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Everyone wants to be very smart by learning a lot of information quickly and efficiently. Especially parents expect their children to be fast learners. There are two ways to register information in our memory and retract it. The time consuming method  is by repeating, practicing and memorizing a given information.

We are presenting here an effective  time tested pattern based method than can completely make learning so easy and fun. Why patterns?.

Also dont forget to read this link about the Global challenge of teachers and scientist to define what is Energy in schools and colleges. Our solution is the Uni5 method. 

You may read the article or watch the narration in video. (Part-1)

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Because it is our ability to recognize more patterns that helped us to evolve faster than the animals. We mimicked the patterchess robotns in nature and created tools for agriculture and protection and got mastery over nature. Usage of these tools with hands stimulated the nerves connecting the brain which resulted in the growth of intelligence.

Modern man integrated many patterns together forming automated tools leading to the mastery over machines. However, when IBM built robots that could recognize as many chessboard patterns like a chess master, machines became "smarter" than humans. When traffic patterns were taught to Google driverless cars, that  recognize traffic complexity, and schedule changes faster than humans. 

If we can program lifeless machines to recognize patterns and make them smarter than humans, why not teach pattern recognition to make children smarter?

We are presenting here an effective ancient time tested pattern based method than can completely make learning so easy and fun, not only for Mathematics, science, arts and humanities but also for personality development as well. 

The logic of this ancient pattern based learning is simple to comprehend, if we understand how efficiently we learnt to count numbers from a pattern of ten numbers 1 to 10.   We were all  made to repeat the counting pattern again and again using different objects. In the next step we were asked to count from 11, 12, 13 , 14 to 100. Then we were can asked again to repeat the 1 to 10 pattern from 100 as 101, 102, 103, 104  to 200. Then we would repeat the counting ritual from 201, 202, 203 to 300. Then again from 301, 302 to 400. Hardly anyone would have done the counting to 1000, but without anybody teaching us, we automatically have comprehended that beyond 1000, it would be 10,000, million, billion, trillion, google and beyond to infinity. 

Amazingly you can comprehend infinity in numbers within few years of  childhood learning of mathemtics. The credit goes to the efficient learning method of using pattern based system of counting numbers.

You dont need to struggle to imagine, how difficult it would be to count numbers if you were to use a system without patterns. Fortunately we use number patterns in mathematics and unfortunately we learn sciences and other subjects  inefficiently without patterns.

We are going to present here, historically how  scientific progress was revolutionalized by switching from patternless counting system to the current pattern based counting system. We also will show how an ignored Energy pattern learning system developed by the very same creators of number pattern system, can make current education more efficient.

Here is a BBC clipping of the proof of the efficiency of the ancient number pattern system changing the history of the world by kickstarting the application of mathematics in Science and technology.(Watch from 4 min and 30 seconds to 8.30 of this clipping.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s50qoHNPl9Q


 What is the proof to know that Uni5 learning system really works?

What do you think is the magic behind the ancient Indian system over the Roman system. It is all about the efficiency of using patterns.

Just watch how in Roman system the numbers are written. Each number is a distinct entity and not a pattern. For example letters like V, X L, D, C in Roman numerals appear without any pattern. Therefore students are always depend on the teacher to know the next number in the sequence of counting, and therefore cannot comprehend infinity in this method.

In contrast, look at the ancient  pattern of counting and learning numbers......It is simply an infinite pattern of repeating ten numbers starting from zero to nine. Spread your 10 fingers in front with the palm facing you. Assign each finger a number as follows. The thumb in the right hand is zero, the fore finger is 1, then middle finger 2, then the ring finger 3, the little finger 4, the little finger in the left hand is 5, ring finger is 6, middle finger is 7, forefinger is 8 and finally 9 is the thumb in the left hand. For the next round of cycle of counting add 1 to zero making it 10, then 1 and 1 making it 11, then 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19; then add 2 to zero making it 20, then 21, 22, and so on, infinitely.

