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               Holistic Cancer Treatment Regimen-6

       To keep cancer cells under control while the body can build up its own immunity is to consume the most potent herb known in medical field, the turmeric root.  For centuries turmeric has been  known for its medicinal properties. In our experience we have helped a number of cancer patients who said Turmeric is a great herb to control cancerous growth.

       One of a prostrate cancer patient had high elevated levels of PSA (prostrate specific antigen) in the range of 600, which came down to 5 within couple of months just by doing water therapy and eating turmeric alone.

        We recommend to eat one table spoon of raw turmeric powder everyday after dinner  with or without honey for at least three to six months. We found the best is to drink a glass of fresh pine apple juice and then eating turmeric root powder. Do not take in empty stomach and also cautioned for ulcerogenic patients. 

         It is good to eat half a teaspoon of organically grown turmeric powder three times  a day after food. Please use the below reference for toxicty data.

     Eating turmeric controls the fast growing cancer cells to a greater extent. It also check further growth of cancer cells. Turmeric is not administered as a drug because no company can sell it because it is not patented. The patent of turmeric in USA was forcibly withdrawn by Indian government due to its ancient use for centuries.

  1. Turmeric

       Among all the known  natural compounds that has effect on cancer cells, is the Curcumin from Turmeric, which is highly talked about in Ayurveda. This Curcumin   has the maximum influence on various genes that control cell multiplication and cell death.

        For instance, the cell-signaling pathways inhibited by curcumin alone include NFkB,AP-1, STAT3, Akt, Bcl-2, Bcl-XL, caspases, PARP, IKK, EGFR, HER2, JNK, MAPK, COX2, and 5-LOX etc.

         The above are the names of genes that are involved in the control of cell multiplication and death in our body. When the control mechanism goes wrong in the cells, it leads to uncontrolled multiplication of cells called cancer. It is very interesting that Curcumin present in turmeric controls a lot of the cell multiplication mechanisms.


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