Uni5 System does connectivity at five levels of inner faculty:

Current educational system does have materials in helping children to understand complex mathematics and science. These systems also give analogies that strengthen the understanding of the children.

Example 1: A kinder garden level

System A teacher shows a picture of carrot and says “C” for carrot. Children repeat the name.

System B teacher child is allowed to look at a carrot and allow it to look at its color and also touch, taste and smell it.

Uni5 System In Uni5 in addition to above, we also connect by showing that carrot is a root and roots of a plant are like straw-tube to sip water from soil.

Example 2: A third grade level child in taught about photosynthesis in plants.

System A teacher orally tells or reads from a book that photosynthesis is the process where sunlight is absorbed by the plants to produce food.

System B teacher shows leaves and plant materials and makes the class interesting for children to pay attention.

System C teacher gives analogy of a food factory to understand the concept of photosynthesis in plants

Five states of matterUni5 system teacher uses the five types of Energy involvement in explaining photosynthesis. 1. Plants producing food needs five essentials in the energy pattern. 1. Space to grow, 2. Air 3.light / heat 4. Water and 5. Nutrients from Earth. This is connected to five essentials we also require every day. This way children learn the common uni5 connection between plants and human.

In the advanced level, the Uni5 teacher asks the children what is behind for the hand to create a paper boat?. Through the Uni5 chart, the students know thoughts in mind leads to body action. When students are further asked, what is transformed into a thought to make a paper boat?. The students say, an idea (intelligence) is transformed as a thought to make a boat. Similarly sun light (intelligence) energy is transformed into chemical energy (thoughts in mind), which then becomes food (paper boat making action).

Is Uni5 complex to teach and understand?. To a first time reader, the Uni5 pattern might look complex, but once learned the basic pattern, one can quickly connect to all energy concepts. It is similar to learning numbers from 1 to 10 (basic pattern of numbers). After that, even though children rarely count all digits till 1000, they are able to grasp numbers from millions to infinity. Similarly Uni5 pattern once registered in the mind, children can grasp all energy phenomenon to its infinity.

Example 3: A fifth grade level:

Newton's first law of motion

System A teacher orally says “Everybody persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed.".

System B teacher makes children understand that this law of inertia holds good for objects outside of us, like automobiles, rocks and other resting objects around us.

Uni5 system teacher connects this principle to own inert behavior patterns and bring double advantage to children. Children are asked what actions they perform continuously until an external forces them to continue it. They say they continue to sleep until an external force in the form of alarm or mother’s screaming voice wakes them up. Other examples like sitting in couch and watching TV continues until an external force or internal force (tired eyes, hunger etc) sets in.

Children understand that the laws of nature connects to our working of inner-faculties too. This self connection makes them to keep the laws for a longer time in memory.

In advanced level, we ask children to substitute the word "body" to "mind" and read again...

Every mind persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed.

Through questioning and discussion we connect children to the aspect of mind energy also follows the same pattern. Unless a mind is compelled to change by the force of "rational-intelligence", it will continue to exist in its own state. We connect to how belief’s of the mind are changed by the force of rational thinking. Here we connect to historical events that lead from belief’s to rational thinking.

Through discussion we also help children connect to incidents where internal inertia (laziness) of mind creates problem in the individual, in family, in society and world at large.

Advantage of inner connection: Uni5 system is an highly efficient system that helps children to connect not only between objects in environment to one’s own Self at five levels of Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness. When all learning is connected the inner faculties, the concepts remain in memory as practical values of every day life. This empowers children with connectivity and clarity at all levels of the external and internal Universe. This connectivity becomes a self guide to connect all knowledge to the deepest Self, the domain of relevance and values. This method have profound influence on their ability to Self-reflect themselves in society in a responsible manner Uni5 Education System helps to connect to the deepest Individual's Universal Self, driving internal evolution for maturity and happiness, and amplifies creativity and prosperity by the external application of the knowledge.

Methodology: The methodology of this fast learning Uni5 system is to help children to Self-connect the external Universal Energy pattern to the structural and functional patterns of their own Body, Mind, Intelligence, Self-Awareness and Consciousness. This pattern is kept as their frame of reference to which they can connect to all disciplines of Sciences, Arts, mathematics, and psychology. Here the frame of reference imply to what level of understanding they are connecting to. This template motivates to self-connect and also create patterns and thus promotes self learning all branches of knowledge. Children enjoy playing and learning by recognizing the patterns like in a zig-saw puzzle and correctly connecting the pieces.

Instead of an endless list of memorized facts soon to be forgotten and beyond even understanding of concepts, with the Uni5 education children truly grasp the connection of their inside nature with the universe and own what was learned.

Materials used in this system: Many world famous education system use materials to aid children in learning the concepts. We also use some of those materials along with our own self constructed teaching materials, representing the five Energy patterns.

Every child during its growth is naturally attracted the five Energy forms of nature, the earth (objects), water, warmth (fire), breeze (Air) and boundlessness (Space). We use this Energy forms to guide children to recognize the Energy patterns. Children also connected this into their five sensual perceptions of sound, touch, sight, taste and smell. These materials stimulate their nervous system and give the right perception of the objective world.

Advanced level children naturally use the hand with five fingers as the material to recognize the Universal Energy pattern. Creation of Universe, states of matter, evolution of life forms, government systems, number theory, arts etc are all self learned with this simple template.

In language we try to bring proverbs, because they are the highest connectivity generators, which ancient people used a lot in their language. Metaphors, analogy are not only needed to understand scientific concepts, but also every day life patterns. See a method to teach proverbs in Uni5 Schools

Our experience in using Uni5 system:

Sakthi Foundation is a registered NGO (Coimbatore) doing public supported charitable activities from 1998. As a non-profit organization, since 2007 we have been implementing this system in three of our infancy day care centers in Tamil Nadu with great success. We admit children from age of 10 months to 3 and half years without violating government regulations.

  1. 1.Feeling at home and no stress: We have seen children feel at home and spend their time understanding the various patterns through educational materials. They are exposed to this learning while engaging enjoyable activities.
  2. 2.High Awareness: We get feed-back from parents and teachers that after attending Uni5 Sakthi center, children exhibit high interest in learning, sense of self-responsibility and rapidly understand concepts.
  3. 3.No stress in teachers: Teachers also feel almost no stress and so never felt a need for corporeal punishment.
  4. 4.Helps slow learners: We also have experimented recently this system in slow learner’s children in 6th, 7th and 8th grades after their school program. Teachers report us that these children have become more inquisitive and ask questions in class, which was not seen before attending this Uni5 system.
  5. 5.Self disciplined: Children recreate the same disciplined environment at home and take self-responsibility wherever they are.


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