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  Bhoomi Rasa

      Pancha Bhoota therapy has brought great success in healing many types of cancers. However, over the years we learn that patients consider the simplistic approach of Pancha Bhoota healing for a seemingly complex disease like cancer too hard to believe. Therefore, most cancer patients demand a herbal medication.

The Role of Herbal Bioactive Components in Mitochondria Function and Cancer Therapy

  small-bhoomi   In spite of making  clear that all medicinal compounds for treating cancer are available in food; that Pancha Bhoota therapy stimulates and boosts the body's natural immunity to fight cancers, the patients demand from us herbs in capsulated form. Catering to this demand,  we have come up with a very unique herbal preparation called Bhoomi Rasa. This herbal preparation was given to voluntary cancer patients in India and studied over a period of three years. This herbal preparation  is very mild but extremely effective. Because of its mild nature, we have noticed only beneficial after effects with no side effects so far.

       This cancer specific herbal preparation is "Bhoomi Rasa", the essence of mother Earth. Bhoomi Rasa is the essence of herbs of which the most important is from the Brazilian wood Caesalpinia echinata. The herbal preparation is a  very unique preparation that supports the body's ability to strengthen its own immunity to fight cancer.

     Some patients who have been taking this have been doing very well for the past few years. These patients are in India with terminal cancers that have failed to respond to bhoomi-rasa-smallchemotherapy and radiation. There are a couple of them who  could not afford allopathic treatment and so they did only Pancha Bhoota healing and took Bhoomi Rasa and they are doing extremely well. There are a few who did only surgery and then turned to Pancha Bhoota healing and Bhoomi Rasa because allopathic doctors considered them too weak to undergo chemotherapy. These few patients are free from cancer and doing well.

    Other patients have been doing both allopathic and Pancha Bhoota treatments with Bhoomi Rasa and  have experience significantly less side effects from chemotherapy. These patients have better blood counts and gain weight, better appetite in contrast to patients who receive only allopathic treatments. Interestingly, the patients who took to  Pancha Bhoota therapy and  Bhoomi Rasa needed  less chemotherapy cycles than originally prescribed.

     Though we know Pancha Bhoota alone can and does work for cancer, we do not stop cancer Patients from doing chemotherapy. Pancha Bhoota does not interfere with chemotherapy. In fact, it helps the body to withstand the negative side effects of chemo and also works to stimulate the body's own immune system to fight cancer.

Read further the science behind the combined treatment of Pancha Bhoota and  Bhoomi Rasa treatment.

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Disclaimer:  This product is not tested scientifically, though the individual herbs have shown to be effective in many scientific studies. We are not responsible for any unforeseen effects that may arise as a result of consuming the product


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