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There is only one Truth and a single path to Truth, only views are different.

Mission of Sakthi Foundation is to unify everyone by helping to understand that their views are only different levels of expressions of one single concept (Energy). This unification or unity in diversity is Peace or love or happiness, which is established only by embracing our view with others view and contemplate why the views differ.

Please discuss all topics in this blog with the above intention. We can discuss here Atheism, all Religions, Spirituality, Science in connection to body, mind, intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness.

To achieve this we are giving you a template where you can identify your views and others view. This will guaranteed Unity, peace, love and happiness. With this Universal template, all difference of opinion between religions, science will melt away like heat melting all different ice cubes to pure water.

Five templates that will unify all our thoughts.
Check if our view is based on the knowledge we got from our
1. physical senses
2. Our personal strong likes and dislikes'
3. A logical pattern
4. connection to our Self
5. That is universal to all at times.

We will find that every view of us is at one of the five levels. The higher level is that which stays for longer and universal. This view will bring peace and happiness in our lives.

Poraiyar uni5 center, schools visit report - 11.3.2016

Dear members, friends.,

I was in Poraiyar UNI5 center in Nagapattinam Dt on 11.3.2016.

After a strong advice and guidance I saw the reorganizing attitude among the team.

Materials looked clean, repaired, some more to get repaired andedd the center was active.


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Coimbatore parents talk about their children's development - December, 2015




  1. Children are aware about physical neatness and better look of the place where they use at home and school.
  2. A child drew a big circle and said that he has drawn a sun and also spoke about uses of sun light with UNI5 songs.
  3. Many children ask to show the night sky.
  4. Children ask lot of questions and reasons.
  5. Very young children have learned to say sorry.
  6. Most of the children are familiar with many geometrical shapes, colors and textures. They are able to relate them with various objects in and around them.
  7. Development of good toilet and table manners is obvious among many children.
  8. Children happily share their center experiences with parents in evening and demand them to share the time for that.
  9. Domestic habits like brushing teeth, taking bath etc are good and children are independent.
  10. Children knew to replace the objects at respective places.
  11. A 3 year old child stopped his mother spoon feeding him. He said that teacher asked to use the own hand to eat as he is growing.
  12. Children like to do guest treatment at home.
  13. Children are bold and confident in having communication with third person.
  14. Children assist us at homes.
  15. Children teach many UNI5 concepts to us.
  16. Few children have learned to do Surya namskaram at home.
  17. Many talk about the various uses of various natural bodies like trees.
  18. New children have developed good team work and social skills.
  19. Children spoke much about Christmas, Christmas trees and Christ birth.

We expect the staff to ask for feedback about photo sessions and video sessions also.

We thank the team for getting a good – correct report under the guidance of Ms.Sumathy Sivakumar and Mr.Sureshkumar.M.

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Poraiyar UNI5 center - Parents feedback for October and November-2015

Sakthi Foundation

Poraiyar UNI5 center – Parents’ feedback for October and November 2015

Parents' feedback for the month October, 2015

1. Many children care the plants at center and home.

2. Children share all events at home which they have under went for that day.

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Parents' feedback in Pungeri village UNI5 center - October, 2015

Namma Veedu Infancy UNI5 Center


December review – Dr.M.Madeswaran. Date: 17.12.2015

Dr.Pradheep’s visit on December 3rd, 2015

He observed 3 major concepts. Human body and temple, sun and sakthi peetam were presented. Few guests from Kerala also came. He was satisfied with the presentations and gave few suggestions. He asked to replace the 7 horses depicting vibgyor according to wave length. In temple concept he has asked to place the dwara palakas as eyes and chandikeshwara as ear. He also suggested for upadevathas as extras parts of human body. He connected each endocrine gland with temple parts. Respective pictures or tiny models have to be given to the center for further development of the material. He said that he was much satisfied with all activities. Weather chart and thithi chart were also observed by him.

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Dr.Madeswaran.M comments about Pungeri Uni5 centers term 1 end narrative reports

Sakthi Foundation

Vasantham Uni5 Infancy Day Care Center

Pungeri, Kanchipuram Dt

Today I visited the center and read out the narrative reports which will be given by September along with parameters of child psychology and behavior in uni5 pattern. I am happy about the 3 women of a rural society who has dedicated for the center. They were very clear about each child. Their reports are not so much in quantity but certain areas they have observed within the school and outside is good!

It was very easy for me for the very first time in past 8 years to edit the reports. But behind this they have learned a lot from Sendurai team. In this context I feel happy to appreciate Mr.DeldhiBabu [Ms.Maheswari staff's husband] who is looking into regular documentation of the reports after school. At the same time we also can see changes because of the daily diary writing session which makes the team to learn many things from other 3 centers.

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Pungeri village parents's feedback about their children - June 2015

Parents’ feedback for these 2 months....

Mother of a 4 years old boy

‘’This is the 2nd year for my child. He is very good in behaving and his intelligence. He listens to us and we also tell calmly. He can relate any picture and talk about it. He likes to write also. But it has to be insisted. He is well prepared for his grade 1. I appreciate the center for cultivating much inner order within children at this young age. I am able to earn Rs.5000 now for my poor family per month which is just because of this center and our staff cares much.’’

Mother [helper] of a 4 year old girl

‘’This is the 2nd year for her. Still she is angry and it has to be insisted. Because of my anger she reflects that and she is very good in winding up. She follows the order of wishing us in morning when she wakes up. She prays immediately in bed she wakes up and her elder sister also follows that. Her tooth ache makes her to feel that she has to follow that role play of tooth cleaning daily.[Mother must be like the helper at home]’’

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What teachers say from Sendurai about July - 2015

Namma Veedu Uni5 Infancy Day Care Center


Observation report by Dr.Madeswaran and team – July 2015


‘’In June the center was very sound and noisy. In July some days were so calm. Many children are neighbors and most of them knew many ground rules. Materials were learned from group.  Children are very much attracted to the big Nataraja idol. Aadi month is very happy with new seasonal change and the charm can be felt in center too. Most of NOCs were brought with my husband’s efforts. We were also trained to handle the center in absence of a staff and helper when they leave to Coimbatore. Children are very neat and good looking.’’

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Ms.Priya Challiyill and Mr.Muthu talks about uni5 centers

Feedback given by Mr.Muthu Sundaram,

‘’I admire about the silence and focus being practiced by children. I also appreciate the Indian culture and tradition which is being cultivated along with Uni5 syllabus. The concept of energy as ‘’Mathangi’’ makes us to feel oneness of all.’’

Feedback given by Ms.Priya

‘’I appreciate the team in Coimbatore who have taken sincere practice in presenting a cosmic pattern and connection through Uni5 syllabus within 4 hours package daily which cannot be seen even in USA and very high fy schools of this nation.’’

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Sendurai parents' feed back for June, July - 2015

Namma Veedu Infancy Uni5 Day Care Center


Parents' feedback - June, July - 2015


Over all essence of parents’ observation.

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