Here in this ancient method of repeating the pattern, the student not only becomes independent of the teacher, but also can grasp infinity easily.

The duality in Singularity: Like the two hands doing one action, the ancient Indian system  uses the 10 finger digit of the right and left hands for counting the number pattern and five digits of right hand for counting the energy science pattern system. The Arabs in the 10th century took only this mathematical pattern ignoring the Energy science pattern as a "religious" system. The great mathematician,Fibonacci or Leonardo of Pisa in 12th century wrote a book  "Liber Abaci"  convincing the public of the superiority of this new Indian numerals. Unfortunately the religious trend in Europe banned it from using it as the "Devils Numbers". Look at this video clip (BBC Video clipping).. (Watch from 8.30 to 9.00) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s50qoHNPl9Q

Centuries of stagnation of scientific progress in Europe, finally burst open during Renaissance period when European mathematicians embraced this pattern based Ancient-Indian method. These new mathematical developments and its application in various fields accelerated  new scientific discoveries at an increasing pace that continueseven through the present day.

 However, mathematics is still difficult for children all over the globe. It can be made easy if the ancient method is used in the right manner. This means, currently children are introduced to counting from 1 to 10 and not from zero to 9. Introducing Zero before 1 to 9 completely shifts the brain’s ability to comprehend mathematics and science at a deeper level. Moreover, Zero is presented to children only to denote nothingness and as a symbol that has to be added after numbers to denote tens and decimals. In ancient  System, Zero was used to denote, the Space as a source of un-manifested Energy, and also as the source of all numbers. Recently physicists understand that space is no more empty but filled with an energy called dark-energy or dark-matter.

In our schools we introduce the concept of Zero to school children right from the age of two and three through a new method called Uni5 Energy pattern system. Example, we show a green-mung bean seed and ask the children about its shape. When children say the shape is round, then we show the symbolic form of zero. When we ask the children whether they could see leaves, roots, stem, flowers and fruits by looking at the seed, they would say they see nothing in the seed. We make the child to soak the bean in water and observe every day and ask them if they could see any leaves and roots coming out of it. When the sprout is big enough, the children pot the plant. Each day they are introduced to counting using a simple pattern phrase "Each number is higher than the previous number by One". In Sanskrit the phrase is "Eka Adhi-kena Poor-vena".  This "no-thing" uncountable form is symbolized as Zero, the seed of all numbers. With these patterns the children understand that Zero is the mathematical abstraction of un-manifest energy, and numbers are for the computation of the manifesting energy forms.

In this manner, the children grasp that the universal energy is in two states, the perceptible energy form and the unseen energy state. The unseen is zero and the forms which we perceive are nothing but addition of number one to the previous form. It is easy to understand that computers also work by using the binary codes of zero and one. Even the enxt generation of quantum computing can be easily be understood with this Indian method. The experience of seeing the emerging patterns of forms one after the other gives children the abstraction of mathematical patterns. Subtraction of equal numbers is not a zero of nothingness, but the "original unmanifested" state. This gives the dimension of integrating the world of mathematics with other disciplines of science, art and humanities, but also with the philosophy of life too.

This conceptual learning lays a strong science foundation in children that Energy cannot be created nor destroyed and is only transformed from one form to another. Teachers in Uni5 schools teach concepts by facilitating children to recognize patterns which helps in their efficient learning without stress.

In the next part of video, how we efficiently teach scinece by the same creators who created the currently used number system.

Also dont forget to read this link about the Global challenge of teachers and scientist to define what is Energy in schools and colleges. Our solution is the Uni5 method. 

Isn't the current education good enough?

When we are constantly evolving our technology for higher efficiency, why not evolve higher efficiency in learning? We introduce organization and classification whenever the system is flooded with information. Example, elements were classified in a particular pattern as periodic table when the information of atomic elements expanded. Similarly when information of the names of living beings increased, a pattern of five kingdom classification was introduced to handle the data of information. Like moneral prosits, planta, animalia.

