Energy and Universal pattern of Evolution

Creation is a phenomenon involving Energy. Creation does not mean creation of Energy, because Energy is never created nor destroyed but transformed from one form to another.  This transformation occurs in a pattern known as Evolution. So Evolution is an indespensable phenomenon when Energy is involved.

Universal patternThe Evolution both at macro and Micro level undergoes a specific pattern which we call as Universal Self pattern. The seed of Energy has the inherent information of the Evolutionary pattern. This is similar to a thought. Then Evolution proceeds based on the thought and the environment or avialble Energy interaction. That dictates how the Evolution proceeds.

Evolution is an indispensable phenomenon both at the Universe level (Macro) and at Human level (Micro).

The confusion occurs when God and Energy Evolution are not properly understood. This is why some religious people are against Evolution. The confuse with the structurality and functionality of God.

If these two are properly understood, then people will lives their lives properly and also understand the purpose of life and the need for an inner evolution. As long as this is not imparted in Science education, science and religion will continue its oil and water relationship.

In our Uni5 education we gives importance to Evolution of Energy in a Universal pattern. This way children reap the most benefit, they dont contradict Science and religion, they also learn science concepts faster and with Self-connection.

Energy Balance: When we increase one aspect in life, then we tilt Energy to that aspect and create a deficiency in other aspects.  Evolution also happened similarly, when we diverted Energy to brains more than to Biceps.

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