Dec 2016 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

Dec  2016 Dr.Rajamuni's

Following is the Report for December:
This month started with the arrival of a cyclone due to which the first week of the school
had a holiday and the departure of a state leader saw the mournment of school which remained
non-working for the week. Now the students are ready to attend their Term Examination which
begins on the third week. After the term examination students will have their Term Holidays
which see the X-mas celebration and the arrival of HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017.

A visit was made to Sendurai Day care and Uni5- Montessori Centre. As no camera is held no
picture is sent. (This will be rectified in the next academic year).

The Uni5- Montessori Centre has the following practices:
The mentors arrive from 8.30 AM onwards. At 9.00 AM the kids are welcomed. At 9.30 AM Prayer
begins with slogas, Bible the Holy and Thiru Kurr-on reading. Following this is a breathing
exercise.There after Karanyasam which involves the stimulation of nerve ending from the hand.
This prepares ones nervous system in good condition and alertness. Then One Thirukkural for a
day is said. Then a Proverb for a day is said. Then a social reformer is introduced for one
week. This week Maha Kavi -The Great Poet Bharatiar was introduced.

Following this Role Play Behaviour is said. This is for 40 days. Following this Panchankam is
recited. Navagraha's behaviour Mercury and His behaviour is said for Wednesday. Sweet Lemon
was introduced as a Real Play object. The Goddess Maha Lakhsmi and KaaMaakshi is introduced
for Dasa Maha Vidya Role play. Following this is a Material Presentation-Puzzle Fish was
explained. Following this the kids are taken out for Weather Report- The weather was cloudy.

Following this is Morning circle time. Brain Yoga is introduced. Hand exercise is introduced.
Then Working Time. Kids work with various materials pertaining to their sense improvement and
Essential Life Activities which helps them to understand the daily practices of one's life.
The kids also have snacks inbetween as per their wish. At 11.30 AM Silent Time begins. In the
silent prayer, the kids mind is brought to the Listening atmosphere. They watch the
cultural dance - the home state and neighbour.

Following this is a Verb action Time, One Noun for one month. Following this is a Rhymes time.
And following this Story telling depending upon the availability of time.

Book Reading habit is also introduced.

Following this Energy Flow is explained. The transfer of solar energy from leaves to fruit of
Cotton plant. It is conserved in the dresses we wear. A Pooja for a day is performed.

As part of explaining the Uni5 concept, The element of Air was explained with suitable

Kids are also taken for nature walk to feel the nature.
Rain, Mountain, Nature Conservation are explained.
Paper cutting, paint work and Art work are also explained.
Alphabets and Numbers are introduced to 3 year -old kids.
Science concepts like, conduction of water and food in plants- the Xylem and Phloem are
Heredity concepts are also introduced - the DNA concept Why every creature is Unique in this
world is explained.

The water concept- how it rains, how we receive ground water and how to foster the Water is
also narrated. The necessity of Drinking water and conservation is explained.

Introduction of surroundings and its significance are explained. Introduction of neighbouring
cultures are explained.
The Importance of dress code is also explained.

Lap top programmes are also shown to explain the Diversity of Nature.

That concludes Good human Practices and a march towards celebration of the Birth of Lord
Merry Christmas to all of you.
That is the conclusion of Sendurai Montessori and Uni5 centre for kids.

Thanking You.
With warm regards and YULETIDE CELEBRATION!


With warmer regards once again,

Porayar Science Class Reports

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