How Do We Control the karma of our past actions?

Step : 2

         Pay attention to the Ego that tend to prevent the transcendence towards the realm of the Self. This require more awareness exercises. This is achieved through the mental exercises given in Sakthi Gita. These tend to purify the mind and Ego for Self Realization.

       The answer is found in the practice of YOGA which reveals that the way to break the karmic cycle is to interrupt the cycle at the "Vritti" (thought) level. The sage Patanjali defines Yoga as this: Yoga is the restriction (control) of the modifications of the mind Yogash chittavritti nirodhah. In this opening verse of the Yoga Sutras, "Chitta-Vritti" refers to the various thoughts (or thought-forms) of the mind, which are classified into five types: (1) thoughts about truth, i.e., analysis of wisdom; (2) thoughts based on incorrect perception; (3) thoughts which have no basis in reality, for example, ‘day-dreaming’, verbal delusion (talking to oneself in one’s mind or vocally, but making no sense, i.e., having no basis in fact), and uncontrolled imagination; (4) the dream-sleep state of mind; and (5) memories.

    The practice of Yoga, i.e., the practice of controlling one’s thoughts, has been called a ‘Royal Secret’, and a ‘Sovereign Science’. Why? It is a royal secret in the sense that only those persons who have a noble (good) character are capable of knowing it. It is called a sovereign science because it must be experienced directly, that is, one must practice it oneself and verify the results with one’s own experience.

By practicing the eight-fold (Astanga) YOGA, comprised of YAMA, NIYAMA, ASANA, PRANAYAMA, PRATYAHARA, DHARANA, DHYANA, and SAMADHI, one attains the highest state of consciousness and is freed from ignorance and egocentricity (which are the cause of one’s pain and suffering). One gains complete mastery of the mind and is absolutely no longer controlled (motivated or moved) by one’s samskaras (past impressions).

We will soon update here more explanations about the practices to be under taken. At this stage it is better to start with the most practical approach of Bhagavad Gita which we have presented in the form of Sakthi -Gita. The link to this site is given in the next page.


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