The upcoming challenge to student’s memory is to cope up with the information explosion in all the fields of knowledge. Our memory of things and incidents are based on pattern recognition. We use landmark patterns to find way back home which we call as memory. More than herbal supplements, memory can be boosted efficiently by using patterns in learning to handle large data of information.

Uni5 system is like the book shelving pattern in a huge library that receives 1000’s of new books and also the circulated books every hour. If the books and shelves are all cataloged in subject-wise patterns, then they are quickly shelved and also efficiently retracted by any person without the help of a librarian. Similarly all the information in Uni5 system aresimple micro atom given in a cataloged pattern method for students to easily connect, understand, remember and retract from memory easily.

When scientists use the link between pattern recognition and human intelligence to build the next generation of artificially intelligent machines, we in Uni5 education use it for creating smarter children and adults.

No child is a slow or a fast learner. It all depends on how effectively educationalist present patterns to children. Such a revolutionary ancient Indian education system, which we call as Uni5 pattern,  can help children and adults to learn faster using energy patterns.

Children till five, have amazing abilities to recognize many different types of patterns and then transform them into concrete, actionable steps. The brain neurons fire and develop inter-connections when a toddler learn words and concepts through patterns. Intelligence, then is really just a matter of being able to store more patterns, than anyone else.

For the past 7 years, we have been experimenting this energy pattern based system with children from zero to five years. Along with us many parents and teachers are really excited to see the successful impact on the children's development and want to take it forward globally

What are patterns?

Patterns are repetition of Energy forms in a predictable (mathematical) manner. Computation is a pattern to predict the regularity of pattern. All our five senses perceive obvious patterns in nature and art. Abstract patterns in science, mathematics, or language may be observable only by analysis with a particular pattern. Patterns of art and architecture create an emotional effect in the viewer. In Nature there are patterns of colors and shapes, sizes and even seasonal patterns.

Several brain processes like memory, learning, understanding, cognition, problem solving, reasoning, decision making, comprehending language, identification, expressing creativity are all based on a pattern matching phenomenon occurring in our Self. Example, we try to identify a friend in a busy street, by matching a face pattern stored in our memory by eliminating all the other unmatched face patterns. The human eye functions like a digital camera taking snap shot pictures of each face and downloads it as electrical neuronal information to the brain computer. In the brain, these face patterns are matched with the stored friend’s face pattern for identification. The changing different image thoughts (face patterns) during the recognition process is known as Mind. The aligning or matching of the images to the internal stored memory image is known as Intelligence. The witnessing aspect of these processes is known as Awareness. These three internal faculties of Mind, Intelligence and Awareness are collectively known as our inner “Self”. Our physical body is our external Self. When we collectively integrate the external and the internal Self, it is known as Consciousness. Thus these five faculties of body, mind, intelligence, awareness and Consciousness (BMIAC) together constitute a human being.

Intelligence is merely matching the patterns in a particular logical pattern. Wisdom is matching the information pattern with our five BMIAC faculty patterns. Ultimate learning is like opening a lock with a pattern using a perfectly matching key pattern resulting in opening the doors of mysteries to the universe of infinite knowledge. Not only human brain, but all beings are hard wired to process information through this particular form of Universal Self Energy Pattern.

Effective model for teaching and learning Science and other disciplines: All over the globe, children find difficulty in learning concepts in science and other subjects because they are still taught using the non-pattern based of the Roman-Greek method. This is because Europe took only the pattern system for mathematics and not the scientific pattern of Energy evolution of our ancient Indian Uni5 system. If Europe could advance so much in science using Indian Uni5 numerals, imagine the impact it would have made using the Indian Uni5 science methodology. Because of this limitation, modern science follows a pattern of developing mathematical equations to predict and then validate Energy patterns in the physical world through experiments. Therefore, modern science followed a pattern of developing mathematical equations to predict and then validate Energy patterns in the physical world through experiments, resulting in technological advancement. Whereas in Ancient India, Energy patterns are taught first and then mathematical geometrical Energy patterns are recreated to experience the non-physical Energy realms. Therefore inner science was focussed and technologies like Yoga and meditation were invented in ancient India. In the current Uni5 system, we teach both energy evolution and mathematical patterns simulataneously for the development of both inner and outer science.

