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MV-Uni5 Project

Ultimate goal of all medical treatments is to help the patient restore health. There are several medical treaments and so are many factors contributing to health. We have classified all the factors into five categories and have been helping several patients all over the globe.

To help the patients and  care takers to realize the effectiveness of this approach, we are doing a scientific based research and assessment.  We have a panel of experienced doctors, scientisits, Ayurvedic physicians, health-suggestors in this team to evaluate the documented study of the patients undergoing treatment for various diseases especially cancer.

Mohanan Vaidyar, will be heading the treatment modality offered to patients at Cherthala, Kerla, India from October 3rd 2014 onwards. Along with him will be Pradheep Chhalliyil, Ph.D with the Uni5 health approach.

Dr.Ajith Nair will be supervising the documentation of patients information that will enable an unbiased Scientific study to help the public know the efficiacy of the wholistic five-level based (Uni5) treatment.

Three groups of patients will be evaluated in this study.

Group 1- Patients recieving only MV and Uni5 treament approach.

Group-2 - Patients recieving only current medical treatments at the regular hospitals.

Group 3- Patients who take both the treaments simultaneously.

Results of this study will be published every year in the month of October.

Treatment Panel:

Mohanan Vaidyar

Pradheep Chhalliyil


Scientific Study panel:

Dr.Ajith Nair

Dr. Bernd Schoel  is the R&D Director of a Biotech company in Iowa, USA. He has  doctorate degree in Immununology from German university.

Mr. M.Ganesan is a clinical Biochemist & founder of a manufacturing company supplying Biotechnology reagents and wares for clinical sectors.

We request willingness of oncologist, scientists, statisticians, etc to be in this panels.

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