Three bodies

How do we know whether we have  three bodies?.       

          Well we do not need any proof of the gross body and the subtle body of mind and intellect. We know we have a physical body (gross body) and also the mind and intellect (subtle body). To know the  third causal body,   it is necessary to analyze all three states of our existence, the waking state, the dreaming state and the deep sleep state.

         We are awake for a certain period of time, then we sleep in which we are in either two states, the dreaming state and or in  deep sleep state. Without accounting for all the three states we will not get a complete picture of own life. If we calculate we sleep more than awake while we are young and then more in waking state when grow up. But in the net result we are in these three states almost equally.

          These three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep represent the three aspects of our body, the gross physical body, the subtle mind and intellect body and the causal body. In the waking state we are more aware of the gross physical body. In the dreaming state we lose awareness of our physical body totally but our mind and intellect is active but is very hazy and  not very clear. In the deep sleep state we are in causal body and both the physical and mind are completely unaware.  In the causal body there is only awareness in the form of impressions. This is the source of all our thoughts or in other words the "Thought -bank". This third state of existence, the deep sleep state is also called as Pragna in sanskrit.

Waking Gross body Physical organs Unaware of our hidden impressions
Dreaming Subtle body Mind/Intellect Unaware of our physical body
Deep-sleep Causal body Impressions/awareness Unaware of our body/mind

Important note to avoid mis-understanding

       Here we have to be very clear about the three states of existence. We should not literally take that we are discussing here about dreams and deep sleep states. We literally go into these three states everyday, but the point is that, we are in these three states even in the waking state.

        We have our gross physical body, subtle body of  the mind and intellect  and also awareness, the causal body. The problem is that you  are not aware of the awareness (Causal body) while you are awake. Since in awaken state you are not aware of the causal body, we are using the analogy of the deep-sleep state to make you understand about the causal body. This causal body is like "nothingness" that you experience similar to deep sleep state. With this clarity please go ahead, otherwise it will breed only confusion. 

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