March 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

March 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

Following is the report for final week of March 2017.
As the students are heading towards examination, they have started preparing for the 
examination. The examination is beginning in the third week of April 2017. 
Six standard students were answered to the queries of Bio-degradable and nod biodegradable 

They also answered to the queries in Tamil lessons and social science lessons.
Now onwards it will be question answer session will be predominant as the exam is answering to 
the query sheets.

The paper chromatography experiment could not be conducted due to the constraints in getting 
organic solvents and Whatman paper. As and when the organic solvent and whatmann paper is 
obtained the paper chromatography experiment will be performed.

The students of VIII standard were taught about Natural gas and pH parameter.

The student of VII standard were taught about Acids and bases. Students also interacted in the 
session about acids and bases. They also understood Water is Neutral in pH. The other class of 
students were taught about spherical mirrors.

The VI standard students were also had a interactive session on Acids and Bases. They also 
understood about Vernier calipper.

In the special class students recited their valuable texts from books on Marie Curie. They 
also were done with mathematical sums. And had reading practice in Science. 


The Sixth standard students were taught about the taxonomy of plants. The students were also 
thrown light about Electron Microscope using a National Geographic Text book.

The seventh standard students were taught about the source of light and heat.

The Eight standard students were explained about the Solar system and the Newtons laws of 
motion using the National Geographic Text book.

National Geographic Text book was used to describe the Newtons third law of motion to sixth, 
seventh and eighth standard students.

The sixth Seventh and Eight standard students were explained about the usage of Vernier 
Calipper in separate classes.


The students of sixth standard were taught about how electron microscope is used to see 
bacterial viruses and viruses, bacteria and minute creatures. They were also shown the 
structure of electron microscope using a Nature Geographic book image.

The seventh standard students of one section were taught about how oxygen is important for 
combustion. They were also described the parts of a flame.

The students of section Eight were taught about Prefixes and Suffixes with more stress on 

Special classes were conducted for all the students. In the special class, students undergone 
ablity tests in reciting poems and performed mathematical work.

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