Energy Science: Like learning the number pattern and becoming proficient in mathematics, Universal expression of Energy pattern based learning will be the cutting edge educational tool for children, because it helps them to understand the underlying pattern of Energy phenomenon. In Uni5 system, all energy forms and phenomenon are recognized as the five evolutionary stages of Energy pattern.

1. Energy expands in space 2. Then it localizes in a particular time 3. It interacts within itself or with the environment 4. It undergoes transformation 5. Finally Energy exists in a stabilized state.

Out of a few patterns, we use the Zero-seed concept in the Uni5 system to help the child to easily grasp higher scientific concepts of physical science like the beginning of the Universe from tUniversal patternhe big bang seed. In Chemistry, one single Hydrogen atom becomes the seed for increasing atomic elements. In Biology one single proto-primitive seed like cell organism evolved to a multi-cellular human being. In language we show how one seed-language over time branch out into many dialects. Even religions, politics, laws, policy making all follow the same pattern.  

Why five patterns and not four or six?

Asking why only five patterns is like asking the question why we have only five sensorial organs to perceive the five senses of sound, touch, sight, taste and smell. We have evolved by perceiving the single universal's five states of energy expression using our five sensory organs. Here “Five” is not a mathematical figure but Energy’s own inherent Universal pattern which we count as five evolutionary stages. We all want to experience these five sensorial pleasures often because the five sensorial Energy organs bring energy inputs from the external world which our brain matches to our five internal BMIAC faculties. This external and the internal energy matching is what we experience as happiness. Like a lock with a particular pattern can only be unlocked with a similar key pattern, the secret of this pattern based Universe can be opened with this five BMIAC pattern learning approach. 

Five Fingers as tools: We find Montessori sensorial tools most appropriate for our zero to five year old children attending Uni5 Schools because we want children to experience the integration of  the five senses of energy inputs to their internal Self Energy pattern. When a child experiences this joy, learning becomes fun throughout their life. Along with these external tools we also train children to use their five fingers to symbolically represent the five evolutionary energy pattern. With this handy method children could comprehend the Uni5 energy pattern and Self-learn all arts, humanities and scientific concepts easily. As these children progress, they self organize all the concepts in these five pattern strategy invoking a dynamic recall of long-term memory system. They can learn, store and access to all the information in a very handy manner with their five fingers.

We show different objects around us and ask children to count them with the pattern of zero to nine. Overtime they understand all the forms have the same pattern of counting and Self-realize infinity in the number system. Simialrly, when children repeatedly look at all the energy forms in the five pattern method, they will eventually Self-realise infinity in the Energy system as well.

This Uni5 pattern is not only for academic excellence but also for recognizing our thought patterns for personality self improvement to lead a happy life. A smart Education system gives easy pattern recognition to children in all walks of their physical, mental, intelligence, creative and social life for leading a complete happy life. Children can self guide themselves to find their solutions for all personal, professional and social life challenges with this Uni5 pattern system. Uni5 system is also about Self-mastery.

Uni5 system is the education of this millennium that will improve the quality of our life by Self discovering Singularity or Universality by embracing all individuals irrespective of the differences in race, religions, beliefs and life styles. Therefore please support the Uni5 schools to completely introduce the Uni5 education from grades K-12.For more information visit

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Old outdated Videos when we started using with Montessori materials in our Uni5 schools because people know Montessori and not Uni5 in the begining.  

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A video clipping on Uni5 Sakthi Schools

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Great thinkers showed our connection with the patterns of nature and cosmos and improved the quality of human life.

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