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         Fire Therapy

Fire the third Element of nature
         Heat or fire is the third element of nature and also of our body. Immediately after the body stops breathing (in death) the next element that leaves our body is heat. Heat or the temperature that keeps the body physiologically active, drives all biochemical reactions. In the later topics in this section, we will discuss how heat brings about healing in the body. Now let us discuss how the fire element can help us in the purification of mind and body.

Fire or heat for detoxification of mind and body

        In the Water and Earth section we talked about detoxifying the body and mind. However, for the toxins to move out, this heat element is essential.  Heat is what propels physical movement within the body. In a heated area, blood flow increases.  Irritation is also a form of heat. Whenever there is increased blood flow, there is an increased supply of nutrients and more removal of waste and toxins. All movements in the body accelerate blood flow. So this is a continuous process.

Lymphatic Circulation and Immunity

       Modern medicine gives importance to the heart and blood circulation. But ancient therapies like Ayurveda and Pancha Bhoota Healing give equal or more importance to Lymphatic circulation.  This is because lymphatic circulation is a part and parcel of the immune system.   Without good lymphatic circulation there cannot be good immunity.

         It is a general notion of the public that good immunity is connected only to eating good, nutritious food. This, though important, is not the only factor which contributes to good immunity. Having a healthy lymphatic circulation is the key to a strong immune system.

       Fire element works at various levels. It promotes healthy lymphatic circulation and thereby provides sound immunity. Fire element also brings about a connection of the body and mind which we will see in detail in the fire section. In Vedic Tradition blood is associated with the sun and lymph with the moon. There is great wisdom in this observation which shows geometrical connection.  The mind and breath are connected (see Air section), and so are the breath and lymph circulation. Thus mind and lymph are indirectly connected through breath.

Let us see details about lymphatic circulation. 

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