The Cosmic Sakthi Uni5 Mandala

A Unique Process to help the with Donations and Charity.

Please send your Sakthi Uni5 Mandala Energy.

One of the ways to restore the SAL Energy is to transform material Energy into SAL Energy. Practically, this means giving donations to organizations which selflessly serve the world. However, this act of donation can be enormously amplified by increasing Awareness. This increase of awareness is accomplished when at the moment of donation we are aware and feel the wish to provide help. And to further increase the Awareness, instead of donating at one time a certain amount, the donation is divided in smaller amounts spread over many days, where each time we have the opportunity to be aware of our wish to provide help and thereby amplify SAL Energy.

In order to accomplish all together, the Cosmic Energy Mandala was created. Here over 41 days, everyday in the morning you add the same amount into a specific container. At this moment every day you wish to provide help where needed. The time of one such Mandala is 41 days as a cycles in nature. It takes 41 weeks to give life for a mother because the gestation period for giving us our life are 41 days. Through this Mandala Awareness, we recreate a new life. In addition, 41 also represent the cosmic 5 Pancha Bhootas. There are five containers to choose from for different levels of donation you like to commit to:

Use the choice of one of the Five Sakthi Uni5 Mandala.

Suggested amount. But you are free to change to your wish.
1. Prithvi Sakthi Uni5 Mandala (Dark Green) - five rupees a day or 25 cents a day.
2. Jelam Sakthi Uni5 Mandala (Blue) - Ten rupees a day.  50 cents a day
3. Agni Sakthi Uni5 Mandala (Red) - Twenty rupees a day, 75 cents a day.

4. Vayu Sakthi Uni5 Mandala (Yellow) - fifty rupees a day , one dollar a day.
5. Akasha Sakthi Uni5 Mandala (White) - Hundred rupees a day, two dollars a day.

Feel that your Energy contribution in the money form is given out of your love and goes to the benefit of so many people who are sharing with all the Energy resources.

By following these rules you make the best and most conscious act and commitment:

1. At first, this is a voluntary action of love you are doing to the Cosmic Energy.

2. Transfer the amount for Sakthi Uni5 Mandala every day with your awareness, that you are part of the socially good cause. Feel that you are transferring the material Energy (Cash box) to SAL Energy (Sakthi Uni5 Mandala). In order to avoid an interruption of this process, keep aside cash box with the right change from which to transfer into the Sakthi Uni5 Mandala.

3. Do not miss even a single day in creating this awareness.

4. Do not put all the money at end of the Mandala. Commit for 41 days and if you want you can continue with the same Mandala or change to another Mandala. If you want to discontinue please return the Mandala so that we can give the opportunity to others to do this contribution.

5. Return this Sakthi Uni5 Mandala Energy after completing every Mandala to any charity organization that does social benefit activities.

You could also return to Sakthi Foundation, which will be used for charity work. 

Sakthi Mandala Money Energy will be used for various socially beneficial activities.

We are very aware that Sakthi takes the responsibility to provide best help where needed. The Sakthi Uni5 Mandala money Energy will go primarily for

  • Education, because education allows everyone to grow for own happiness in life,
  • Providing food because many today need first food in order to move on in their life,
  • Increasing self awareness activities to create a better world.
  • Protection of the environment because we all share the same earth.
  • Restoring the culture to lead a happy life.

Let us all unify and be part of the Sakthi Uni5 Mandala (SUM).

We are providing with Eco Friendly Areca nut boxes for Sakthi Uni5 Mandala (contact info (att)  uni5 (dot) co for free boxes).

Please send your

Sakthi Uni5 Mandala Energy.

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