Nov 2016 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class reports

Following are the happenings of the Fourth week of November 2016:

One Group of The Eighth Standard Students were introduced about the Atom. The other group of 
students learnt about the discovery of Electrons and Protons and their properties. 

The sixth Standard students reminisced about Lessons and helped in recitation of Poems. 

The seventh standard students were introduced about the changes happens in Camphor, Ice, Water 
and Steam, the processes: Sublimation, Melting, Evaporation and Condensation. Few students 
took practices in Composition Writing.

A Science Exhibition was conducted by Zonal Education Board, for which an Exhibit was 

A student was chosen from Eighth Standard to present in the Science Exhibition about 
Microscope- the structure and function and description about Microscopic organisms.

Thats all about the Fourth Week of November 2016.

With warm regards,

Dr. P. Rajamuni

Nov 2016 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class reports

Following are the happenings of the Third week of November 2016.
The sixth Standard students were taught the importance of Children's Day as 14th November is the birth day of Savant Jawaharlal Nehru which is celebrated as Children's day across the country. As he had more love for the children His experience with kids were explained. Also, he had more fond  towards his daughter Smt.Indira Gandhi. The letter he wrote to his beloved daughter were explained. He stresses the importance of education as students freely talking to their teachers and getting cleared of their doubts. He also stresses the importance of reading books as the reading habit enriches the intellect. It also keeps a person fresh.
 The seventh standard students were helped in writing their Mid Term examination. 
To  Sum up, All the students wrote their examination for this Mid Term.
Thats all for the Third Week of November 2016.
With warm regards,
Dr. P. Rajamuni

Second week of November 2016.

The sixth standard class students have learnt that food is the chemical energy, saved in cereals and pulses, are the source for primary energy which we consume and offers the driving power. This storage energy is obtained by plants by harvesting solar energy in the process called photosynthesis.

The Seventh standard students have learnt that two kinds changes take place around us. First one is the physical changes and the second one is the chemical changes. Examples for physical changes are Melting of ice, Evaporation of water, Fermentation of Milk to Curd and Dissolving Sugar in Water. The naturally occurring phenomena are the Sublimation, Melting, 
Vaporization,Chilling and Freezing. Simple Chemical changes are the consumption of food and its liberation as Carbon dioxide during the process called Respiration. They also have learnt that during respiration Carbon dioxide is liberated by plants and animals and during photosynthesis carbon dioxide is fixed by plants.

The Eight standard students have learnt that Matter are made up of Atoms. And in nature there are 118 Elements. Out of which 82 are Naturally occurring Elements. The rest of the elements are Radio active elements. They are also introduced into atomic concepts of John Dalton.

First week of November 2016

Students are back to the Studies in November and they are welcomed by a good North East Monsoon shower. Following are the lessens learnt by students.

The VI standard students were introduced to Energy, the Potential and Kinetic energy. They are also aware of Solar, Wind energy. They were introduced to fossil feuls as Petrol , Diesel and Kerosene are the energy sources used for driving automobiles and fuels used for cooking. They  were also introduced into Microbiology. They have seen the Microscope and observed Microbes present in soil and they are of three forms, the coccus, bacilli and the rod shaped.

The VII standard students were reiterated by the systems present in humans, the preservation of food and the acids present in fruits. They were also introduced into the Monsoon, as the North East Monsoon started to set in First week of November.

The VIII standard students learnt the atomic structure and the other batch of students observed the Microbes present in soil, water and air by light microscope. The structure and 
Function of Microscope was briefly taught.

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