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Cancer Bhoomi Rasa-2

Bhoomi-rasa has very mild dose of herbal extract but is  not a placebo medicine. It is given along with Pancha Bhoota to further enhance the immune system of the patient for his or her body to fight cancer cells.

     Every human body is equipped with  "immune surveillance" mechanism which means  that the immune system of the body vigilantly patrols for cancer cells in the body. As soon it recognizes cancer cells it destroys it. This phenomenon is constantly naturally happening in every human body. We call this self regulating mechanism as "healing". Pancha Bhoota  healing for cancer strengthens this self defense of the body in five steps. The three types of toxins mentioned in Pancha Bhoota section when removed restores body's immunity.

    Food and herbs helps in detoxifying the body especially liver. When liver functions normally the body works in good condition. Therefore we recommend liver cleansing herbs for cancer. Bhoomi-rasa herbs are anti-oxidants and also acts specifically on cancer cells too. This is why we very strongly recommend that Pancha  Bhoota therapy  should be done when using Bhoomi-rasa to get the best results. Bhoomi rasa can also be used by patients undergoing chemotherapy.

      Making fresh chutneys of herbs for liver cleansing is the best and there is no alternative for that. However many patients have a mental concept  a herbal capsule is vital. In addition, due to laziness to make the herbal chutneys patients do not consume the herbs as recommended in Pancha Bhoota healing, making the whole process less effective.

    Therefore we have come across with an alternative. To meet the demand of un-availability or laziness to use the herbs  we have come with a product to cleanse the liver. We do not recommend this product who can make chutneys of the herbs as mentioned in Pancha Bhoota healing. This Herbo-oncure Mix is for those who cannot get the herbs handy to make chutneys.

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