Universal Self pattern

Every human atleast in one moment of life would have wondered about the reality of this life and our connection with the Universe. Most of the time we may think only of fulfilling our basic requirements of life, which are set by different personalities at different levels.

We have progressed in our understanding about Energy and also used it technologically. Without any doubt everybody agrees that we are all constantly encountering with Energy of the universe with our five sense organs. This Universe is fully made of Energy is without any arguement.

 How this energy came into being and what triggered Big bang and initiated its evolution is still controversial. But we all know  agree that Energy has the the dynamic quality to change (Evolve). We have classified the evolutionary steps into five stages for understanding the mystery in a easy manner.

 The five stages of evolutionary change has a Universal Pattern which is reflected every where. Let us call them as Universal Self pattern or Five elements pattern. Everything formed in this pattern carries the frequency (vibration) of its evolutionary path.

 We know that energy is a fundamental aspect of our universe. Through our research we have classified stages from the single big bang energy explosion to the current state of the universe into five phenomenal stages of evolution. Any Energy whether it is a thought, or an idea also undergoes the five stages of growth, like a seed which sprouts to leaves, branches and goes on to become a tree; to then blossom into flowers, fruits and seeds again. This is a cyclic pattern of the five stages.

 five-expansionTo understand the Uni5 Universal Self Pattern model, let us take the example of both seed’s evolution and the evolution of the universe through this five stage pattern.

1.Expansion of both the primordial energy and the seed, due to its infinite or unconditioned Potential like space.


five-condensation2.Localization or conditioning of Energy into energy particles, triggers motion (Kinetic Energy) with respect to time. This is similar to air localizing into a balloon and giving shape and movement to it. In seed, the germinating conditions kick start the seed to sprout.


five-transformation3.Interactions or reactions localized Energy particles involve heat or fire (Thermal Energy), like the heat accelarated biochemical interactions in the seed.

4.Transformation or changing forms due to interactions ; as in formation of many chemical elements in the stars, planets and sprouting seeds. Changing shapes can be symbolized by Water, attaining different shapes of containers.

five-stabilization5. Stabilization of transformed physical forms (Physical Energy) in the form of stars, planets, microbes, plants, animals, and human beings. In the sprouting seed, this stabilization continues in the leaves, roots, stem, and branches etc. All physical bodies are symbolized as Earth.

 We see this five stage energy pattern reflected, not only in the creation and evolution of the universe, but in every particle form on the universe; and its energy vibration in every process of the external as well as our internal universe. Internally, we see space as Consciousness  an expanded, unconditional view; air as localized Awareness or self-view; fire as Intelligence - the logical view; water like the changing flow of thoughts, the Mindthe belief view; and earth as the stabilizing Body or sensory view.

  Universal-pattern We have used this as a model to understand the different levels of perception of reality and personalities.

 These five levels help us to identify ourselves as five persoanalities (must read article).

They are sensorial personality, an emotional personality, a logical-rational personality, a Self-Awareness personality or an Un-conditional-Consciousness person.

We are soon releasing a Book with complete explanation of how amazingly this five pattern is relfected in all walks of life and how understandign this we can change our awareness levels and  make our life happy.

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