuKumar - Ms.Kavitha MuthuKumar, Andipalayam - Thirupur.,
''We are celebrating Navrathry for past 4 years after knowing the basic concept through Sakthi foundation. This year we have installed the granite idol of Devi Mookambika. Sheis the manifestation of Durga, Laxmi and Saraswathy.
From the day we have installed the deity we are following certain chanting and ritualswhich has developed our self-awareness. Our town gets constant rain showers throughthe Ganapathy homa which we perform. We are able to feel the importance of Vedicrituals and shloka chanting.Our Navarathry Golu has brought a change within us. We feel that our life has a meaningbehind all actions which we do. This year our home has mingles with society. Many
neighbours come regularly to see this Golu.When people come and sit before Golu their actions, talks and thoughts gets changed.My daughter enjoys this Golu. Next year we are planning to make a Uni5 concept based Golu. The festival has brought lot of social skills within us.We thank Sakthi foundation forsupporting our locality to conduct this grand festival.''

Center: Ramalinga Nagar, K.K.Pudhur, Coimbatore city, Tamil nadu, India

On 9.1.2013 when we concluded our longest CAC we recorded their feedback session in audio also.


 ''We appreciate Sakthi foundation for providing this great session for senior citizens of our locality for past 2.5 years without expecting any fees from us. We are here to provide all needs and help for their future projects. The park has served the purpose of its establishment'' - January 2013



 ''We bless and thank Sakthi trust for making all of us to think much about the life. The real happiness is in serving others and making the society to live in harmony. I can see a change in all of us in these years after the Uni5 sessions''January 2013


Ms.Rajeswari [retired professor]

 ''I have identified my own skills, issues and solved many of my personal problems through this class. The debates which I had made me to become more aware about life. I felt much when I left to abroad.''January 2013


Ms.Devika [75 years old]

 ''We have become clear in our actions and thoughts. My anger and expectation got reduced. I am able to evolve more spiritually. I feel my aged life is useful to me and my family''January 2013


Dr.Dakshinamurthy [retired professor]

 ''I am attending this session along with my wife. We both are alone at home in Coimbatore. This class has brought more communication, discussion and thinking within us at home and I feel we both are spending our days usefully''January 2013


Ms. Hema

 ''This session has brought communal harmony and more friends. We got many connections and we are able to see the life lightly''January 2013


Ms.Mohana [79 years]

 ''Music, arts and classes makes me and my sister to get back to our college days. Along with our grandchildren we also do the Uni5 exercises like drawing etc. We are happy and occupied with good thoughts''January 2013


Mr.Durai [Government servant]

 ''We can see a harmony among all new relations. We are clear in our thoughts. Healthy discussions are getting shared at home also''January 2013


 Sureshkumar Muthuswamy (Engineer who is an Agriculturalist)

Thanks to  Sakthi Foundation and Madesh sir for arranging cac class in  saibabacolony. I attend cac class and got to understand Nayanmars in the proper level. I used to think their lives were a waste and knowing them is not needed for present genration. Now I connect nayanmars to me while I am facing problems in life. I am also sharing this messages to my employees and I got to see changes in their daily life. More people are waiting for CAC class. I am lucky to get time to talk with Madesh sir while giving him ride to the classes. I want to spend my energy to this society in any way without any expectation.


                                          KAMACHIPURAM - COIMBATORE CITY - TAMIL NADU, INDIA

  ''I could not continue my education because of poverty. I wanted to be a teacher. The CAC classes gave me that skill. I am now able to read and present many concepts to elders and adults of my age. I feel I have understood there is a meaning behind my life and it has to be useful to at least few around me!'' - Ms. Valli [41 year old] January 2013

 ‘’I am illiterate. I am 70 years old. The life science and social skills taught in this class have made me to be happy that I have learnt something in my life and I am implementing them in my life. My expectations and anger got reduced’’ - -Ms.Rukmini Baskaran January 2013

 ''The classes have given me the right awareness to face my tough husband and family situation. My self-confidence and inner strength has developed more. I am happy!'' - Ms. Renuka Devan [43 years old weaver] January 2013

 ''In this old age the weekly session gives me the spirit of good thinking. I have avoided unhealthy talks and TV. I am calm and reading more because of this class'' - 65 year old Ms.Shantha January 2013

