Lakshmi is the symbolism of Material wealth. It is one lakshmi (Energy) that appears as many as Eight (Ashta lakshmi) or 16 (8x2) wealths.

It is a tradition to bless couple with the word may you be blessed with 16 (16 wealths).

For astrology we expand the 8 lakshmi's into 12 (12 houses)


1.Vara lakshmi (Desire fulfilling boon giver)
2.Veera lakshmi (Security)
3.Santhana Lakshmi (Family- children)
4.Dhairya Lakshmi (Self-confidence)
5.Dhana Lakshmi (Cash flow)
6.Dhaana Lakshmi (Food)
7.Vidya Lakshmi (Education, knowledge)
8.Ishwarya Lakshmi (Prosperity)
9.Gaja Lakshmi (Power)
10.Raajya Lakshmi (Management skill)
11.Sowbagya Lakshmi (Fortunes)
12.Santhosha Lakshmi (Happiness)
13.Arogya Lakshmi (Health)
14.Aadhi lakshmi (Primordial)
15.Vijaya Lakshmi (Victory)
16.Moksha Lakshmi (Completeness, Salvation).


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