Five levels of Truth Views and Personality groups

 Truth or reality is that which is universal for all and Eternal, without changing in time. Ironically, the perception of  Reality is different for every individual.  Every one is right at their own perception level or  view.  The validity of various perception levels of Truth  becomes questionable, especially when the individual's perception changes with time (due to understanding). Whose perception of Truth is true?. This had lead to conflicts and war. Is there a way to know the Universal unchanging Truth?. This had been the Man's quest for time immemorial.  

What is the use of know the Truth? We all live to be happy. But there is suffering and sorrows in life. Knowing these five levels we can deal with relationships by knowing about personalities. Knowing the external personalities we can change our internal personality to make our life better and happy.

These five levels help us to identify ourselves as a sensorial personality, an emotional personality, a logical-rational personality, a Self-Awareness personality or an Un-conditional-Consciousness person (Based on Energy Evolution Pattern).

No two personalities are the same: With the five views, the 7 billion people on Earth will have variations for each aspect in life, making every individual unique. For example about religion one might be on the second emotional level, but about health one might be on the third level and so on. This difference occurs when the person has an an understanding in one aspect and moves on to the next level.

  1. Sensorial personality is one  who identifies the Truth as the sensorial information given by the solid physical five stabilizationbody's sense organs. Example, the the eyes gives the perception of the sun moving across the sky and Earth is flat. To consider Truth as a sensorial perception is the nature of Sensorial personality.

Critical View: All sensorial views cannot be True. Example, the eyes projects the Truth that Earth is flat and stationary and the sun moves through the sky is an illusion for the one who perceives the truth with a faculty above the sensorial perception. We call that faculty as logic or intelligence.

Therefore the "Truth" viewed by a sensorial personality is rejected by all the next levels of individuals, especially the emotional group because the sensorial aethist view is biased by his sensory inputs.

2. An Emotional personality finds Truth as one that gives a secure feeling  based on the likes and dislikes or beliefs five transformationand disbeliefs that arises as thoughts in the mind based on the environmental habitat.  This is similar to the pattern of Energy that transforms into many forms depending on the environment. Religious people who have beliefs about a Super Power or God come under this group and so are people with their own likes for food habits, life style habits, clothing style etc all come under this habits.

Critical View: Thoughts of likings of one individual will be a thought of dis-liking for another individual. Both of them fail to understand that it is only personal belief of an individual.  This leads serious conflicts and wars between similar emotional views or with the other level views.This is not only the cause for religious and political wars, but also within a family relationships problems, this is the root cause.

Failing God Model?. This model of explaining everything connected to a "Personal God" is failing over time. It is an emotional belief system. The belief's contradict with the reality of life. Example a belief that after death, one goes to heaven to be with God. If that belief is the Truth, then the person should not be afraid of death and go to hospital to extend life. Several belief's connected to God being a compassionate person does not go with reality when we see suffering of innocent children.

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Five Truth ViewsThis emotional view is also not accepted by the individuals of other levels especially the logical group and self-awareness group.The  logical group disproves the views through experiments and brand the emotional truth merely as Cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. In simple words, the emotional personality cunningly picks up partial data to prove their point or blindly ignore the total picture.  This is illustrated by the five blind men and the elephant story.

3. A Logical personality finds Truth through experiments to get rid of emotional bias using tight controls along with the test observations (samples). All scientific studies and investigations come under this level and bring a global view among the same members. Conflicts may arise within the same level members with respect to interpretation of the data. Even with a global agreement, the interpretations can change over time based on improvement in teachnology on data collection. Example in Science, scientific theories that were globally agreed earlier are disproved later, example "Einstein’s Static Universe" or in medical field about the useless organ appendix is now interpreted as an important immune organ.

Critical View: The interpretation though are unbiased are still based on the biased logics of the known previous facts five interactioncalled references. The most criticized view is that the references are relative (changes in time) and so new interpretations are still relative and can change over time.  Therefore the logical truth is not accepted by the next level of Self Awareness group, who argues about the discrepancy of  the interference of observer in quantum fields. Science struggles how to get rid of observer effect, which the next two levels of personalities achieves by their unique approach.


4. A Self Awareness personality finds Truth by overcoming the bias of the logical group by uncoupling the sensorial input observations. The experiments are mostly internal and disconnect from the truth of first group's pure sensorial five condensationimpulses, sensorial data tainted with the likes and dislikes (emotional) impulses of the second group and the  sensorial tainted logical impulses of the third group. This Truth dawns only when there are no more preconceived notions and judgements (bias nature of mind and intellect) and individual desires or motives, but only general welfare of all beings. Some of the practices done to over come the sensorial impulses looks very sensless, rude, cruel and looks abnormal from the general crowd who are in the other three levels.

Only with a clean slate, this personality can self connect to the Universal laws (pattern) and draws Truth from that data, which is almost free from any personal bias.   

five expansionThis Truth correlates with the members of the same group who have found the same Eternal truth geographical space or time. Example, the Spiritual Truth's are agreeable at all times fromt ancient times to current times (Spiritual has nothing to do with a personal God, but "Aliveness or Being). 

Critical View: They themselves self criticize for their understanding of the Eternal Truth at theoretical level and move on to experience the Truth as it self, to the next practical level.

The Truth of the first three levels  are relative Truth and the fourth and fifth levels are Absolute Truth.

5. An Unconditional Consciousness  identifies as an infinite cosmic body rather than a tiny single cell. This is similar to a state of a person who was identifying to one hair cell of the body instead of the whole body. How much joy can we get by identifying only to one of our single hair cell, compared to the joy of being a whole human body? 

Universal patternThis is aptly expressed in a Tamil saying 'Vindavar Kandilar, kandavar Vindilar" which means one who experience cannot express it in words and if expressed, then they are not experiencing it. From the objective World, it becomes a subjective world. 

This state is not an experience to be achieved or an understanding, but being "That". This comes only when one transcends beyond the sensorial, emotional, intellectual, Self-Awareness personality, the final stage of Evolution. 

Critical View: There is no critical view because everything is experienced as one without the second, in the uncoditonal state. At this state the Energy cease to exist but as Consciousness Eternally.     

 This Universal Truth is never changing (Eternal) and can be experienced by everyone as the Eternal joy of Being. This is unified view.

In the evolution of Energy, there is a downward trend and in our personality evolution, there is an upward trend as shown in the left side figure.

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