 ''I have enjoyed the 8 months pregnancy along with the CAC. I feel myt baby is very calm and aware. She is very much aware about many things. My sister-in-law who is carrying a child is also attending the CAC'' - Ms. Leela kannan [attended CAC and followed all our pregnancy care lessons and delivered a girl 3 months back] January 2013

 ''I am also attending this session along with my husband. Now I am pregnant and 4 months. I have reduced my tension and thinking positively about life. This will have a good impact upon my baby. This session has also given timing for my husband to be with me and think constructively'' - Ms. Vanitha RamJanuary 2013

 ''Many concepts about life, science, spirituality has been clearly understood by me after long years'' - Mr.Narayan [retired engineer from government service, 68 years old]January 2013

 ''Our loneliness has been occupied by this CAC program. It makes me very strong mentally. Even I have reduced in going to other towns to see relatives. It is meaningful. The simple social activities also make me very happy. In this age I feel I am being useful.'' - 63 year old retired teacher Ms.Kamala, January 2013

 ''I am uneducated. I am 75 years old now. I have no chance in previous years to listen all these. Now in my house when we do this session I am listening and thinking a lot.'' - Ms. Rangammal [agriculturist]January 2013

 ''I am alone at home. I lost my husband few years back. This session gave me the inner spirit and now I am taking classes to few of my friends in the weaving mill at noon'' - 54 years old Ms.Deepa, January 2013

 ''After working as a teacher I am thinking I must have implemented this self-relating pattern of education in schools and day to day life. In this age I am very much interested in reading more to share many things to my members through this class'' - Ms. Karpagam [retired teacher, 67 years old], January 2013

 ''We are able to understand the life and others. I am able to put off my emotions and anger'' - 28 year old Ms.Laxmi, January 2013

 ''The festivals, social works and concepts have made me aware and I prepare myself for the week'' - 36 years old Ms.Gunavathy, January 2013

 ''The gossiping, conflicts, unwanted communication in our street has been reduced much. These members are making the ladies especially to think much in our locality. In many social gatherings they present their skills and trying their best to pull many to this CAC'' - Mr.Murugesan [48 years old - House owner where we conduct the CAC] January 2013

 The sessions are being conducted on all Fridays from 6 - 8 P.M. The sessions are being attended by men and women of various castes and economical back ground. Many women who are working for daily wages attend this session. The session is making them to solve their own issues by themself. 

 The session is planned as follows:


1. 10 minutes meditation followed by chanting universal prayers.

2. Presentations of life science concepts with various lessons and concepts.

3. Uni5 way of thinking and connecting through discussions and talks.

The CAC session encourages all festivals and social skill activities. The center also collects little fund from the members and donate to school fees or medication or clothing for poor people.

We started this session 2.5 years back and around 50 members attend this regularly. Members vary from the age of 25 years - 80 years old. Most of them are women, educated, worked and retired. They belong to varies castes and economical back ground. They invited us and provided their local park with stage for conducting this long project. On 9.1.2013 we concluded our first project. The sessions are being conducted on all Fridays and Saturdays from 2.30 - 5 P.M



 We thank Mr.Devarajan - president of the colony and all elders who are very supportive. We also thank Ms.Ranjini who initiated the session with her interest in collecting the public. We also thank her husband who has donated a good fiber black board for our classes. We thank Mr.M.SureshKumar - public relation office - Sakthi Foundation for providing his car and taking us to the place from very long distance for this project. We have also recorded the sessions and we have uploaded in our web page. We thank Mr.Ganesan. M.Ganeshkumar for giving us the stay and food in Coimbatore to do this longest project.

 We thank Ms.Jeyanthi, Latha and few other friends who serve lunch for us and also we thank all the elders for giving great support which has made us to reframe the old concepts to the modern trend. The sessions will be commencing again with new topic on February 7th, 2013.


Topic: What is the real happiness in our life?

 We gave them the platform of Uni5 pattern of self-analysis and made them to be aware about their own life. Legends, medical values, homework were given. The week class has to be followed with a practical exercise of life value. Example: This week let us serve the food to the family without any negative thoughts even though there are tough times at home.

 The session gave space of self-expression, debating upon human values, day to day issues, music, coloring which was liked by many senior citizens and discussions.

 Members involved in fund collection and donated to poor children for school fees, fire accident requires, social festivals and also conducted many competitions. They were like college students taking down notes, chating and made their time useful to themself.


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