Our  Sakthi Uni5 Schools (Last Update Aug 2017)

Happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Knowledge is one of the key factors for happiness. Due to financial situations, many people never get the opportunity to go to school and realize the value of education. Therefore, Sakthi Foundation started Sakthi schools in the village of Sendurai to educate kids.

Please click here to read about the schools at these places

1. Namma Veedu Uni5 School - Sendurai, Dindugal Dt, Tamil Nadu, India. Founded Dec 2007.

2. Namma Veedu Uni5 Environment in collaboration with RB School in Porayar Village near Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu, India. Founded September 2011

3. Our Home Namma Veedu Uni5 School, Theethipalayam, Coimbatore. Founded May 2012.

4. Pungeri in chennai - June 2015

5. In collaboration with Andavar School in Porayar Village near Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu, India. Founded May   2017.

6. THIRUVETAKUDI, Tamil Nadu uni5 infancy center. Founded October 2017

7. In collaboration with Hari Om School, Chennai - 2018

Uni5 Schools trained and run privately

7. Kelambakkam - Chennai, 2016

8.Kovaipudur- Coimbatore- 2016

9. Namakkal - 2017  




Home school by using Uni5 Syllabus

10. Singapore

11. Malaysia

Mission of Uni5 Education is to bring peace and harmony within one self and every being in the Universe.

Uni5 Sakthi Schools ( 36 minutes)


New Sakthi Schools to be opened in 2014-15.


The changes happened in Poraiyar slums in the same district through our school is great and welcomed by society. So we are planning to open the center for the betterment behavior and social - civics responsibilities of the people and children in January 2014. We warmly welcome people to donate your energy through money to purchase Uni5 and Montessori materials for the fishing villages. 80G tax exemption will be provided.


You can make the bank to do Online Bill Pay. This means you tell your bank to automatically pay foundation a recurrent fixed donation amount every month. You can stop the payment when you tell the bank. Mostly the online bill pay is free of cost. 

Sakthi Foundation has account with

Libertyville Saving bank,


IA - 52556.

(please write to us to know more details)

Please mail checks (less preferred than paypal)  to 

Sakthi Foundation
14292 Harmony Meadow ct, Chesterfield MO 63017 USA.

 Demand Draft or check payment and One-line bill Payment accepted with our Axis Bank in Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, India. 

Sakthi Foundation
113 Weavers Colony

Tamil Nadu, India

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